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Cryptonym: AMHINT-33

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Carlos Eduardo Hernandez Sanchez. According to a January, 1964, dispatch on Jorge Medina Bringuier (probably AMFED-1), AMHINT-33 was a black-belt Judo champion. In addition, a dispatch in February 1963 stated AMHINT-33 was an old friend of Bringuier's.
Carlos Hernandez was a black-belt Judo champion and instructor. He was born in Havana in October 1939. Jorge Bringuier was also from Havana; he was born in April 1941 in the Vedado district of the city. Carlos Hernandez's permanent address in Cuba was located in Vedado (see biographic data).

A July 1964 cable from JMWAVE on the DRE and AMFED-1 mentioned that a Withheld identity had been in contact with AMCLATTER-1 (Bernard Barker). A memo a few weeks before this had stated that Carlos Hernandez was on sick leave from AMWORLD, and was in Miami. In his HSCA testimony in April 1978, Carlos Hernandez mentioned that he was a close friend of Barker (Pages 98-99). Perhaps the Withheld identity for the crypt may have been Carlos Hernandez (AMHINT-33)?

On the other hand, a February 1963 dispatch stated that AMHINT-33's brother also knew Bringuier. Carlos Hernandez does not appear to have had a brother. Therefore, the question of whether Carlos Hernandez was AMHINT-33 appears to mainly hinge on whether the dispatch in February 1963 was correct in stating that AMHINT-33 had a brother.


06/01/60, CIA document: "NAME: Carlos Sanchez #2523. AGE: 20 yrs...PSYCH:...Judo expert (Black Belt) 5 Yrs. Instructor..."


02/04/63, Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, Task Force W: Page 2: "4. Reference C is a chronological summary of AMHINT-33's activities subsequent to his infiltration in Cuba, and his contacts with Chelin, the brother of AMFRET-7. AMFRET-7's arrest was reported in Reference B. The AMFRET-7 Case Officer states that both AMFRET-7 and his brother were arrested, after shooting it out with G-2 and being wounded. As noted in Reference D, AMFRET-7's arrest was made after QUANTUM-55 and Blanca Martinez de Hoya, aka 'Cuca,' aka 'Cuchi', brought Medina/AMFED-1, AMSPELL's National Military Coordinator for Reception and Supply, to Iden A where Medina recognized AMHINT-33. AMHINT-33 said Medina was an old friend of his and had lived near him. 5. AMHINT-33 said further that his brother knows Medina/AMFED-1, that Medina is the man whom AMHINT-33 used in 1961 to check up on Rebellon (fnu), the FEU Secretary General in Cuba. AMHINT-33 added in his S/W Message 11 of 10 December 1962 that 'his friends' are still in jail. 6. Reference E transmitted a letter written by AMHINT-33 on 29 December 1962 in which he states that G-2 infiltration is so great that he considers it impossible to organize anything, and he indicates that some of the agents, as in this case, have been infiltrated into anti-Castro organizations and/or activities. 7. Relative to the 'other groups' mentioned in para 1. above, AMHINT-33's Case Officer believes that AMHINT-33 is probably referring to the MRR, the MRP, the MDC and the 30th of November groups. The 'friends' mentioned in para 5. may be one Eduardo Bringas, who is about 23 years of age, one Goumi (fnu), and others previously referred to but not identified by AMHINT-33; they may have worked for AMHINT-33..."


01/13/64, Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, Special Affairs Staff: Page 1: ..."2. Subject was born on the 14th of April 1941 in the district of Vedado in the city of Havana, Cuba..." Page 2: "4. In 1954 Subject became a member of the Casino Espanol de in Havana, a social club, where he became interested in weight-lifting. There he met a black-belt Judo champion, (AMHINT-33), who later inadvertently helped him in his DSE work..."


07/06/64, Memo from Henry D. Hecksher, WH/SA/SO/HH to Chief, WH Security. Subject: AMWORLD - Carlos HERNANDEZ Sanchez: "1. Please facilitate Subject's departure from the United States. DPOB: 15 October 1939, Habana, Cuba. 2. Subject is an AMWORLD commando, on sick leave in Miami."


