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Cryptonym: AMHAW-1

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Unknown identity. A cable from Havana on August 5, 1960, described AMHAW-1 as being "extremely enthusiastic, emotional and probably has tendency of over-optimism."
The cable also noted that AMHAW-1 wanted to "move during August and while not oblivious to problems of military leadership, logistics, commo, has tendency sweep them under rug."

According to a cable on July 29, 1960, AMHAW-1 reported he had held a conference with the representatives of several underground leaders. Also, AMHAW-1 named Lt Palomino (FNU) as a OOA contact at Managua base near Havana.

A cable on July 4, 1960, mentioned that a Comandante Palomino, chief of military security at Agramonte air force base, in Camaguey, had been arrested in mid-May by Captain Guillermo Verdaguer, chief of Camaguey base, and had been sent to La Cabana.

The cable on August 5, 1960 (mentioned above), stated that on August 1st AMHAW-1 again met Knapman (probably Warren Frank), along with Adolfo Rey, leader of an anti-Castro group named Union Democrata (UD). The two Cubans delivered a signed original and two copies of an agreement for united action by a number of anti-Castro groups which had formed the Bloque de Defensa Nacional Anti-Comunista de Cuba.


06/09/60: Cable from MASH to Director (from Karnley): JMNET: "1. Adolfo Rey (identical Pascual Rey mentioned para 1 HAVA 4417) returning Havana from Key West 10 June via Q airlines flight 956. ETD KW 1625 hours. 2. Purpose of trip is to renew contacts he claims to have among ex-army elements which he proposing turn over to MRR. Only contact with MRR here has been Michel Yabor who assures Rey not in possession any sensitive info on MRR. Has only told Rey that if he can actually produce something along these lines might be interested. No further details available at the moment. 3. Since there some possibility Rey be arrested upon arrival Havana requested AMCLATTER/1 (Bernard Leon Barker) get message to Pedro Fernandez asking him be on hand at airport when flight arrives to see what happens. No contact with or even recognition of Fernandez intended. He be there only to observe so as be able inform those concerned (including Rey's family) in event he picked up. 4. If contact between Fernandez and Rey permissible suggest HAVA have Fernandez later obtain details from Rey. C/S Comment: In 33562**. **Concerns discussion AMCLATTER-4 (Pedro Fernandez) and Pascual Rey Perez re help resolve Rey's visa problem."


07/04/60: Cable from JMMASH to Director: "1. Debriefing report by LITAMIL-2 (probably Rafael Silvio Pena Perez), received wife AMCLATTER-1 (Bernard Leon Barker) as follows: MRR members Lt Gilberto Hernandez and Lt Gerardo Hernandez of Rebel Army, column 9, following arrival Miami with Gilberto Leon reported that they had been working with Comandante Palomino, chief of military security at Agramonte air force base in Camaguey, Rodobeldo Ramos, Carlos Lazo and other MRR members in Camaguey. Palomino arrested mid May by Capt Guillermo Verdaguer, chief Camaguey base, and sent La Cabana. Lazo also imprisoned. An assassination attempt was made against Verdaguer without success. The capt who is second in command of Managua base is MRR member. Most of officers and men at Camaguey air force base are involved in the conspiracy and responsible for the removal of arms from there...Arms have been obtained from the Managua and Camaguey bases and transported to Contramaestre via auto by Gilberto Hernandez, Gerardo Hernandez, Carlos Lazo and Gilbert Leon on different occasions. From Contramaestre the arms have been taken to the Sierra. Palomino is one of the few who knows the location where the arms were ultimately cached...According to Palomino's brother, Gilberto Leon's car was confiscated and taken to the Quinta Estacion de Policia in HAVA. The car was captured with a cargo of automatic rifles proceeding from Managua...C. Leon and the Hernandez brothers, who were pilots for Matos (AMLIGHT-1), had received information that they were about to be arrested and were therefore forced to escape. 3. If possible, HAVA station requested inform MRR that LITAMIL-2 has asked that message be sent to Palomino in La Cabana or to Carlos Lazo informing them of arrival Hernandez brothers Miami and requesting urgently information necessary to appoint a substitute for him who can take over in his place."


