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Cryptonym: AMHINT

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A branch of the DRE that conducted paramilitary and infiltration operations in Cuba. Their case officer was JMWAVE chief of operations David Morales.

Official History of the Bay of Pigs Operation, Volume III: Evolution of CIA's Anti-Castro Policies, 1959 - January 1961 Current Section: Part VII: Assassination

"One of the principals of WH/4 (Richard Drain) recorded that on 24 February 1961 he 'asked Ed (Stanulis), Dave P (Phillips), Ed (Hinkle), (Robert) Moore, and Jake (Esterline) why not proceed with Operation AMHINT to set up a program of assassination?'...the author of that remark was Chief of Operations for Project JMATE...(there was) an AMHINT request of 14 January 1961 for 'Silenciadores Rifles de marilla telescopica' (a request for rifles with telescopic sights). This might have had to do with a DRE plan to assassinate the Soviet Ambassador to Cuba rather than a plan to kill Castro. When the FOB in Miami heard about the plan against the Soviet official they 'immediately sent...word to AMHINT-1 forbidding planned "atentado" (assassination).'" See 104-10263-10064: 4/11/61 cable from WAVE to BELL: Right before the Bay of Pigs, a plan to infiltrate AMHINT leaders: Frank Bernardino Babot 201-281263 (raider), Jose Raffo Barrera 201-281271 (raider), Carlos Duquesne Wylryez, 201-283951 (WAVE trained general SAP ops).


5/17/61 cable from JMWAVE to BELL: Zamka contact Jose Maria Lasa obtains political asylum in Havana; AMHINT-2/Salvat, AMHINT-5/Isidro Borja AMHINT-53/Fernandez Rocha are all seeking asylum - there were more than 700 asylees languishing in Havana. Meanwhile, Guantanamo intel chief Hal Feeney's contact Enrique Casuso - identified by his Bay of Pigs number 2507, right after the first number 2506 - has been arrested. On Casuso and Feeney, Ramon Machado (2508) wrote "In late January 1961, Enrique Casuso (2507), Jorge Giraud (2524), Manuel Reyes (Little King) and I were in a CIA safe house in Falls Church, Virginia awaiting our trip to Cuba. Early one morning, Guy, the CIA agent who was in the house with us to take care of me out of the house and was introduced to an officer of the Navy would be my contact from that time. Said officer, who spoke Spanish impeccably, was introduced and immediately there was a good report as mutual respect, trust and affection between us. His name was Harold Feeney, the vintage and at that time Chief of Intelligence at Guantanamo. Feeney was the one I was going to take to Cuba...my mission was to join a group in the hills that were in the mountains of Baracoa, relatively near the base...Once we landed, Don Quixote took me to his office, where I met Jack Modessett (Pecos) and Wallace (Wally), the other members of the "unholy trio" (of naval officers)...(at my return to the base) I had a very pleasant surprise: at the base they were at that time Ernesto Estevan (butterfly), and Rodolfo Hernandez (Sea Fury)...With the help of Sea Fury, my mission would be to train a group of 6 or 8 individuals in the use of explosives, and later, we were going to be the Committee's receipt of Nino Diaz, which landed just east of the base in a diversionary coordinated effort with the main landing at the Bay of Pigs." For further details, see http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/index.php?/topic/8572-harold-hal-feeney/&page=2


8/10/61, cable from JMWAVE to Director, slugline JMZIP PSYCH: "Main purpose trip to USA (of AMHINT courier Albor Ruiz Salazar) was to learn (CIA) plans for AMHINT clandestine organization in Cuba which reorganized now (in) all provinces except Pinar del Rio. When WAVE could not provide this, Salvat/AMHINT-2 stated that Miro Cardona/AMBUD-1 has informed the DRE he will have the plan and full materiel support within ten days; that all guidance and control of DRE will be through AMBUD/CRC; that the DRE should designate their rep to sit in AMBUD."

104-10171-10041: Amspell Progress Report for August 1962

9/14/62 dispatch from Chief, JMWAVE to Chief, Task Force W: Zamka (David Morales) as "Dr. Meza" represented the AMHINTs. This group engaged in paramilitary activity. The Miramar attack of 8/24/62 was an AMHINT raid. Zamka regularly met with AMHINT-2; Bernabe Pena was his alternate; also met occasionally with Jose Maria Lara U, who had a direct liaison with Fletcher Knight (Richard Helms).

1994.05.06.09:39:23:590005: Reel 25, Folder X - DRE [[CRYPT]] OPERATIONS.

11/8/62 cable from JMWAVE to Director: "Since forwarding (WAVE 0606) (CIA-DRE) relations have fluctuated up and down with each agonizing turn of policy and world events...(AMSPELL) has now categorically advised WAVE that they will not agree to (CIA) paying (AMHINT) salaries. In fact (AMSPELL) would prefer that (CIA) have no contact with any (AMHINT) delegates except delegation chief."

104-10170-10012: AMSPELL STATUS

12/10/62 memo from Chief of Station, JMAVE to Chief, TFW: "At meeting with JMWAVE 16 November 1962...AMHINT-53...(said) although AMSPELL had paramilitary operations in readiness, it would not undertake them until the outcome of Headquarters discussions was known..." At next page, memo adds that "JMWAVE reports information received from AMPALM-4 on possible issuance of a manifesto by AMSPELL to President KENNEDY demanding that he fulfill his "promises" on Cuba. This ultimatum is reportedly coupled with a threat that AMSPELL will "act" if its terms are not complied with."

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