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Cryptonym: AMHINT-29

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Luis Cowan Fernandez. A cable in September of 1961 stated that Luis Cowan Fernandez was AMHINT-29. However, he may only have had this crypt a short time, as the cable mentioned that the crypts would be assigned after completion of training (he possibly only had this crypt provisionally).
Luis Cowan Fernandez was granted a POA on August 8, 1961. His PDOB was given as 10 January, 1943, in Havana. His father was called Carlos and his mother was named Maria de Jesus.

A 1966 document on the DRE stated that Luis Cowan Fernandez was a mechanical engineer student, who worked at the Florida Steel Corporation, and was a delegate in Tampa.

104-10074-10380: CABLE RE WAVE PLANS

09/05/61: Cable from JMWAVE to Director: Slugline JMZIP KUCAGE: "1. WAVE plans start across board training AMHINT infils by 8 Sept as follows: A. AMHINT-26 (John Koch Gene)...B. AMOT-57: Manuel del Valle Caral...C. AMHINT-27: Manuel Baro Esteva...D. AMOT-53: Julio Jane Argudin...E. AMFAST-13: Vicente Vasquez Dominguez...F. AMHINT-28: Angel A. Fontanills y Miguel..G. Luis Cowan Fernandez, PDOB HAVA 10 Jan 43. Father: Carlos. Mother: Maria de Jesus (29 for AMHINT-29 written above Cowan's name, along with: POA granted 8 Aug 1961, 303912). H. AMHINT-21. 2. Request POAs subjects A thru G and assignment AMHINT crypto upon completion training. WAVE traces Revela no derog info. Local ODENVY (FBI) traces underway...."

1994.04.12.15:46:22:600005: Reel 26, Folder C - DRE.

08/29/66: CIA document: Titled: Directorio Revolucionario Estudiantil: Page 24 (Spanish to English translation): "B. In other parts of the United States...3) Luis Cowan Fernandez: Function: Delegate Tampa. Profession: Mechanical engineer student, work(ed) at Florida Steel Corporation. Born: Habana, November 1943. Direction/Address: 1819-24 Avenue, Tampa, Florida..."

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