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Cryptonym: AMHAZE-2523

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Carlos Eduardo Hernandez Sanchez, war name Eduardo Sanchez, nickname "Batea"
His number "2523" indicates that he was probably among the first group of paramilitary recruits for Brigade 2506, the Bay of Pigs fighters - the numbers started at 2500. In Nov. 1961 - his POA was extended until the following February, along with AMHINT-2 and AMWIND-1. 104-10181-10327.

180-10145-10158: 180-10145-10158

1956-59: This chrono created by HSCA attorney Leslie Wizelman: Carlos Hernandez's "war name" was Eduardo Sanchez. He attended Villanueva University, was active with the Catholic action groups, and met Manuel Artime/AMBIDDY-1 in that context between 1956-1959. Acted as Artime's bodyguard, he was a black belt in karate.


1960-62: Approval work record: AMHAZE-2523 is identified as Carlos Eduardo Hernandez Sanchez, also known as Eduardo Sanchez, nickname "Batea". Greenlisted in 1960, PRQ 1 and PRQ 2 in 1961, OA with TFW 4/10/62. (at p. 19): Recruited for PM training by Enzel in May 1960. Recruited for training for Bay of Pigs in 1960 by Enzel - Jimmy Smith; known to... Theodore Windecker (Clarence), Harold Noemayr (Roger Fox), Dominique Pantleon (Peters), Alton T. Pirnack (Larry), Irving Cadick (Rip). (At p. 16): 11/16/61 use was as a PM agent. (At p. 20): Received full series of PM courses. Was in training camps prior to 17 April 1961. (At p. 23). Case officer as of 11/1/61 was Harold Noemayr/Ross Crozier.


Source: 2523, Date May 60, 201-278755: "Comandante Raul Diaz Arguelles..was the director of the DIR (Departamento de Investigaciones Revelde - Police Investigation Service). Subject had been obtained by Amejeinos, Chief of Police, and Diaz let him and his friends leave the country possibly in gratitude for some work that they had done for the Directorio Revolucionario."

The Secret War, Fabian Escalante (Ocean Press, 1995), pp. 61-69: https://archive.org/stream/FabianEscalanteSecretWarCubaCIA/Fabian%20Escalante%20Secret%20War%20Cuba%20CIA#page/n37/mode/2up/search/valeriano

Also see the 2004 version, "The Cuba Project", pp. 61-69: "(The plans for the Bay of Pigs included) a mercenary brigade landing on the beaches near the city of Trinidad in the southern part of Las Villas province, storming the city and then with the support of the guerillas in the Escambray mountains, cutting off communications and installing the provisional government where it could call for the help that was waiting...among the most seasoned of the soldiers were Felix Rodriguez, Segundo Borges, Jose Basulto, Javier Souto, Edgar Sopo and Rafael Garcia Rubio...Colonel Napoleon Valeriano was pleased with his pupils...He didn't know that the CIA had changed its plans; he and the other instructors would soon be unemployed when Army Colonel Jack Hawkins and his colleagues , the Green Berets, took charge of the brigade to turn it into a real military unit. The name of the brigade, '2506', came from the dog tag number of one of the first recruits, who was killed during a training accident. The brains at the CIA thought that this number might confuse the Cuban agents...William 'Rip' Robertson and Grayston Lynch were among the trainers who became de facto adjunct chiefs during the invasion. Both had helped the counterrevolutionary cause from the beginning, when they joined Frank Sturgis in the Anticommunist Brigade, a front organization created for the Cuba invasion...In mid-December a group of 84 men arrived at Fort Gulick in the Panama Canal Zone...from the camps in Guatemala...the most dedicated recruits...they included Miguel A. Orozco Crespo, Felix Rodriguez Mendigutia, Manuel Puig Miyar, Manuel Reyes Reyes, Jorge Garcia Rubio, Emilio Rivero Caro and Pedro Cuellar."


10/25/61 memo "(CIARK-1) provided a list of names of some of the persons who had left the MRR, given up executive positions in the MRR or who had turned down positions in the MRR because of (Carlos) Guillot...Carlos Hernandez - one of the Cubans used by (CIA) in the training of other Cubans for guerrilla activity. Still a member of the MRR but does not participate in any of the activities of the MRR in Miami."


10/12/61 memo from Security and Liaison to PW Harold Noemayr: Cecil Van't Veld (a PM Case Officer, possibly James Tattersfield) requested Subject's documents and personal belongings. He retained them in order to control Subject.


(At page 3): During 1962 - it is reported Carlos Eduardo Hernandez (Sanchez) credits Raul Diaz Arguelles for getting him out of jail and out of Cuba. During 1961, Raul Diaz Arguelles was identified as chief of DIR (Army Intelligence) division of the Cuban G-2 in the Castro government. (at p. 21): More background information on Carlos Hernandez. It appears that Artime/AMBIDDY-1 may have had the cryptonym RINGO.


8/24/62: Perhaps the most famous of the quasi-independent attacks occurred on 8/24/62, when six young Cubans piloted a boat to within 200 yards of the shore near Havana and shelled the Blanquita Hotel...the idea for the Blanquita Hotel attack originated shortly after one of the commandoes, Carlos 'Batea' Hernandez, returned from an official JMWAVE mission to disrupt that year's International Socialist Youth conference in Helsinki. When Batea landed at Miami airport, one of his friends in the Directorate met him with word that an underworld contact was offering a 20-millimeter cannon for sale at a bargain price of $300. Batea bought the cannon, and planned an attack based on intelligence that Czech and Russian military advisers...gathered for parties every Friday night at the Blanquita. The Juanin sailed into the harbor at Miramar, a suburb of Havana, and got so close that Batea remembers seeing the lights in the ballroom and the uniforms of the soldiers. His companions opened up with a five-minute barrage at point-blank range, inflicting heavy damages on the hotel before returning to Miami at reckless speed."


8/25/62 cable from WAVE to Director, slugline GYROSE AMHINT: "AMHINT-2 claims about 14 were direct hits (on) Horneda Hotel and two or three on Blanquita theater...Juanin I was attack craft with one 20 mm cannon...Juanin-1 was commanded by AMHINT-30 with AMHINT-2 aboard directing operations." Batea may have been AMHINT-30.

Peter Dale Scott, Deep Politics and the Death of JFK (University of California, 1996), p. 340

1962-1963: "Carlos 'Batea' Hernandez (was) a hero of the DRE's Miramar raid of 1962...the 1963 dynamite cache at the McClaneys was an operation of the DRE." FBI airtel 62-109060-4758, SAC NO to Director, 3/7/67.


1963: "Carlos was called by Victor Espinosa on two occasions. Each time the mission involved bombing the oil refineries in Havana. Victor had been an old friend that had trained with Carlos in Panama. Carlos felt Victor had connections with organized crime. Each mission was a set-up that Carlos feels was deliberate in that organized crime figures wanted to be on good terms with the Cuban community should Cuba be recaptured and they used phony attempts to raid Cuba as something they could use to demonstrate their efforts to help regain the homeland. Carlos met Norman Rothman at the Bell Air hotel on several occasions...Carlos felt (Victor) knew Rothman." (1978 immunized testimony)

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