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Cryptonym: AMGLEN-9

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Probably Emilio Cardenas Pinera, also referred to as Emilio Cadenas Adan. In 1960, he was known as "DWAKIQ", a radio operator covering some of the boats. For at least one operation, AMGLEN-9 was known as "Ink". May have used the alias "Emilio Carbo", had close relations with Clemente Inclan/AMSIGH-2, and exfiltrated about the same time as AMCANOE-3 in late 1963.
AMGLEN-9 was a FI Staybehind net asset in Cuba with Tony Sforza. Was DWAKIQ-64. AMGLEN-9 was also a close friend of Josefina Artime. Described as a inactive W/T operator in a 1962 CIA dispatch.

3/28/61, 104-10215-10120: Both DWAKIQ and Emilio Cadenas working on FLAME exfiltration of Cubela and Juan Orta. FLAME has access to fishing boat named "Maria Del Carmen".

11/10/63 post below indicates "Emilio Carbo" could have been AMGLEN-9, both of them needed to be exfiltrated.

There are also indications that AMGLEN-9 was close to AMSIGH-2 (Clemente Inclan Werner) and his wife - see the Nov-Dec 1963 messages below.

104-10192-10188: Info sought on staybehind WT operators.

Around the time of the assassination of President Kennedy, the CIA was pondering whether to exfiltrate AMGLEN-9 from Cuba because of the security threat posed by the AMCANOE-3 (Antonio Jose Ramirez Mendez) case and his relationship with Clemente Inclan Werner.

On 2/25/61, the sign-off was "Bini" in a message - could he have been Gordon Biniaris? More likely that he was Biniaris' radio operator. https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=48193&relPageId=2&search=dwakiq

In that vein, see 104-10215-10235, p. 7: Message sent "to DWAKIQ. 64. For Henry (Sloman/Tony Sforza). We believe Cuban police aware Cubela desire defect and departure plans. Police also probably alerted area of FLAME activity. Exercise extreme caution your involvement Cubela exfil and FLAME group."


A Rolando Cubela/AMLASH-1 chronology created by CIA: WH/4/FI wrote this 3/29/61 memo, BELL 3499, "message to DWA KIQ #54 for Henry (this is Sloman, aka Tony Sforza). (#54 was a signal plan operator for contact in (FLAME) boat infiltrations and exfiltrations. He is now AMGLEN-9, a stay behind FI operator. - - - As of April 1961, DRE radio operations DWACEH in Havana and WAGHAM in Oriente were also in place. 104-10171-10334, p. 9. 04/10/61, see 104-10229-10332: Cable from JMWAVE to BELL: Slugline JMZIP PSYCH ZRPERUSAL: "1. FCC Miami 7 Apr boarded Calypso and posted sign warning against use of radio. Also arrested two operators on board: Emilio de Cardenas Pinera and Aurelio Lugo Gonzalez , charging them with operating radio station without federal licenses. 2. Liaison sources report that operators protested arrest saying that radio was sponsored by an ODYOKE (U.S. Government) agency and craft undergoing repairs for participation in invasion Cuba. 3. Miami FCC authorities would appreciate KUBARK (CIA) HQs specifically request FCC HQs to neutralize Calypso in order that they may have vessel towed to secure dock Miami. 4. FYI. WAVE PROP assets have reported that AMDIP-1 already expressed to AMJAG-1 unwillingness give up personal/political control of craft for use by AMBUD. Para 2, above, info (unintelligible) indicate AMDIP-1 might have independent plans for Calypso..." 06/09/61: Cable from JMWAVE to BELL: "1. MDC requested JMWAVE assist in procuring a visa waiver for Dr. Alberto Inclan Cuban citizen. Subject is brother of Clemente Inclan who is navigator for MDC. 2. Action to date has been petition signed subject's wife Mary Miley Inclan ODYOKE (U.S. Government) citizen forwarded to Mr. Roy Wade, ODACID (U.S. State Department). 3. If HQs concurs with request of NVARA-1, request HQs take appropriate action." https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=52930&search=alberto_inclan#relPageId=2&tab=page


