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Cryptonym: AMFAUNA-12

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Unknown identity. A cable in August of 1963 had a handwritten note at the bottom stating that "Withheld in touch AMFAUNA-12 + also Swiss" (probably a reference to AMKNOB-1 - Pedro Fedeli Medici, who was known as "the Swiss").


07/23/62: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, Task Force W: Page 5: ..."l. AMFAUNA-12: He obtains information from contacts within the (REDACTION)..."

104-10308-10124: CABLE RE AMFAUNA.

08/10/63: Cable from JMWAVE to Director: Slugline RYBAT TYPIC AMFAUNA: (Handwritten: FI Action): "1. AMFAUNA-1 has replied to OWVL No. 36 query as FOLL in SW MSG No. 134 dated 15 July received 30 Jul: AMFAUNA-7 wanted five thousand pesos for purchase two cars. These and two others which AMFAUNA-7's unidentified friend already had to be loaded with explosives and parked on street which AMTHUG has to use when going to sleep at home of lady friend. AMFAUNA-7 already raised five thousand pesos by selling personal jewelry, and attempt to be made soon. Conspirators unaware true identity AMFAUNA-1, but do know that above details being forwarded ODYOKE (U.S. Government). 2. In SW MSG No. 143 dated 1 Aug received 5 Aug AMFAUNA-1 (Handwritten note: (REDACTION) in touch AMFAUNA-12 Valso Swiss/possibly Swils) reports info received from (REDACTION) that attempt on AMTHUG's life had been prepared for 26 July banquet Presidential Palace. Large caliber machine gun on tripod had been discovered behind curtain. AMFAUNA-1 commented this had nothing to do with AMFAUNA-7's plan which still pending. C/S Comment: *AMFAUNA-1 has not explained how happened resume contact with AMFAUNA-7 in OWVL No. 36. Have requested this and other essential details when received. Will advise."

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