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Cryptonym: AMHINT-27

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Manuel Baro Esteva, military coordinator for the MRR.
A cable in September, 1961, had the AMHINT-27 cryptonym written alongside Baro's name.

A cable in December, 1963, stated that AMYUM-19 (Cesar Baro Esteva)'s brother was AMHINT-27. This cable also mentioned that AMHINT-27 had prior associations with AMSTRUT-2 (Juanita Castro) and QUANTUM-51 in Cuba.

A cable in June, 1964, stated that AMHINT-27 was a "key AMWORLDER" (along with AMSALON-1 and AMYUM-29). By late 1962, the MRR had 5,000 members in Cuban prisons.

104-10074-10380: CABLE RE WAVE PLANS

9/5/61 memo from JMWAVE to Director: "WAVE plans start across board training AMHINT infils by 8 Sept as follows: AMHINT-26 (John Koch Gene)...Manuel del Valle Caral...AMHINT-27 Manuel Baro Esteva...Julio Jane Argudin...AMFAST-13 Vicente Vasquez Dominguez...AMHINT-28 Angel A. Fontanills y Miguel...Luis Cowan Fernandez...AMHINT-21, request POAs subjects A thru G and assignment AMHINT crypto upon completion training...(as matters progress) AMHINTs will require materiel support consisting agit/prop materials, small amounts demo and time devices, portable presses, commo euip, docs and funding..."


10/11/61, cable from JMWAVE to Director: Sluglines JMZIP KUCAGE: "1. WAVE started training AMHINT infils in clandestine ops on 2 Oct as follows: A. AMHINT-26 (306319); B. AMHINT-27 (306461); C. AMHINT-8 (283951)".....

124-10279-10032: No Title

COUNTER REVOLUTIONARY HANDBOOK LEADING ORGANIZATION I. IDENTIFYING DATA A. Common Title or Abbreviation: MRR B. Title: Movimiento de Recuperacion Revolucionario Movement for Revolutionary Recovery C. Affiliation with Other Groups: Represented in original FRD and present CRC. D. Political Alignment and Basic Principles: Liberal but not left; supports free enterprise. Strong Catholic influence. Military flavor imparted by original nucleus of Rebel Army officers. Included Catholic students and government functionaries who early became disaffected with Castro Communism. Basic principles: To fight Communism and totalitarianism, return democracy, while maintaining those social reforms established in first six months of Castro regime. Factionalism was minimal until spring of 1962, when LASAGA became impatient with CRC inaction and led an unsuccessful revolt which resulted in his personal resignation from CRC. E. Leading Personalities: In U. S. Jose Ignacio LASAGA; Cesar BARO Esteva; Oscar SALAS, Marrero, leader of faction more tolerant of Miro; Rafael QUINTERO Ibarria (military planner); Higinio aka Nino DIAZ (co-founder, once expelled, but taken back; reported in contact with ELN); Manuel BARO Esteva (To become internal Military National Coordinator.) In Cuba: Beto MARQUEZ aka Rigoberto CASAS; Manuel ARTIME Bueza (co-founder, Brigade leader; in prison), Juan FALCON aka Esteban (in prison; confessed on Cuban TV); Juan BUSTAMANTE aka Roley (believed G-2 penetration); Juan Manuel GUILLOT Castellano (executed 29 Aug 1962 after last big round-up) II. HISTORY A. Date and Place of Origin: Mid-1959, Cuba B. Principal Activities to Date: Fighting activist group from inception. Was highly organized inside and well connected outside. Contributed men and leadership (ARTIME himself) to 1961 invasion: Despite repeated rounds of arrests, until May 1962 maintained disciplined organization with demonstrated capability in propaganda..."

104-10226-10329: CABLE RE UR ACTIVITIES

Undated CIA document: ..."2. Work was completed and coordinated with CAC reps on revised set PW requirements for debreifing refugees coming through Opa Locka. Samples will be forwarded HQs following translation and duplication. D. PM. 1. Op Kelly 1 to contact AMEPOCH-6 on 14 Sept. 2. AMHINT-27 SW message request exfil 6 Oct by Point Triumfo with friend. Giving SW training to friend in Havana..."


06/22/62, Dispatch from Chief, Task Force W to COS, JMWAVE: "The operational clearance for the below listed individuals has expired. If JMWAVE continues to have a current operational interest in these individuals it is requested that PRQ Part II be forwarded as soon as possible. If no interest exists then Headquarters should be notified accordingly so that the necessary action can be taken to retire their official (unintelligible)....NAME: AMHINT/27. 201 NUMBER: 306461..."

180-10141-10391: No Title

10/30/63 CRC meeting, notes taken from "Cuban Book": "MRR - representatives in FRD and present CRC, MRR comprised original nucleus of Rebel Army officers. Had strong Catholic influence. Certain members: Jose Ignacio Lasaga, Oscar Salas Marrero (leader of Miro Cardona faction), Rafael Quintero Ibaria (note: AMJAVA-4), military planner, Higinio aka Nino Diaz (note: AMNORM-1) co-founder, Manuel Baro Esteva, to become military coordinator...20 trained action agents, 500 members in Cuba, 525 in the US.


12/00/63, Cable from JMWAVE to Director: Slugline RYBAT TYPIC YOBITE AMWORLD: "AMYUM/19 told Guertler that (REDACTION) will be asked contact FOLL AMYUMS in Cuba and pass instructions for receiving SW message. 1. Maria (REDACTION) - WAVE traces in ref. 2. Carlos (REDACTION) - WAVE traces in ref. 3. Dr. Francisco (REDACTION) age approx 40 years born HAVA. According UFG 256 SUBJ headed AMYUM intel in HAVA. No other WAVE traces. 4. (REDACTION) will act as cutout for Dr. Mario (REDACTION) born 28 Santo Domingo, Las Villas Province. SUBJ works hospital de Dementes de Mazorra. Only WAVE traces AMHINT/27 contact report 8 Aug 62 suggesting SUBJ be used as cutout in A/27 ops."


12/06/63, CIA cable from JMWAVE to Director: " 1. ILIAD Operation terminated due AMHINT/27 prior association AMSTRUT/2 (Juana de la Caridad Castro Ruz) and QUANTUM/51 in PBRUMEN (Cuba). Fact AMYUM/19 brother of AMHINT/27 also contributing factor..." - - - AMYUM/19 was Cesar Baro Esteva. Until he had a failing out with Manuel Artime/AMBIDDY-1, Baro was the number three man on the AMWORLD project. He had previously been head of the MRR. AMHINT-27 was the brother of Cesar Baro Esteva.


06/24/64, CIA cable on AMWORLD: Page 3, paragraph 6..."While A/1 probably able attract enough political activists continue commando and sab ops several key AMWORLDERs including AMSALON/1, AMYUM/29, AMHINT/27 as well as rebel army types would leave if A/1 broke with AMYUM for political reasons."

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