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Cryptonym: AMHINT-40

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Julio Hernandez Rojo, used the war name Cesar. Took part in Operations GORDO, PEPE and PATRICIO. Arrested in October 1962, probably due to the double agent activities of Jorge Medina Bringuier.
In a letter from AMHINT-30 (Albor Ruiz Salazar) to AMHINT-40, the names 'Raul' and 'Cesar' were used respectively, and the former addressed the latter as "Dear Brother." Were AMHINT-30 and AMHINT-40 brothers or was it a cultural reference/greeting among anti-Castro Cubans, and were these their real names or were pseudonyms used? It should be noted that AMHINT-53 was correctly referred to by his real name, Luis (Fernandez Rocha, the Secretary General of the DRE).

A member of an infiltration team that included Salvat, John Koch Gene, Carlos Hernandez, Jorge Giraud Leiva in November and December 1961.

He worked closely with AMHINT-53 in 1962. Was captured in late 1962 and held at La Cabana Prison. Held the position of the National Reception Committee Organizer in the DRE for around two years by 1962.


"In late 1960, there were a series of meetings designed to unify the opposition to Castro. (Gonzalez) met at one time or another with the following people: Alberto Cruz (Rescate), David Salvador of the Nov. 30 movement; Octavio Barroso (UR); Juan Falcon (MRR); Alberto Muller (DRE)...Gonzalez proposed to dissolve all existing organizations and form one new one to lead the fight. No agreement was ever reached, not even for unified military action or unified political action. The MRR/DRE had the most numbers and refused to cooperate, saying they had all they needed and could do the job themselves. Their spokesman from Miami was a DRE member, Julio Hernandez Rojo. After the (Bay of Pigs) invasion, (Juan) Pujol sent Alfredo Izaguirre, who had worked for him, to the US. In the US, Alfredo did not represent Pujol, but claimed himself to be the chief of the MRP/UR group. On his return to Cuba, Alfredo claimed to be appointed by Washington as overall resistance chief for all of Cuba. (Gonzalez) and Pujol refused to cooperate with him." (May 1979 debriefing of Reinol aka Reynoldo Gonzalez/AMCALL-1, conducted by Carl Jenkins)


12/15/61 cable from JMWAVE to Director: Requesting authority to mount Operation PEPE. This document went into the file of John Koch Gene (201-306319). Copies were placed in the following files: 201-281270 (Rafael Quintero); 201-281397 (Juan Falcon); 201-286051 (Juan Manuel Salvat); 201-310721 (unknown); 201-281268 (unknown). 104-10217-10082, p. 16 has marginalia showing that 201-310721 is the bio number for Julio Hernandez Rojo. His 201 file should be located, the CIA reported that it existed as of 1975.

180-10090-10232: No Title

Early 1962: A Cuban government report states: "In early 1962, following instructions from the CIA and the Guantanamo Naval Base, the counterrevolutionary Jorge Luis Cuervo Calvo reorganized several group and counter-revolutionary organizations, and created the 'Union de Unidades Revolucionarias (UDUR). Cuervo Calvo, Humberto Gomez Pena, Raul Cay Hernandez, Raul Cay Gispert and others met in order to prepare plans for uprising and inform about the contacts established with the Guantanamo Naval Base for receiving warlike material and equipment. The Central Intelligence Agency insisted on its plots against the Prime Minister's life, and to carry out a self-aggression to the Naval Base. Following these instructions, the counterrevolutionary Cuervo Calvo made contacts with the DRE organization, and elaborated what would be known as 'Plan Z', which consisted on attempting against the life of the Minister of Foreign Relations Raul Roa, what would enable them to carry out another plot of bigger proportions against the Prime Minister and other revolutionary leaders who would attend the burial. It is worth noting that the intellectual authors of this plan were the counterrevolutionaries Cay Hernandez and Cay Gispert, members of the DRE organization, which was headed by Julio Hernandez Rojo, a CIA agent infiltrated into our country." "From Castro's Black Book, given to Sen. George McGovern, 1975.) See 180-10110-10066, p. 14: This event was cited by the HSCA as part of a chronology of CIA attacks on Castro and the Cuban government created for their trip to Cuba in late March-early April 1978. See 104-10095-10027, p. 7: CIA states it had a relationship with him, but did not order him to kill Castro - he was captured October 1962, and given 30 years in prison. It also reports that a 201 file exists for Julio Hernandez Rojo.


