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Cryptonym: AMFAST-18

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AMFAST-18 may possibly have been from Manuel Rodriguez Fleites (or Fleitas).
The source for a memo from Henry J. Sloman (probably Tony Sforza) in early August 1963 was AMOT-2 (Jose Joaquin Sanjenis Perdomo) from AMFAST-18. The memo stated that AMFAST-18 was in charge of civil matters in the office of Brigade 2506 in Miami. A translation from a memo in Spanish, from Jose Morales, appears to state that Manuel Rodriguez Fleitas was in charge of the office with Morales, and was a member of the Civil Commission of the Brigade.

However, other memoranda cite Gustavo Garcia Montes and Cerefino Alvarez Castrillo as also being responsible for the civil administration element, along with Fleitas/Fleites.

Of the other two members, Gustavo Garcia Montes is the more likely candidate to be AMFAST-18. Along with Fleites, he took part in the Bay of Pigs invasion in April 1961. Both were held prisoner, and Fleitas was also wounded, and later received extensive medical care. In addition, both were released and returned to the United States in April of 1962.

124-90100-10204: FBI MEMORANDUM: STUART SUTOR, ET AL;...

07/17/59: Memorandum from Legal Attaché, Havana to Director of the FBI: ..."Concerning Manuel Rodriguez, telephone number 29-3063, HAV-REDACTION stated that this individual resides at Avenida 49 No. 5410, Marianao, Cuba, and has a son of the same name. Investigation by HAV-REDACTION reflected Manuel Rodriguez is the proprietor of the cabaret 'Club Sais' and also owns a fur shop, both of which places are located at Edificio de la Terminal de Omnibus at Rancho Boyeros y 19 de Mayo, Havana, Cuba. HAV-REDACTION stated that Manuel Rodriguez in the past had associated with some North Americans in the slot machine business in Camaguey and Oriente Provinces. Rodriguez' brother, Maximo Rodriguez, was the husband of the former wife of ex-President Fulgencio Batista. Manuel Rodriguez, whose full name is Manuel Rodriguez Fleitas, was also Vice-President and Manager of a commercial concern selling electrical appliances called 'Varadero Comercial, S.A....'"

104-10230-10012: CDRF/FINANCE/ACCOUNTING FOR 1-31 JANUARY 1961

01/01/61: CIA document: Cuban Democratic Revolutionary Front, Finance Department, Incomes From the Finance Department, 'Paula and Sosa', January 1 to 31, 1961: Page 16: "PAYROLL: ANNEX 'I-E', Page No. 7...Manuel Rodriguez Felitas: Check No.: 1575. Total: $250.00..."


April 1961: A Cuban Information Archives: "List of Participants of the Bay of Pigs Invasion: ...Garcia Montes Lopez Munoz, Gustavo J. - R-713 ...Rodriguez Fleites (Fleitas), Manuel - R-725..."

1994.06.24.13:52:54:190005: Reel 69, Folder J - [DELETION] MEMOS FOR OFFICE

03/02/63: Memorandum for the office: Subject: ITEMS DISCUSSED WITH DR. MIRO ON 2 MARCH: Page 2: ..."9. Dr. Miro said that Oliva does not want to assume command of the Brigade as he considers he is already out of it due to having enlisted for training but upon Oliva's recommendations Jose? Morales Cruz, who has been G-1 of the Brigade and cannot go into military training because of his age, is to serve as the representative of the Brigade in the Military Sector of the Council (not with a vote in Council, however, at least at this time). But he will work in Col. Monteagudo's office and represent the Brigade in all military matters coordination and be there for at least a month or possibly two or more. Morales Cruz has served under Monteagudo before and respects him very highly and Dr. Miro said there should be a very harmonious relationship. 10. Dr. Miro also informed me that a committee has been formed of members of the Brigade to handle the civilian program that has been prepared for the Brigade to give guidance to the embers of the Brigade on this civilian program. They will confer with an officer of the Welfare or Refugee Center, probably on Monday, and thereafter be able to coordinate matters connected with the civilian program. The members of this committee are Gustavo Garcia Montes, who is a lawyer, Ceferino Alvarez Castrillo, who is also a lawyer (Dr. Miro said both of them were students of his), and also Manolo Rodriguez Fleites. Dr. Miro seemed pleased with these arrangements that have been made which will give a contact and not make it appear that the Brigade no longer exists or has dissolved as the propaganda is making out and also will tend to spur on the action of the members of the Brigade in signing up for the different programs..."


