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Cryptonym: AMGLAD-2

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Aureliano/Aurelio Fernandez Diaz. A dispatch in June, 1961, from Stanley R. Zamka (David S. Morales) stated that AMGLAD-2 was Identity A, which was Aureliano Fernandez Diaz.
A financially independent member of the UR, a relative of Ralph Diaz Hanscomb.


3/22/61 cable from WAVE to BELL: "Robert Geddes returned WAVE area 21 March reports meeting held night 18 March to finalize working agreement between MRR and Unidad Revolucionaria surprised by G-2 agents. AMGLAD-1 and AMRUNG-1 taken prisoner together with one Fernandez and several other persons unknown to Geddes. Sori Marin ran but was shot in hip about two blocks away...Geddes says many members MRR arrested but no other key members Unidad Revolucionaria arrested so far. AMGLAD-1 had trained substitute known as Jorge...Geddes feels only chance to free prisoners is buy their way out. Says already ascertained through intermediaries price for Sori Marin forty thousand pesos. Price for Ramon's wife who was taken prisoner at same time is five thousand. AMGLAD-1 had received money and additive packed in Crisco cans..."


04/28/61, Dispatch from Chief of Base, JMWAVE to Chief, Western Hemisphere Division: "1. AMESCORT-1 and AMGLADs 2, 3, and 4 have been asked the following questions in the past two days. Their answers were in substantial agreement and are summarized following each question. AMESCORT-1 is an active member of the MRR and the AMGLADs are the local representatives of Unidad Revolucionaria...."


06/23/61, Dispatch from Chief of Base, JMWAVE to Chief, WH: "1. The following paragraphs summarize the contacts which Robert D. Hubbell established and which will need to be continued in one form or another. 2. The AMGLAD group. This group consists of AMGLAD-2, AMGLAD-3, and AMGLAD-4, who are Identities A, B, and C, respectively. These people knew Hubbell as Identity D, and they have called him on the unlisted KUJUMP telephone and at his home. For the time being, Chester F. Mongoven (sp) will be their point of contact..." Page 4: "Reference: UFGA-1776. Identity A: Aureliano Fernandez. Can be reached at phone numbers (office) FR3-1003; (home) FR1-6393. Identity B: Luis Vega...Identity C: Hector Febles, aka 'Horacio'...Identity D: Pill Williams...(Signed) Stanley R. Zamka."


07/12/61, Cable from JMWAVE to Director: ..."2. WAVE in contact with Duque man Garcia on 7 July who informed WAVE that Duque out of town but did not volunteer where. 3. Re para 4 ref AMCHEER-1 (Julio G. Garcia) reports that Duque in contact with UR Hector Febles (Horacio) (201-292171) and Aurelio Fernandez (201-292172) treasurer this group..."

1994.06.02.15:07:15:780005: Reel 61, Folder B - UNIDAD REVOLUTIONARIA.

07/29/61, Memorandum from Cabada: "1. Unidad Revolucionaria (U.R.) has an office in Miami (14, 17 Ave. Miami) and three delegates: Dr. Luis Vega Moreno (treasurer); Mr. Aurelio Fernandez (Propaganda) and Ing. Hector Febles (Horacio - Action and Sabotage)...4. Actually the U.R. office is closed, on account of lack of funds. The Company in Miami has been informed of this and the accounts have been given to the same. Frani." Page 152: 07/30/61, Memorandum from Cabada: "1. There seems to be very serious misunderstandings among the delegates of U.R. in Miami. On one side Mr. Aurelio Fernandez; Mr. Luis Vega Moreno and Ing. Hector Febles (Horacio) on one side and Mr. Alberto Fernandez on the other side. 2. Although I am not aware of all the facts, the trouble seems to be especially among Ing. Febles and Mr. Alberto Fernandez. The U.R. people in the underground in Cuba are very grateful to Mr. Fernandez for the job he accomplish sending equipment to Cuba and consider him very valuable to U.R. Mr. Febles was among the founders of U.R. and has worked with much enthusiasm for U.R...."


