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Cryptonym: AMHOSE

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AMHOSE was a project that involved a cruiser broadcasting radio propaganda as it drifted off the Cuban coast. Its first broadcast was made on October 7, 1960. CIA officer Ross Crozier worked on this project.
The "Theano" and the "Sandpiper" were used as radio boats. The scrips for the broadcasts were prepared at JMWAVE, based on themes approved at Headquarters. The Sandpiper was formerly the Theano. The crew were former Cuban naval personnel. The Theano/Sandpiper was based at Islamorada. The AMHOSE project may have been linked to AMHOSE-1.

104-10215-10096: FILE ON ROSS L. CROZIER.

11/12/60: Cable from MASH to Director: "1. MASH (Forward operating base - CIA, Miami) KUCAGE (CIA Psychological and Paramilitary Operations Staff) faced with increasing activities in student and (unintelligible) fields: continuation and progress AMRASP (FRD - Democratic Revolutionary Front) program activities and independent ops such as AMHOSE, AMPACA (probably media outlet on Cuban news, using radio and print), Todd newsletter, Cruzada (unintelligible) Cubana, Prensa Libre, etc: training, infilt and support prop teams Cuba: development prop activities with new political (unintelligible) e.g. Alianza, MRP plus activities in lawyer field, black ops, prop airdrops Cuba, etc. 2. In order better exploit operational potential extant current (unintelligible) in development new ops para 1 above, MASH has need for additional personnel. MASH KUCAGE section composed Goudeaux, (handwritten: Noemayr, Harold), (Unintelligible), Corbuston (William Kent). Their duties in addition handling KUCAGE matters include large volume internal paperwork and accounting, plus assistance other MASH ops requiring Spanish language capability. 3. Request HQs cosnider immediate assignment MASH minimum one case officer, with some experience and working knowledge of Spanish. Expect WAVE subsequent need for second junior case officer. 4. PM case officer requirements to be subject separate cable."


05/18/61: Cable from JMWAVE to BELL: "1. List of JMATE owned and/or WAVE controlled maritime assets follows: Boat Name: A. Matusa Time. Status: Operational. Location: Islamorada... B. Wasp. Operational. Marathon...C. Seagull. Operational. Miami...D. Tejana. Operational. JMBAR...E. El Polo. Operational. Newfound Harbor. F. Barbero. Operational. Newfound Harbor. G. Sandpiper (Ex Theano). Operational. Islamorada. H. Voodoo. Operational. Miami. Ropelu. In dry dock. Key West. CS Comment: *Requested status report all JMATE owned and WAVE controlled maritime assets."


06/02/61: Memo for the record from R. D. Shea: ..."2. Crozier said that his chief matters were three: (a) a sixty foot cruiser called 'Theano' or more recently 'Sandpiper' which has been fitted out as a radio boat with a one kilowatt Collins transmitter for broadcasting propaganda on the medium and long-wave bands. It has a 25-mile radius and cruises ten to 15 miles off the Cuban coast. Its first broadcast was made 7 October 1960 (this is project AMHOSE). The ship broadcasts scripts that are prepared at WAVE based on themes approved in Headquarters. Special matters are edited in Headquarters. To date they have broadcast three or four times lasting an hour each time, the places being too near Havana and elsewhere on the coast. The boat has made two other trips, one of supply and one for infiltration, and six trips that have aborted as a result of bad weather. He has no way of knowing the effectiveness of these broadcasts. They have been pushed by Headquarters. The crew are former Cuban Naval personnel. 'Theano' is kept at Islamorada and has received no publicity. It was purchased for $28,000 by Headquarters, as it was built in 1928 it is of wood and its engines needed replacement and overhaul. He does not know why this old ship was bought. It is in good condition now..." - - - NOTE: Page 3: ..."d. Counter-terror should be employed against the Communist leaders in Cuba and against official personnel. There are only ten or 20 leaders at the top of the Castro organization. If these few were killed off, it would be extremely hard to fill their positions. This action should be carried out by European commando-type operations involving no Cubans." The name of the writer of the memo has been redacted but at the bottom of page 2 R. D. Shea's name was printed.

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