April 1962, Report from Case Officer, Harold Noemayr (Ross Crozier), PW:.."AMHINT-53/Luis Fernandez Rocha entered clandestine tradecraft training in preparation for this (Cuba) infiltration scheduled for about 10 May 1962. 14 trained AMHINTS awaiting infiltration in Miami have been procuring weapons locally and going out into the everglade area for small arms practice, and holding classes on general theory review of their training on sabotage, demolition and guerrilla warfare. AMHINT maritime section has a secure base at Millers deck on Marathon where they have their JUANIN II berthed. They have crew headquarters and have fully equipped the vessel with the exception of radar at their own expense. On 18 April a shakedown run was made from base from base to Elbow Kay thence Varadero and Cardenas area and return to base...all equipment performed well and AMHINT-40, 21, 41 and 42 were on the crew. If WAVE support for their operations is not approved it can be expected that they will make every effort to operate independently and without the vital coordination for such operations."

104-10171-10046: JULIO HERNANDEZ

April 1962 memo - another version of the one above - this contains a cover letter from Gabe Lowe for Chief, TFW to Chief, JMWAVE, attaching a memo from Harold Noemayr/Ross Crozier of KUJUMP (Office of Operations, which had a Contacts Division for debriefings) entitled "April Progress Report" and described as his interview with Julio Hernandez.


05/28/62, Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, Task Force W: "1. According to AMHINT-42, on 20 May 1962 at about 2200 hours, local, the Directorio Revolucionario Estudiantil (DRE) mounted an operation independent of JMWAVE support, infiltrating AMHINT-40 and AMHINT-53 (Luis Fernandez-Rocha) at Kawama, Varadero Beach (2313N-8116W). The two-man team was launched successfully and observed as they moved up the back and across a field to a lighted dwelling which is an operational AMHINT safehouse. However, after the team were safehoused and during recovery of the launch dingy by the parent craft JUANIN I, a 12-man militia patrol discovered them and challenged. During the brief firefight that ensured, the JUANIN I crew reported that two to four militia men were observed to drop under their fire. (According to reference B confirmation of this operation there were no militia casualties, and the local militia post also reported they had inflicted two to three casualties "on the escapees)". The JUANIN I suffered no casualties or hits, retired from the beach at speeds up to 30 knots and returned to their base in Key Marathon without incident." - - - Page 2: ..."4...For this purpose, AMHINT-40, who has operated as National Reception Committee Organizer for almost two years, formed the team with AMHINT-53..."


05/30/62, Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, Task Force W: "1. On 24 May 1962, at about 1230 hours local, JMWAVE debriefed (REDACTION) for general PW associated confirmation of the independent infiltration operation of AMHINT-53 (Luis Fernandez-Rocha) and AMHINT-40 by the Directorio Revolucionario Estudiantil (DRE) on 20 May 1962..." Page 2: "4. Subject related the events of 20 May in his small beach resort village as follows: ..."This was described as mixed automatic fire and single shots. There was much shouting and confusion in the streets of the town near the park, and (REDACTION) as just about to venture out and learn the source of the disturbance when AMHINT-53 appeared in the doorway, dripping wet and panting. Behind him, was AMHINT-40..." Also see 104-10171-10334: DISPATCH: OPERATIONAL/AMSPELL PROGRESS REPORT - JULY 1962 7/21/62: This letter from "Bernie" (probably Carl Jenkins, aka Ernest Sparks, Ernie and Bernie) has marginalia that identifies AMHINT-30 as "Albor". The previous page identifies AMHINT-53 as "Luis". At pages 19-22: "Raul", identified as AMHINT-30, writes a letter to "Brother Cesar", identified as AMHINT-40 on July 21, 1962: "First of all I wish to convey my best wishes to you and that you are well and in the company of Luis (AMHINT-53), Jose Alfredo, Angel, Miguel, (Lester Garcia), Juanito, etc...take care of yourselves and be alert because we have received reports that G-2 has you spotted and is giving you 'rope'. At the first sign of suspicious movement, seek asylum. For if you are arrested, goodbye DRE..."


