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Cryptonym: AMHINT-42

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Leslie Nobregas, captain of the Susan Ann. A progress report on the DRE for April of 1962 stated that AMHINT-42 was part of the crew for a raid on Cuba. Also, a dispatch in May 1962, mentioned that AMHINT-42 was the captain of an infiltration mission into Cuba.
A memo in November of 1961 stated that Leslie Nobregas was the captain of the Susan Ann and had been launching operations from Newfound Harbor. The memo alleged that Nobregas had let it be known that he wanting to be relieved of his duties on the Susan Ann. In addition, a memo in June 1962, stated that Justo and Francisco Carillo of the Agrupacion Montecristi believed that Leslie Nobregas and his boat were used for operations by other groups.

A FBI report from New York in July, 1962, mentioned that Dr. Ernesto Aragon Y Godoy, who was secretary to Dr. Jose Miro Cardona (AMBUD-1) of the CRC, reported "that although Leslie Nobregas is the Operations Secretary of Agrupacion Montecristi (AM), nevertheless, he works directly under the supervision of CIA in the Miami area." This confirmed a FBI report from Miami a few months earlier, in May, 1962.

A FBI document in March of 1963 stated that Leslie Nobregas was of operational interest to the CIA in 1961 and 1962. However, he was dropped after his involvement in the joint Agrupacion Montecristi-DRE raid in August 1962 (Blanquita).


03/17/61: CIA document: Handwritten note at top: "Accusations from QDDALE 17 Mar 1961": "Urgent: The names of the two men from the Air Force Camps that have been talking with the Military are: 1) Epmo Garcia. 2) Leslie Nobregas. And the four Military are: 1) Van Horne. 2) Keill. 3) Floyd. 4) Stevens (Note: Is this a reference to Robert Clark Stevens, captain of the Tejana?). They claimed that they signed a statement giving a full account of everything that is happening in the camps. It has been reported that Angel Fernandez Varela, Sub-Director of the newspaper Informacion in Habana and a prominent member of the Agrupacion Catolica Universitaria, that travels back and forth to Cuba has had 7 (seven) interviews with Fidel Castro in the past 3 months (three). The last interview lasted from 2 1/2 to 3 hours and it was held at the Restaurant Potin in Passo and Linea - Vedado - Habana. Fernandez Varela works in the underground in close association with Jose Ignacio Rasco and Manuel Artime also from the Agrupacion Catolica Universitaria. It has been brought to our attention that to this date Fidel has never never mentioned Father Llorente, who is the Jesuit head of the Agrupacion Catolica Universitaria that visited Fidel in Sierra Maestra in December 1958 and who sent the Boys of Agrupacion Catolica Universitaria to join the rebel forces in late December 1958, headed by Artime."


11/16/61: Memo from Gordon Campbell to Chief, PW: "1. Leslie Nobregas has been acting as Captain of the PT boat Susan Ann, running operations out of Newfound Harbor. 2. He is professionally an airman-not a seaman-and has let it be known that he would like to be relived of his duties on Susan Ann if this can be done in such a way that he will not loose face in the eyes of the Cuban community. 3. We would like to continue using the Susan Ann and have a competent Captain to handle her if Leslie is relieved. 4. If, through your connections, it could be arranged to have Leslie moved into a job more in line with his professional abilities, it would be appreciated."

104-10171-10037: APRIL PROGRESS REPORT

00/04/62: April Progress Report on the Directorio Revolucionario Estudiantil (DRE): Case Officer: Harold R. Noemayr: Section: PW: Page 4: ..."c. AMHINT maritime section has a secure base at Millers dock in Marathon where they have their JUANIN II berthed. They have crew quarters and have fully equipped the vessel with the exception of radar at their own expense. On 28 April a shakedown run was made from base to Elbow Key thence Varadero and Cardenas area and return to base. All equipment operated well and AMHINT-40, 21, 42, and 42 were on as crew. If WAVE support for their operations is not approved it can be expected that they will make every effort to operate independently and without the vital coordination for such operations."

124-10205-10472: No Title

05/03/62: FBI Report from Miami Office by Leman L. Stafford, Jr.: Titled: Agrupacion Montecristi, also known as Montecristi Group, Montecristi Movement: Pages 6-7: ..."Leslie Nobregas, a Cuban and member of AM, is the head of this operation, works under the control of CIA, and all persons participating are Cubans. CIA is very strict that no Americans can be used...On January 30, 1962, the Bureau advised that on January 25, 1962, a CIA representative had stated that the operation described above is under their control, and that Leslie Nobregas was definitely operating for CIA. The Bureau pointed out that this information should not be disseminated outside the Bureau, and that no further inquiries should be conducted in this matter..."


