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Cryptonym: AMICE-14

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Miguel A. Diaz Isalgue, a "principal" in the AMTRUNK operation. Used the alias "David Pardo".
See 104-10225-10009, p. 222: Diaz Isalgue simultaneously had the cryptonym AMSTALK-1 (and IRD number #62386).

See 104-10247-10175: 10/1/63 Chief CI/OA Edward Brown told Paul Maggio of SAS that the judgment of both AMICE-14 and AMICE-27 (Dr. Nestor Moreno) was "suspect". They could not adequately interpret the polygraphs of them, and thus their judgment of AMTRUNK-10 (Ramon Tomas Guin Diaz) was also in doubt.

Diaz Isalgue was also assigned the cryptonym AMCHALK-5.

104-10215-10170: Memorandum: Contacts of AMTRUNK-10

In the late fifties, AMICE-14 was living with Cubela and Faure Chaumont (actual name: Faure Chomon) in the US months after Cubela killed the Cuban intelligence chief. (9/27/63 memo) (Also see 104-10225-10009, p. 2): "In 1956, Miguel Angel Diaz-Isalgue/AMICE-14 helped found the DRE, which helped Castro come to power in Cuba. (AMICE-14) held numerous executive positions in the Cuban Ministry of Interior in Communist Cuba. He was the Interior Minister's personal delegate in Pinar Del Rio province and later in Havana province. At one time he was head of the Cuban Drivers' License Bureau. About 1960 he left Cuba to oppose the communist government of Fidel Castro..."


6/23/61 cable from Chief of Base, JMWAVE to Chief, WH: Miguel Diaz left Marathon on 4/12/61 with 800 pounds of C-3 and C-4 as well as small arms and ammunition. In Havana at time of Bay of Pigs.

104-10225-10014: Biographic Profile AMCHALK/5 aka AMICE/14

The document states Diaz Isalgue was a "JMWAVE Team Leader and Principal Agent. Subject participated in 15 black infil operations into Cuba during this period. It also states that Isalgue was also known under the cryptonym AMCHALK-5. https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/104-10225-10014.pdf


11/20/61 cable, slugline JMZIP KUCAGE AMICE, from JMWAVE to Director: "Subject record of loyal service clandestine ops (five black exfiltrations) in and out of (Cuba) plus avowed anticommunism offsets ref ODIBEX (U.S. Army) source (illegible) C-6. Unless advised otherwise WAVE plans continue AMICE (FORDC, Frente Obrero Revolucionario Democratico Cubano) infil training." Chief of Station comment: "Concerned Miguel Diaz Isalgue."

104-10247-10238: INFO ON AMICE 14

"Subject was trained during November 1961 when Station was under considerable pressure from headquarters to train and infiltrate agents into (Cuba). Subject and several others were selected from FORDC, rushed through training and prepared for infiltration. However, before subjects could be infiltrated, policy changed and the infiltration was postponed...Currently, operational assignment hinges on the outcome of WAVE disengagement (with) FORDC in favor of supporting a new labor structure with a unified labor plan. Looking at withheld Reel 19, Folder G, it is clear that at least pp. 10-17 are about AMICE-14, see https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=55088#relPageId=17&tab=page


9/11/62 Personal Record Questionnaire, Part 2: AMICE-14's case officers were Clayton Farshtey (probably Cal Hicks) aka "Frank" and Harold Noemayr aka "Roger"/(Ross Crozier)


Paul Napolilli wrote that on 3/6/63 AMICE-14 was fluttered at the request of Irving Peggins. Examiner did not believe that an adequate interpretation of the results was possible. "Subject is a member of AMICE-27's (Dr. Nestor Moreno) group which was turned over to KUBARK (CIA) with a plan of their own making for an operation against Cuba."

104-10225-10008: AMSTALK-1

"Recruited as AMTRUNK team leader March 1963; became P/A and team leader for several AMTRUNK ops...he recruited AMTRUNK-10 (Ramon Guin Diaz) and possibly AMTRUNK-11 (Carlos Pedraza) who in December 1965 were arrested with AMLASH-1 (Rolando Cubela Secades) for counter-revolutionary activities. Tried in March 1966. Serving 30 years." By 1966, he was known as AMSTALK-1.


9/13/63 memo from Rio de Janeiro to Director: "Major Ramon Guin/AMTRUNK-10 hid Miguel Diaz in his home August 63...Diaz reportedly stated he authorized by 'Bob Kennedy' offer large sum money for MIG 21 if Cuban pilot would fly plane to (United States)."


(page 22 of 24): September 1963 AMTRUNK Progress Report: "The AMTRUNK team was picked up by the British destroyer "Caprice" at Cay Sal on the afternoon of 23 August approximately 20 minutes before the (CIA) boat 'Matusa Times' reached them. The cover story given to the Brits was that they were a group of refugees fleeing from Cuba...AMICE-27 (Dr. Nestor Moreno) used the name 'Leon Lopez'; AMICE-14 used the name 'David Pardo'; AMTRUNK-7 (Pedro Diaz Torres) used the name 'Carlos Menendez'; AMTRUNK-8 used the name 'Rodrigo Fernandez Lopez'; AMTRUNK-9 (Modesto Orlando Orozco Basulto) used the name 'Jose Lopez'...the majority of the talking was done by the team leader AMICE-27." (p. 10): At the time of their landing, they first touched base at the farm of Antonio Garcia and Francisco Garcia, where they left for a series of destinations. (p. 20): The group called into Jorge Volsky/AMTRUNK-1 on the evening of 8/23/63.

104-10102-10226: AMTRUNK OPERATION

"The two AMTRUNK principals, Moreno (AMTRUNK-27) and Miguel A. Diaz Isalgue (AMICE-14) claimed to have contact with high-level (Government of Cuba) officials. They completed four infiltration missions to Cuba and were terminated in March 1964. Early phases of the operation resulted in the recruitment of Ramon Tomas GUIN Diaz (AMTRUNK-10), Modesto Orlando OROZCO Basulto (AMTRUNK-9) and Carlos PEDRAZA Aguilar (AMTRUNK-11). Guin was arrested in February 1966. (Cubela was arrested at the same time, separately.) OROZCO, after reportedly running scared, was exfiltrated and terminated in March 1964. He returned to Cuba in December 1964 on an independent exfiltration mission and apparently remained in Cuba. There is some speculation that he might have been G-2. His knowledge of the identity of internal AMTRUNK agents caused the planned infiltration mission to be scrubbed. PEDRAZA was arrested in December 1965, tried for alleged CIA activities and given a 30 year sentence."

104-10225-10009: CIA FILE ON ( )SHELL-5.

3/17/66 dispatch from Chief of Station, JMWAVE to Chief, WH Division: "Subject resigned from AMICE (FORDC, Frente Obrero Revolucionario Democratico Cubano) in March 1964 at which time he became a fully-recruited asset of Station JMWAVE...the cryptonym AMICE-14 will be discontinued effective 15 March 1966 and the new cryptonym AMSTALK-1 will be assigned to the Subject of 201-307337 as of that date."

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