8/4/61 W.W. Cowgill writes a Memorandum for the Record: "My own personal contact with UR has been solely through Cubans who (with proper permission and coordination) have acted as principal agents on some of my own sabotage operations. They are Ralph Diaz Hanscomb (AMGLAD-1, now deceased), Wilfredo Brito Hanscomb, Fernando F. Cabada, Jr. (AMBLEAK-1) All three of these men are among the top leaders of the UR."


8/11/61 cable from WAVE to Director: "(AMGLAD-4) claims Salvador Garcia Oller, asylee Brazilian embassy (in) Havana, in regular touch with AMGLAD underground including leader 'Justo', and that arrangements being made to continue contact after Garcia 'safe conduct'...(Case officer) has repeatedly expressed most vehement dissatisfaction with $10,000 spent on so-called KUCAGE ops by AMGLADS...Chief squanderer appears to be Alberto Fernandez, no longer an AMGLAD, who freewheeled on grand scale sending characters like Don Hogan on meaningless public relations trips and running up large long distance telephone expenses. In hiring personnel and establishing office, AMGLADS naturally incurred obligations which could not be cut off hatchet fashion. Since taking over op, case officer has paid AMGLADS nothing...no salary (for) AMGLAD-2 since he financially independent."

1994.04.25.13:51:29:440005: Reel 5, Folder I - UNIDAD REVOLUCIONIA (UR).

Sept 1961: "After the disruptive arrests of March and April 1961...first of the UR leaders to arrive...was Fernando Cavada in mid-1961. He proceeded to contact..."Bill Billings" and later "Jim Bowdin". In September 1961 he was joined there by (Wilfredo) Brito, Sanchez, Zayas, and others for discussions and planning on the future of the UR and the support to be expected from (CIA). "Cal Hitch" (Cal Hicks) and "Jim Bowdin" (Jim Pekich) represented (CIA) at talks which took place...from 22-29 September 1961."

124-90083-10068: FBI REPORT

10/17/61, FBI report from Miami Office by William Mayo Drew, Jr.: Titled: Unidad Revolucionaria (UR) (Revolutionary Unity): Pages 3-4: ..."Febles advised that at the present time he had no information as to whether or not the UR would register with the Department of Justice under the Foreign Agents Registration of 1938, as amended. He said that he had been previously led to believe that the necessary forms had been forwarded to the Department of Justice by Aurelio Fernandez Diaz following their completion by the four UR representatives in Miami. Febles said that he had recently talked to Fernandez and learned that there had been some delay in the submission of the forms, and that it appeared that the group would now wait until the General Coordinator of the UR in the United States, Alberto Fernandez Hechavarria, 255 Buttonwood Drive, Key Biscayne, Florida, has resigned from the UR and has not been replaced. Febles said that Fernandez resigned because he did not want to be connected with any Cuban anti-Castro organization until he could be assured that it had the support and approval of the United States Government. Febles said that he himself expected to continue with the UR, at least until the General Coordinator arrives from Cuba..."


05/29/63: FBI report from Miami Office by George E. Davis, Jr.: Titled: Cuban Committee of Liberation (Comite Cubana de Liberacion) (CCL): Page 12: ..."Aurelio Fernandez Diaz - head of the Association of Exile Cuban Certified Public Accountants..." Pages 10-11 stated that at the May 25th meeting, Fernandez Diaz was among those who had been named as members of the Cuban Committee of Liberation.


04/01/64, CIA document: Page 464: UR: ..."6. Early in 1961 Diaz Hanscomb and Brito Cartaya left for the U.S. to obtain support. The following representatives were appointed to function in the U.S. for the purpose of coordinating internal and external UR activity: Hector Febles Barreto - Supply. Luis Vega Moreno - Finance. Aurelio Fernandez Diaz - Propaganda. Alberto Fernandez Hechavarria - Transportation...." Page 466: ..."15. The UR in the U.S. was registered with the Attorney General under the Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1938 by Hector Febles, Luis Vega and Aurelio Fernandez on 22 November 1961, and it listed as 'foreign principals' 27 organizations claimed to exist in Cuba. Hector Febles acted as head of the UR in the U.S.; meetings and lectures were held, paramilitary training was conducted, and propaganda activity was carried on..."

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