08/05/60: Cable from Havana to Director (handwritten at top right hand side: "Duque - Ramirez out"): Slugline RYBAT JMNET: "1. On 29 July AMHAW-1 (source Ref A) reported he had conference with representatives several underground leaders. Mentioned Fermin R. Diaz Gonzalez who claims control 6,000 unarmed men Matanzas; Alberto Delgado who claims support 5,000 mostly unarmed in Las Villas. While did not meet with him, said Crescencio Perea Rodriguez claims 2,500 armed men in Oriente and that Perea makes his HQs at Holguin. Perea says could muster force of 15,000 in Oriente if he had enough weapons. AMHAW-1 named Lt Palomino (FNU) as OOA contact at Managua base near HAVA. Named Leon Lemus (FNU) as medical doctor who organizing doctors HAVA area to give medical support resistance groups when they get moving. 2. Then on 1 Aug AMHAW-1 again called on Knapman (probably Warren Frank), this time accompanied by Adolfo Rey, head of an anti-Castro group named Union Democrata (UD). They delivered signed original and two copies of an agreement for united action by a number of anti-Castro groups which have formed the Bloque de Defensa Nacional Anti-Comunista de Cuba. This Bloque includes the Organizacion Occidental Anti-Comunista (OOA-formerly Organizacion Ortodoxa Anti-Comunista) led by Agustin Leon; Legion Democrata Cubana Anticomunista (LDCA, also under Leon's direction now that its leader Pruna (FNU) is in jail); Batallion de Brigada (BB) under Luis R. Izquierdo Alonso; Salve a Cuba (Cuba) under Manuel Barrera; Resistencia Agramonte (RA) under Pedro Vasallo; Liberacion Nacional de Cuba under Juan Arta Garrica; Movimiento de Recuperacion Democrata under Romero Omero and UD mentioned above. Pouching copy of pact which calls for unity of action of all above mentioned groups to overthrow Castro and designates Leon, Rey and Vasallo the directors of the Bloque." (CONTINUED BELOW).


"3. AMHAW-1 and Rey said BB, SOOA, and RA best armed groups. But that all groups need more arms and that they would either have to come from outside Cuba or be seized from military installations such as Managua...In answer to question re military leadership, Rey said many former officers of company grade and below but few field grade officers in Cuba. Mentioned Col. Casales (FNU) as one possible leader in Cuba and cited several other leaders outside Cuba whom he had visited including Col. Sanchez Mosquera, Gen Diaz Tamayo, Maj Santamarina (FNU), Col Patino, Comandante Baez, Col Cartalla (last three were naval officer and HQs will recall ranking colonel was naval rank too in Batista time). Both AMHAW-1 and Rey seemed favor Sanchez Mosquera...In answer to question re numbers willing cooperate with Bloque in provinces, Rey and AMHAW-1 gave FOLL estimates which they termed conservative; Habana 30,000; Pinar del Rio 10,000; Matanzas 7,000; Las Villas 5,000; Camaguey 15,000; Oriente 2,500 sure but now willing make overall estimate. Station cannot judge accuracy these figures and will continue trying develop more details...7. Rey is much more level-headed type than AMHAW-1. Latter extremely enthusiastic, emotional and probably has tendency of over-optimism. Wants move during August and while not oblivious to problems of military leadership, logistics, commo, has tendency sweep them under rug."


12/16/60: Court Judgment: ..."Whereas it has been established that the defendants Adolfo Rey Perez, Homero Gutierrez Alfonso, Geraldine Shamma (AMSPICE-1)...conspired with other persons some of them indicated by default and others whose identity has not been established up to the present, all of them members of counterrevolutionary organizations...who for some time have been plotting and working toward the promotion of an armed movement to overthrow the powers of the state through violent means..."

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