04/04/62, dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, Task Force W: "1. The following is all of the information available at JMWAVE concerning cached radio sets in Cuba: a. AMCONCERT-1 (Francisco Wilfredo Varona Alonso) cached a radio believed to be an RS-1, on the farm of Pablo YABRE near the town of Colon, Province of Matanzas. AMCONCERT-1 told his brother AMTURVY-1 (Arturo Maria Jesus Varona Alonso), who also knows YABRE, of the existence of this cache. AMTURVY-1 has been notified through AMWREN-1 to contact and deliver the radio to AMGLEN-9. AMGLEN-9, inactive W/T operator, is being contacted through AMRIPE-1 via SW."


07/23/62, Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, Task Force W: Page 14: "61. As a first step toward speeding up communications, it is planned to find another accommodation address in the JMWAVE area for AMFAUNA-1's (David Cabeza Coupau) use which can be expected to function without the delays that have been experienced recently. Because of the importance and urgency of some of AMFAUNA-1's intelligence reports, consideration is also being given to assigning a radio operator to him, probably AMGLEN-9 who is awaiting only his signal plan to become active and who will probably not be needed in the AMWREN net as originally planned..."


01/14/63, dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, Task Force W: Page 3: "4. Jorge wished to maintain closer contact with AMCONCERT-1/Pancho Varona when he learned that DI GERVENO/Emiio Rodriguez/AMIRE-1 was leaving Cuba. AMCONCERT-1 saw Jorge on one occasion before AMCONCERT-1 entered the Brazilian Embassy as an asylee in late June 1961. While AMCONCERT-1 was in asylum in the Brazilian Embassy, AMSTOW-1 (then Principal Agent in the AMRYE-1 net) sent word to AMCONCERT-1 in the Embassy that AMSTOW-1 had been visited by Jorge and Ester SOMEILLAN Gonzalez (not code name, Lola). They asked AMSTOW-1 for 2000 Cuban pesos to purchase a motor for Alicio NUNEZ' boat which was to be used in the exfiltration of Jorge and AMCONCERT-1. AMSTOW-1 gave Jorge the money. AMCONCERT-1 later learned from Emilio CADENAS, owner of the motor, that Jorge had only paid him $500.00 pesos." To see the folder for this file, see https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=52242&relPageId=13&search=cadenas


1/22/63 memo from Ted Shackey to Bill Harvey about Jorge Medina Bringuier's work with G-2, he and fnu Aedo were part of the DRE natl executive they planned to roll up the DRE and "other groups" and then escape by boat and contact AMHINT-53 (Luis Fernandez-Rocha) in the JMWAVE area Medina was DRE's national military coordinator for reception and supply a $25 money order for Medina was purchased in March 62 in New Orleans by Maria Teresa Medina mailed "to Carlos Prado" in Mexico City in an envelope addressed to Consuelo C. de Rivas. A note said this money order of $25 is for Carlos Prado from his mother" Prado is in Mexico studying engineering, brother is Faustino Prado Garcia, an engineer who is close to Che Guevara and is of current KUTUBE (Foreign Intelligence - FI - division of CIA) interest. Faustino is married to Clara Artime, a sister of Josefina Artime, who is a close friend of AMGLEN-9, she is also of KUTUBE interest. AMSTRUT-2 (Juana de la Caridad Castro Ruz) could have given this letter to AMSTRUT-1 (Virginia Vasco Leitao da Cunha) to take out of Cuba. when Juanita Castro was in Mexico she called Prado at 249769 and said she was a friend of his mother. Jorge Maedo is probably "Aedo". Mongo who got 30 years is not id'd. The memo also mentions that Jorge Medina Bringuier is listed as using the name Carlos Prado. (Lots of marginalia to mull over.)


