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Cryptonym: AMICARUS-1

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Julio Garcia Olivera. A cable in May of 1968 cited AMICARUS-1 as the identity for Mexico only. A cable the same day stated that the identity was Julio Garcia Olivera, the Cuban Ambassador to North Viet Nam, and member of the 13 Marzo Directorio Revolucionario.
The first cable mentioned above also stated that AMICARUS-1 was a close friend of Orlando de Jesus Ventura Reyes, an anti-Communist doctor who fought against the dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista. Ventura was arrested during the AMLASH (Rolando Cubela Secades) trial and was sentenced to two years imprisonment for anti-Castro activities. The cable was addressed to certain stations who would be able to "locate contacts and possible access agents" to make an assessment on AMICARUS-1. According to the cable, Ventura was close friends with AMICARUS-1, and was also a close friend of Jose Antonio Echevarria Bianchi, who was considered a martyr by the Directorio.

A dispatch in January, 1969, stated that AMICARUS-1 had been scheduled to visit Mexico City from Cuba in late 1968, where he would be developed by AMICARUS-3.

A telepouch in July, 1969, mentioned that the father of AMLASH told Henry J. Sloman (probably Tony Sforza) that CDTE Julio Garcia Olivera was one of those who was pre-trial, and who was believed to be still friends with Cubela.

104-10215-10096: FILE ON ROSS L. CROZIER.

05/03/68: Cable (CITE JMWAVE 2290): Slugline TYPIC AMICARUS: REF: BOOK DISPATCH 6372 (NOT SENT MEXICO): "1. Ref requests certain stations locate contacts and possible access agents to obtain assessment AMICARUS/1 (IDEN to Mexico only). 2. While visiting Mexico City March 68, AMCONCERT/1 (Francisco Wilfredo Varona Alonso) met Orlando de Jesus (Ventura) Reyes, Cuban exile doctor and former member 13 Marzo Directorio Revolucionario. Ventura, DPOB 15 July 31, Santa Cruz del Sur, Camaguey, arrived Mexico City 17 Nov 67, resides APT 1, Calle Zamora 112, Colonia Condesa. Ventura was close friend Jose Antonio (Echevarria) Bianchi, considered martyr by Directorio, and was close friend AMICARUS/1 and other Directorio leaders. Ventura arrested during AMLASH/1 trial and sentenced two years for anti-regime activities. 3. AMCONCERT/1 believes Ventura willing cooperate with WOFIRM but not with Cuban exile groups. In order satisfy HQs requirements obtain info Directorio leaders, Mexico may wish establish direct contact for debriefing. 4. JMWAVE traces show Ventura anti-Communist doctor who planned defect 1964, worked for Cuban Govt as medical doctor, was in exile Mexico City 1958 where arrested for anti-Batista activities and worked with Gustavo (Arcos) Bergnes in 26th July Movt Mexico."

104-10215-10096: FILE ON ROSS L. CROZIER

05/03/68: Cable (CITE JMWAVE 2291): Slugline TYPIC AMICARUS: REF: JMWAVE 2290 (IN 03837): "Identity: Julio (Garcia) Olivera, Cuban Ambassador to North Viet Nam and member 13 Marzo Directorio."

104-10176-10222: LIRING-3

01/15/69: Dispatch from COS, Mexico City to Chief, WH Division (Info: Chief, WH/COG): Subject: Activities Against PBRUMEN Targets in October and November 1968: Page 2: ..."3. Active Leads to Prospects in PBRUMEN (Cuba)...B. AMICARUS-1: After enlisting the cooperation of AMICARUS-3 in Veracruz, the Station is awaiting the arrival of AMICARUS-1, scheduled to transit Mexico City from PBRUMEN, to re-establish contact between the two and have AMICARUS-3 develop AMICARUS-1. (See MEXICO CITY-8136, et cetera)..."


07/29/69: Telepouch from COS, WH/Miami to Chief, WH Division: Page 3: ..."G. At request of Sloman, father stated following were pre-trial and thought to be still friends of Subject:...CDTE Julio (Garcia) Olivera (201-778209)..."

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