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Cryptonym: AMGHOST-1

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Unknown identity. A memo on August 15, 1972 mentioned that AMWOLF-1 (Eduardo Araos Agero) was a trusted colleague and follower of AMGHOST-1. AMGHOST-1's 201 number was possibly 201-810126.
The memo added that from all available reporting, background material, SI traffic, the CIA had reason to think that AMGHOST-1 was not held in the confidence of the Soviets, nor did he respect their presence in Cuba, "a presence which can only be interpreted as promising difficulties for AMGHOST-1."

A cable on August 13, 1971, mentioned that "difference existed between AMGHOST-1 faction, represented in field by IDENTITY B (Emilio Valdes Martinez) and IDENTITY C (Francisco Ramos Alvarez) and their predecessors AMBANAL-1 and AMBUCK-4, and IDENTITY A (Celia Sanchez Manduley) faction represented in field by AMKNAR-1."

104-10225-10009: CIA FILE ON ( )SHELL-5.

06/00/67: Extract from report prepared by CI Section, JMWAVE Station: Subject: CUIS Recruitment Attempt Against (Unintelligible) in the U.S.: "2. AMSTALK-1 (Identity B) received recruitment letter in very sophisticated operation involving a frame of 35 mm film rolled up and concealed in a hollowed out crucifix on rosary beads sent via his cousin who came out on the airlift on 11 April 1967. The letter believed to be from AMGHOST-1 was mildly threatening to AMSTALK-1's (Miguel Angel Diaz Isalgue) family and friends in Cuba and suggesting a meeting with the CUIS in Spain or (REDACTION). Local LNERGO (FBI) not advised. AMSTALK-1 and JMWAVE Case Officer are currently in Madrid on this operation. It is believed that this operation was initiated by AMGHOST-1 for unknown reasons, but possibility exists it is to establish a communications channel to WOFACT (CIA)."

104-10225-10009: CIA FILE ON ( )SHELL-5.

06/06/67: Cable from JMWAVE to Director, Madrid (Steadman Acting): Slugline KAPOK TYPIC MHGUILE AMSTALK: "1. Upon arrival Madrid Jersawit will brief COS in detail on AMSTALK-1 (Miguel Angel Diaz Isalgue) op and background as well as possibly related operation (AMSTRUT/3). Meanwhile, for Madrid and Director, following is plan JMWAVE proposes...3. When meeting made, AMSTALK-1 will listen to whatever proposition CUIS reps make. If proposition appears to be directed to WOFACT (CIA) (as opposed to AMSTALK-1 personally) AMSTALK-1 will arrange for second meeting and will report meet to case officer. If proposition is merely attempt to double, AMSTALK-1 will tell Cubans their efforts futile, affirm his loyalty to WOFACT and his intention continue work against regime. Will add that his trip WOFACT sponsored and request on behalf of WOFACT that message and small packet be delivered personally to AMGHOST-1. 4. Message will be short overt note to AMGHOST-1 indicating that personal message on back can be developed by scorch. (Proposed text being cabled HQs separately for approval). (REDACTION). 5. Above based on possibility, as noted previous traffic, that AMGHOST-1 attempting make contact with WOFACT; in any case ploy provides opportunity for WOFACT to open private commo channel to AMGHOST-1 for later exploitation. There obviously other possibilities which may not be clear until meet takes place and which may require quick decisions. Will appreciate Madrid cooperation and assistance."

104-10225-10009: CIA FILE ON ( )SHELL-5.

06/23/67: Cable from Madrid to Director, JMWAVE: Slugline KAPOK TYPIC MHGUILE AMSTALK: "1. Following para 3 ref at 1350 hrs 23 June 'Guillermo' telephoned AMSTALK-1 (Miguel Angel Diaz Isalgue) advising of meeting in 10 minutes and that after discussion both could lunch together. At 1420 hrs Guillermo accompanied by other unidentified individual (both had been noted carefully observing all movements hotel visitors and personnel from 2130 to 2335 hrs evening 22 June) arrived AMSTALK room. Upon entering both opened jackets to permit observance of firearms. Entire conversation which lasted one hour conducted by Guillermo who claimed he directly representing AMGHOST-1 who allegedly remembered AMSTALK-1 from years back and had fond memories of AMSTALK-1. Entire pitch to dissociate from anti-Cuban ops was low-keyed with only implied threats as to the safety of friends and relatives of AMSTALK in Cuba...Indicated he is Spain with full knowledge of WOFACT (CIA) and on WOFACT instructions requested Guillermo deliver small packet directly to AMGHOST-1. Guillermo somewhat surprised at this however stated packet would be personally delivered to AMGHOST-1. As both sides firmly committed to their positions meeting concluded with no indication of follow-up and no further mention take AMSTALK-1 to lunch..."