08/14/62, Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, Task Force W: 07/21/62, Letter from 'Raul' (AMHINT-30) to 'Cesar' (AMHINT-40). "Dear Brother Cesar ((AMHINT-40)) 1. First of all I wish to convey my best wishes to you and that you are well and in the company of Luis ((AMHINT-53)), Jose Alfredo, Angel, Miguel ((Lester or Nestor GARCIA)), Juanito, etc"... Page 22: "Greetings to Luis who I remember so well, same to Juan, Angel, Jose Alfredo, Miguel, Anibal, Lino, Puchi, etc. Take care of yourselves because you are the ones who keep the DRE in the struggle. Raul ((AMHINT-30)) When you answer, explain why we cannot make contact. Please send this envelope I am enclosing by registered mail to the person whose name appears on the outside."


08/14/62, Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, Task Force W: ..."When in late July, JMWAVE FI officers intercepted a diplomatic pouch containing letters from AMHINT-30 (Albor Ruiz Salazar) and 2 (Juan Manuel Salvat Roque) addressed to AMHINT-40 and AMHINT-53 (Luis Fernandez-Rocha) in PBRUMEN (Cuba), the reasons for the failures were understandable, if not readily explicable..." - - - Page 8: Attachment A: BACKGROUND AND STATUS OF INTERNAL AND EXILE ELEMENTS ..."10. Meanwhile, before GIRAUD was first rejected as a radio operator, three attempts to infiltrate the initial organizational team were made during November and December 1961. This team, composed of AMHINT-2, AMHINT-40, AMHINT-26, Jorge GIRAUD Leiva/AMHAZE-2524 and Carlos HERNANDEZ/AMHAZE-2523, went down on Operations GORDO, PATRICIO and PEPE, all of which were not only failures but resulted in internal compromises that cost the lives of two DRE National Coordinators and imprisonment of several other agents. Investigations by JMWAVE, Headquarters and the DRE underground, were not successful in detecting the informational leak or enemy penetration. Subsequent events, however, have proven that the Movimiento Revolucionario de Recuperacion (MRR), with which the DRE is closely associated and performs joint operations, was penetrated. All three of the DRE operations above were arranged through MRR communications channels since the DRE had no radio operator in PBRUMEN at the time. By January 1962, Headquarters ordered all AMHINT infiltration operations be suspended until further notice..."


08/27/62, Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, Task Force W: ..."2. AMHINT-2 (Juan Manuel Salvat Roque) also reported that the reference to an AMSPELL (DRE) uprising in the Sierra Escambray is true; that AMHINT-40 has left Havana to lead this guerrila group..."


10/09/62, Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, Task Force W: ..."4. c. i. Negotiations by AMHINT-2 (Juan Manuel Salvat Roque) in Caracas, Costa Rica and Panama are practically completed for an AMSPELL (DRE) operations base. (Letter from Bernabe PENE to AMHINT-40)..." - - - Page 5: "d. Subsequently, (REDACTION), and probably crossing with the foregoing communications, a series of letters from the National Coordinators in PBRUMEN (Cuba) reported a severe blow to AMSPELL clandestine organization. Jorge MEDINA Bringuier ("Mongo"), National Coordinator for Military Reception and Supply, reported that AMHINT-40 (PBRUMEN National Coordinator) had been missing. (Later reported as arrested and being held at G-2 Headquarters on Ave 5 in Miramar). Also, "Juan" and "Miguel" were arrested in Havana. Several others were missing. MEDINA went on to describe security measures implemented and report on a re-organization of the National Coordinator Committee. He closed with a plea for a small shipment of small arms for defensive use, clothing and medicine, and a full-scale propaganda effort if AMHINT-40 should be sentenced to summary execution..."


12/10/62, Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, Task Force W: ..."2. The communication is of interest since it contains the most recent report of AMSPELL (DRE) underground activities and particularly claims commitment of a guerrilla warfare effort in two provinces. It also refers to the infiltration of AMHINT-58 as still feasible, and confirms the arrest of AMHINT-40, who is described as a prisoner in Block 9 at La Cabana Prison..." - - - Page 5: "P.S. Julio's mother has visited him and found he is well (AMHINT-40). Apparently all of them (prisoners) have been transferred to La Cabana. Luis, Julito is in the Cabana, Block 9 and tomorrow, Thursday, is visiting day. They have not given me a copy of Trinchera as yet. (Signed) "Cuca""

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