07/31/64, Cable from JMWAVE to WH/8: "1. AMSPELL chief has no knowledge Subjects ref, promised alert WAVE if subjs show up. 2. No identifiable WAVE traces subjs ref. Following traces IDEN with one Ricardo (Alfonso) Villalva who used war name 'Oquendo' in AMSPELL org circa 1961-62: A. UFGA 10619 43094535 48:-459 (Alfonso) Villalva using war name 'Oquendo' destroyed AMSPELL in Cuba together with AMFED-1. B. FNU Oquendo suspected DSE agent per AMFED-1. Oquendo and AMFED-1 members AMSPELL Cuba during time AMFED-1 was DSE penetration agent AMSPELL. AMFED-1 DSE superior was not interested receiving info re Oquendo. Latter was not arrested along with other AMSPELLS subsequent AMSPELL roll-up. AMFED-1 described Oquendo as white, age approx 23, five foot seven, dark eyes and hair, wore short beard. C. Per letter dated circa Sept 63 to (REDACTION) one (REDACTION) AMSPELL internal asset, reports 'Oquendo' of AMSPELL 'belongs to G-2' and is 'aided by his wife.' Address known only as Zapata. No further info. (REDACTION) stated to AMCLATTER-1 that this person same as one Ricardo Oquendo who (REDACTION) believed was DSE penetration of AMSPELL working with AMFED-1. (REDACTION) also reported that circa 1961 Ricardo Oquendo lived at Edificio Marcos Zapata in front of cemetery. Married to Elsa (Alfonso) Batista. AMCLATTER-1 noted Ricardo Oquendo IDEN with para 2 A above. 3. Marcos Oquendo and Juan Miguel Jimenez placed on local ODURGE (U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) watch list. 4. For MEXI: Ref reported Marcos Oquendo and Juan Miguel Jimenez recently left Cuba with instructions infiltrate AMSPELL. Exit dates and destinations unknown. Since MEXI likely transit points subjs perhaps Station MEXI could check re entry subjs. 5. ODURGE ODENVY (FBI and INS) traces pending. 6. Index."


CIA document: Biographic data on Carlos Hernandez Sanchez: "1. Name: Carlos Eduardo Hernandez Sanchez. 2. Aliases: Eduardo Sanchez - used as 'war name' during the revolution and in the MRR. Batea - nickname used by friends. 3. DOB: 15 October 1939 in Havana...6. Permanent Address: Calle 10 #460 esq. 221, Vedado, Havana...9. Special qualification for PM use: Judo (Black Belt of First Class won various championships; five years; instructor of judo)..."


04/27/78, HSCA testimony of Carlos Hernandez: Pages 98, 99: ..."Mr. Blackmer: Do you know Bernard Barker? Mr. Hernandez: He is a friend of mine, a close friend of mine. Mr. Blackmer: How long have you known him? Mr. Hernandez: Since 1960. Mr. Blackmer: Did you know him in Miami in 1960? Mr. Hernandez: Yes. Mr. Blackmer: Did you know who he associated with or who he worked for? Mr. Hernandez: I was under the impression that he was with the CIA. Mr. Blackmer: Did you meet any of his friends with him? Mr. Hernandez: No. I met Mr. Barker because Mr. Barker was a first contact with Mr. Artime in Miami when Mr. Artime arrived. As a matter of fact, I think that Mr. Barker was the one who arranged Mr. Artime's departure from Cuba. I used to drive Mr. Artime to Mr. Barker's house and he and Mr. Barker used to get together and talk in private. I never was present in the conversations. You see, Mr. Barker and I developed a good relationship because Mr. Barker - see, my grandfather in Cuba was a politician and he used to spend time in one part of the island in which Mr. Barker used to live when he was a kid. My grandfather used to take Mr. Barker fishing when Mr. Barker was a kid. We developed a close relationship. We developed a friendship..." See Exhibit 05-2p104.jpg (Page 98) and Exhibit 05-2p104.jpg (Page 99).

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