05/28/62: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, Task Force W: Page 2: ..."5. Some of the pertinent operation details follow: a. The Juanin I is a new, 30-foot, Bertram built 'Moppy', recently purchased by the DRE for their infiltration and supply operations...b. On this operation, the vessel crew was as follows: AMHINT-42, Captain, AMHINT-43, Navigator, AMBOUY-2, regional intelligence and guide, Bernabe Pena Ballate, gunner, Manuel Quisa, gunner...6. According to AMHINT-42 narrative of the mission, the Juanin I departed Marathon base at 1430 hours local on 20 May with clear weather and about one foot seas...7. Upon arriving at their launch point, beach conditions were as expected on this day of traditional festivity. The small park known as 'Parque Infantil Init', was illuminated and much of the local populace were dancing in the pavillion. AMHINT-42 selected a point about 500 yards north of the park and about 500 yards from their nearest safehouse...9. Upon return to base, the Juanin crew were warned by AMHINT-42 of security implications and responsibilities of the operation, i.e., any leak in Miami could result in the compromise of AMHINT safe housing in that area as well as the death of the infiltrees. There was no contact with ODYOKE (U.S. Government) agencies upon departure or re-entry PBPRIME (U.S.)."


06/22/62: Memo from T. F. P.: "Both of these men called on Miro yesterday or today and again expressed their regret over the unfortunate publicity for which Justo was responsible. They seemed genuinely sorry, said Miro and he said he gave them a good scolding. But they do want to continue in operations; they say that they haven't been able to do anything, and that when there are things to do, that everything is done thru Leslie Nobregas and that often he is used and his boat for operations of other groups; they say that they know that MRR and 30th of Nov groups are doing things and that they wish to be doing their part too; that they have people on the inside and haven't been able to sent them any arms or equipment, nothing but funds, for a long time, and that their people are losing faith in them. They ask to be given another chance. Also they ask that Francisco be given a chance to talk to me....Handwritten note: Who mil coordinator of (unintelligible) Nobregas, who? (Unintelligible)"

124-10205-10481: [No Title]

07/13/62: FBI report from New York Office by Francis J. O'Brien: Titled: Agrupacion Montecristi, also known as Montecristi Group, Montecristi Movement: "ADMINISTRATIVE: Dr. Ernesto Aragon Y Godoy, 233 East 69th Street, NYC, who is secretary to Dr. Jose Miro Cardona (AMBUD-1) of the Consejo Revolucionario de Cuba (CRC) advised on 6/8/62 that the incident reported in the details of this report was an operation entirely carried out by CIA. Aragon advised that although Leslie Nobregas is the Operations Secretary of Agrupacion Montecristi (AM), nevertheless, he works directly under the supervision of CIA in the Miami area."


03/30/63: Teletype from SAC, Miami to Director and SAC, Savannah: Subject: Agrupacion Montecristi, aka Montecristi Group, Montecristi Movement, IS-CUBA; RA-CUBA: ..."Leslie Nobregas, Cuban, and member of organization, was in charge of operation of two vessels traveling between United States and Cuba delivering arms to Cuban underground and furnishing transportation to Cubans for infiltration purposes. Leslie Nobregas was of operational interest to CIA in these operations in 1961 and 1962, however, Nobregas not of operational interest to CIA after embarrassment brought about through combined Agrupacion Montecristi and Directorio Revolucionario Estudiantil operation which resulted in shelling of Havana suburb in August 1962...It is noted the vessel 'Susan Ann' was used in shelling Havana suburb in August 1962, in which Leslie Nobregas participated. U.S. Coast Guard records reflect this vessel was released December 20 last to Leslie Nobregas as the duly authorized agent for Walter Ezzo, owner. U.S. Border Patrol, Miami determined on March 29 that vessel located at Marathon boat works, Marathon, Florida, that it has not moved for past two months."


04/05/63: FBI report from Miami: Titled: Directorio Revolucionario Estudiantil (DRE): Page 3: ..."On April 3, 1963, Leslie J. Nobregas, born March 17, 1926, at Havana, Cuba, and formerly a pilot for Cubana Airlines, stated he is Chief of Operations for the anti-Castro organization, Agrupacion Montecristi (Montecristi Group). Nobregas related that he had made many runs to Cuba for the purpose of infiltrating and exfiltrating anti-Castro personnel, using a 72 foot PT boat, 'Susan Ann', which belongs to his father-in-law, Walter Ezzo, a United States citizen. Nobregas stated it was in August, 1962, that he intended to undertake a military action against Cuba without the consent or knowledge of the United States Government, because he felt that his past missions to Cuba had been futile. He stated it was at that time that he set aside the plans because Juan Manuel Salvat, leader of the DRE, came to him and requested his cooperation in a military-type action which the DRE planned against Cuba. He stated Salvat told him the DRE in return would assist Nobregas in carrying out military-type action against Cuba at a future date. He stated the action which he carried out in conjunction with the DRE is now referred to as the 'Blanquita' Operation, inasmuch as it involved shooting up the Blanquita Hotel in Havana, Cuba, from boats off shore. He stated that this took place on August 24, 1962, when a Russian party was reportedly occupying the Blanquita Hotel. Nobregas stated on return to the United States territory, his PT boat, the 'Susan Ann', and also the DRE boat, 'Juanin II', were impounded by the United States Government authorities...He pointed out that on February 1, 1963, he suffered a mild form of heart attack, and since that time he has had to remain relatively inactive and has not had contact with the DRE..."

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