11/10/63, Cable from JMWAVE to Director: Page 2: ..."E. AMRIPE/AMGLEN Complex. In addition security threat posed by AMCANOE-3 (Antonio Jose Ramirez Mendez) case, as result AMSIGH-2 (Clemente Inclan Werner) apprehension, AMGLEN-9 in potentially dangerous spot if only as result his relationship AMSIGH-2. This situation being assessed and possibilities for exfil AMGLEN-9 by all are being examined." Re 11/21/63, 104-10077-10329, p. 3: AMCANOE-2 learned that call from "Virginia" on 11/21 (DIR 84284) was really from Emma Cowley. "This (is) good evidence (of) contact between Emma and Gerardo (Cowley) with whom AMCANOE-3 was staying with at that time, according (to) AMGLEN-9". Re: 11/21/63, 104-10075-10147, WAVE 8010, RYBAT TYPIC AMGLEN-9 COMMON FATBID: "...ONE FIVE SEVEN. Due extremely high seas between Keys and North Coast Pinar had to cancel attempt tonight. Planning rerun tomorrow if possible can. Although they know no details CMA crew aware importance this exfil. They experienced and loyal. Since your phon might tapped CMA do not initiate any calls to Emilio. If he should inquire however, you may advised him you aware cancellation and will advise of new dates if tomorrow night attempt unsuccessful. Head shrinkers agree your observations of Mente. Probably under influence drugs but drugs involved not behavioral alternates and would not affect recall or alter statements. Doubt they using hypnosis. Gorda. End agent message. For DIA only: Emilio is REDACTED. and Mente is REDACTED."


11/25/63, Cable from JMWAVE to Director: Slugline RYBAT TYPIC AMGLEN-9 COMMO FATBID: ..."2. For DIR only: Jose is AMRIPE-2, Maggie is AMRIPE-1, Ink is AMGLEN-9 and Cuquito is AMTURVY-1 (Arturo Maria Jesus Varona Alonso)."


12/02/63, Cable from JMWAVE to Director: Slugline RYBAT TYPIC YOBITE: Page 2: ..."II. OPERATIONAL DEVELOPMENTS: A. FI...3. Pouch from AMGLEN-9, AMRIPE-2, and AMLAME-5 (Luis Puig Tabares) received WAVE via NIEXIT pouch..."


12/4/63 cable WAVE 8512 from WAVE to Director, slugline RYBAT TYPIC AMGLEN-9 COMMO FATBID: "Well placed source just reported Tony suspected? for immediate arrest. We believe may already have been arrested or doubled. Rather than wait any longer CMA? you must insist that Emilio and family go into hiding immediately for possible exfil Cardenas (probably Jesus Cardenas/AMGLEN-1) one five December. Emilio possibly already under surveillance. Will resettle him here with ample financial aid. If this message sent too late and something already happened to Emilio or refuses must insist that you Helen and Jose go into immediate hiding for exfil via Cardenas leaving Emilio. Regardless your personal desires CKA your arrest will implicate Jose, Helen, Cuquito and many others also CEA if you arrested as spy Fidel will disregard any request for clemency for Mente but if you simply disappear you not implicate anyone. Arrested or dead none of you good to anyone. Dislike taking hardnosed view but from here this is way things look. Maggie will call Jose six December. If Emilio agrees exfil Jose should mention Maria's health is good. If not agree her health is sad. If you Helen and Jose plan exfil Jose should tell Maggie send photos of Mariel Carmen. If you go into hiding take pads and receiver for last minute instructions. Urge you get package three three to Cuquito soon. Gorda. End agent message. For Director only: Tony is AMCANOE-3 (Antonio Jose Ramirez Mendez), Emilio Carbo, Helen is AMRIPE-4, Jose is AMRIPE-2, CUQUITO is AMTURVY-1 (Arturo Maria Jesus Varona Alonso), Mente is AMSIGH-2 (Clemente Inclan Werner), and Maggie is AMRIPE-2.