104-10225-10012: CIA FILE ON ( )SHELL-5

12/01/69: Cable from Director to WH/Miami (Info: Ottawa): (Orig: Larry Sternfield, WH/COG): Slugline RYBAT TYPIC AMCHALK: FROM NEBECKER: "1. Following meeting in (REDACTION) with AMGHOST representative, AMCHALK-5 (Miguel Angel Diaz Isalgue) and Nebecker met in New York City for debriefing purposes. Due to length of debriefing of AMCHALK-5, substance will be forwarded later today by telepouch. 2. In summary meeting with AMGHOST representative, Eduardo Araoz aka Guillermo went smoothly, was friendly but reserved. No apparent security problems encountered and basic approach by AMCHALK-5 which was outlined in previous traffic was accepted..." Releasing Officer: William V. Broe, C/WHD. Coordinating Officers: E/BC/C: L. Leas. C/WH/COG: W. Laybourne. WH/FI: (Signature). Authenticating Officer: J. J. Fieldhouse, C/E/BC.


08/13/71: Cable from Madrid to Director (Info: WH/Miami): Slugline RYBAT TYPIC AMECRU AMCALL AMHINT AMSOUR: Page 3: ..."3. AMECRU-1 (Guillermo Alonso Pujol) speculates: From start, obvious that difference existed between AMGHOST-1 faction, represented in field by IDENTITY B (Emilio Valdes Martinez) and IDENTITY C (Francisco Ramos Alvarez) and their predecessors AMBANAL-1 and AMBUCK-4, and IDENTITY A (Celia Sanchez Manduley) faction represented in field by AMKNAR-1. Believed AMKNAR-1 more influential than AMSTAFF (probably DGI) counterparts and may resent AMSTAFF assumption of contact as well as AMECRU-1 attempts to communicate directly with IDENTITY A..."

104-10225-10012: CIA FILE ON ( )SHELL-5

08/15/72: Memo from Withheld, WH/COG/FI to Chief, WH/COG: Subject: Proposal to Continue Attempt to Establish Channel/Dialogue With AMGHOST-1 (201-810126): "1. As a follow-up measure to our attempt to establish a channel to AMGHOST-1 by using AMGHOST-2 on 10 August in (REDACTION) I propose that we establish an operation with the (unintelligible) and; on this occasion, however, I propose that at this stage we use AMWOLF-1 as our secure channel to AMGHOST-1...4. The place for the meeting between AMCHALK-5 (Miguel Angel Diaz Isalgue) and Araoz would be in Madrid, Spain, at a place mutually convenient to both...5. The purpose of this operation is to establish a channel of communications/dialogue with AMGHOST-1. 6. This operation involves AMCHALK-5's passing of a sealed envelope with a message in it for AMWOLF-1's unopened transmittal to AMGHOST-1. AMCHALK-5's instructions would be pass the sealed and unopened communication to AMWOLF-1. AMCHALK-5 would then tell AMWOLF-1 that the message must be transmitted directly without tampering or being opened to AMGHOST-1. AMCHALK-5 would add that AMGHOST-1 is waiting for this communication. (FYI: Director 147293, dated 10 June 1971, paragraph 2 noted that AMWOLF-1 was contact man in (REDACTION) effort recruit AMCHALK-5 in June 1967). 7. The message to AMCHALK-5 follows: M. We arranged to meet 'Pushkin' recently but you apparently called the meeting off...L. 8. I believe that our chances for success in this operation are reasonably good for the following reasons: (a) AMCHALK-5 is sufficiently courageous to meet AMWOLF-1 in the Cuban Ambassador's office in Madrid if necessary; (b) AMWOLF-1 is a trusted colleague and follower of AMGHOST-1...(c) AMGHOST-1 from all available reporting, background material, SI traffic, we have reason to believe that AMGHOST-1 is not held in the confidence of the Soviets nor does he respect their presence in Cuba, a presence which can only be interpreted as promising difficulties for AMGHOST-1.."

104-10225-10012: CIA FILE ON ( )SHELL-5

10/05/72: Memo for the record from Oscar C. Kalbing. Subject: Meeting with AMCHALK-5. Time and Place: Miami, 3 and 4 October: "1. I met AMCHALK-5 (Miguel Angel Diaz Isalgue) at 1430 hours at the Rusty Pelican Restaurant. I told him we would like to have him travel immediately in order to arrive in Madrid by 9 October. AMCHALK-5 said he could make it with no problem...I briefed him on the contact arrangements sent from Madrid and described Wibalda (probably Robert Wall) to him. I told him Wibalda's name is 'Roberto'...2. I told AMCHALK-5 that Wibalda would have the letter for AMGHOST-1 for him to take to the meeting, and I told him again not to use the letter unless his recruitment pitch had no results. If he does pass the letter, I suggested that he flex it to prove to AMWOLF-1 (Eduardo Araos Agero) that it does not contain a bomb. 3. I told AMCHALK-5 that it looked good for a surprise contact with AMWOLF-1 on 10 October because he would be going to a lunch with a woman not connected with his office...5. If the contact is made next week, AMCHALK-5 will be back before Pachankis (probably Jack Stewart) is. I said we would want to debrief him in Miami and that either I would see him or Pachankis would. I said that if Pachankis talks to him, he can tell Pachankis the complete details of the operation unless I phoned him otherwise...7. I wished AMCHALK-5 good luck. He is much more optimistic about his chances with AMWOLF-1 than I am...Just in case AMCHALK-5 should be successful, we should be prepared to support him. I suggest that we cable Madrid telling them what and how much we are willing to offer should AMWOLF-1 be interested in defecting. I told AMCHALK-5 that he could promise asylum, but I did not tell him how much money he could offer as an inducement for either recruitment in place or defection."

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