12/06/63, Cable from Director to JMWAVE: "ODURGE (U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) desires interview AMGLEN-9 concerning Manuel Arias Bana. SAS Comment: *Pls clarify DIR (unintelligible). **ODURGE desires interview source ref. ***AMGLEN-9 reported (unintelligible) March on Manuel Arias Bana."


12/07/63, Cable from Director to JMWAVE: "1). Concur WAVE decision exfil AMGLEN-9, AMRIPE-2 and -4, and/or Carbo. No question but that AMCANOE-3 security status warrants extremest caution in dealing with him. If AMGLEN-9 group successfully exfils feel Station should drop all immediate plans exfil AMCANOE-3. 2). Believe subsequent any attempt exfil AMCANOE-3 would be based primarily humanitarian grounds. However, it possible that debriefing of AMGLEN-9 group would change this estimate and might provide data on basis which sound plan for AMCANOE-3 exfil could be drawn up. C/S Comment: *Ref RYBAT." See 104-10076-10180, also 12/7/63, for more. Also see 104-10076-10192, 12/7/63: "165: Assume my 164 passed to Jose and that phone call from Maggie geared to signals sent. That Maria health good meant Emilio willing exfil and that Jose not wanting photos Mariel Carmen meant you Helen and Jose not planning exfil. Also assume deteriorating situation re Tony security sunk in and Emilio now in complete hiding. If we wrong on any point and/or you must change plans CMA you should advise via WT since clarification too many complicated things unsuitable via phone signals. If not willing use own rig CMA can decipher on own pads and have Cuquito send. In getting Emilio and family to Cardenas must insist neither you Helen or Jose should personally accompany them. Pouch just arrived. Your info in SW 16 agrees our info but believe Tony now doubled since his actions after being stopped standard DSE practice. Jose. We plan cache item instead of sending via Dip pouch. Too large and cannot break down. Your plan for transfer is good but planning cache now. Roger on rest SWS contents. Rosie's letter to be mailed next week in Mexi. Will give exfil contact instructions as soon as they worked out. Gorda. End agent msg. For Dir only: Jose is AMRIPE-2, Maggie AMRIPE-1, Emilio is REDACTED, Helen AMRIPE-4, Tony AMCANOE-3, Cuquito AMTURVY-1, and Rose is wife AMSIGH-2."


12/10/63, Cable WAVE 8767: As of 11/27/63, AMGLEN-9 reported that Nena says he talked to AMCANOE-3 (Antonio Jose Ramirez Mendez), thus he was still free as of that time. AMHALF-2 reports that Quique (Enrique Fernandez) and others at the Liberian embassy adding up to twelve have been arrested some days ago. Quique/Enrique Fernandez's friend and contact man was arrested - Rafael Tome Acevedo aka Tito aka ASCI Agent 288. See 104-10239-10314: Acevedo may have been working both sides if he was also a Cuban who was a "Mexican student" known as Rafael Acevedo Blanco - in the "Zapote case", AMMUG-1 (Vladimir Lahera Rodriguez) referred to his home as an "accommodation address". See 104-10076-10403, 12/13/63, AMGLEN-9 in slugline: Emilio's wife is Roselina. See 104-10077-10045, 12/15/63, AMGLEN-9 in slugline: "Exfil Emilio and wife via Cardenas paramount importance now for security of net..." 104-10308-10127. 1/9/64: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, Special Affairs Staff: "Two sets of deciphering materials had been sent to AMFAUNA-26. One package was buried by AMGLEN-9 in Pinar del Rio Province (see WAVE-5887 of 16 October 1963), and AMFAUNA-26 was informed of its location in OWVL message no. 1 of 16 October and SW message no. 10 of 6 November. A previous set of number groups had been sent to her by SW early in October. It now appears that AMFAUNA-26 never received either of these sets of groups"....

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