03/05/63: Memorandum for the office: Subject: ITEMS DISCUSSED WITH DR. MIRO THE AFTERNOON OF 4 MARCH: Page 3: ..."14. Dr. Miro informed me that three of the four Brigade members who are now detailed to work on the Military and Civil programs for the Brigade have asked for additional allowance over the $225 that each draws, to bring the amount up to $350. He is considering giving each $75 more, to bring the amount up to $300. These three are Morales Cruz (working on military matters with Monteagudo); Gustavo Garcia Montes and Ceferino Alvarez Castrillon, working on the Civil Program. Manuel Rodriguez Fleites said he had enough and needed no more, as he seems to have outside funds."


05/01/63: CIA document: Page 9: "MEDICAL SERVICE (60 WOUNDED): DATE:...May 6: Manuel Rodriguez Fleitas - honoraries to Dr. Rene A. Cano. CHECK NO.: 15361. TOTAL: $1,230.00..."


05/03/63: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, WH Division: Page 2: ..."9. Committees were set up within the Brigade to handle the Military and Civil Programs authorized by the U.S. Government. Jose Morales Cruz was appointed to handle the military aspects. The civil part will be administered by Gustavo Garcia Montes, Cerefino Alvarez Castrillo and Manuel Rodriguez Fleites."


07/30/63: Memo from Jose Morales to AMTIKI-1 (Juan A. Paula Baez, true name Manuel F. Goudie): ..."4... A cargo de esta oficina nos escontramos el que suscribe y el senor Manuel Rodriguez Fleitas, mienbro de la Comision Civil de la Brigada." Google translation into English: "In charge of this office we hide (probably meant to be have) the undersigned and Mr. Manuel Rodriguez Fleitas, member of the Civil Commission of the Brigade."

104-10236-10438: MEMO-BRIGADE 2506 OFFICE

08/02/63: Memo from Henry J. Sloman (probably Tony Sforza), FI, to DCOS (Ops) (Via: Chief, FI): "SOURCE: AMOT-2 (Jose Joaquin Sanjenis Perdomo) from AMFAST-18. 1. AMTIKI-1 assisted in the establishment of the Brigade 2506 office at 2477 S.W. 37 Ave., Miami. The heads of this office were, and are at present, Jose Morales Cruz and AMFAST-18. The original reason for the establishment of the office was to pay the members of the Brigade and to have a place where members could come to check on their status and other matters. 2. When members of the Brigade were being enticed to join the U.S. Army, they came to this office to obtain recruitment information and completed certain forms which were delivered to local ODACID (U.S. State Department) representatives. 3. Recently Morales, who is in charge of Military Matters in the office, sent a note to AMTIKI-1 asking what the office should do, and pointing out the necessity of maintaining the office. According to AMFAST-18, three of the four points brought up in favor of maintaining the office are non-existent. The only true function of the office is the last point brought up, which is maintenance of files of members of the Brigade, ones who signed up to join U.S. Army at the Brigade Office and the old military files of the CRC. 4. AMFAST-18, who is in charge of Civil Matters in the office, states that Morales receives $250.00 of the $500.00 allotted this office and that, in his opinion, there is no reason why this office should be maintained since the Brigade, as a group, no longer exists. 5. If of interest to the Station, AMTIKI-1 could claim the files of this office. AMOT-2 states that his Group could integrate these files into the AMOT files and believes they would be of interest to the Station."

1994.06.24.14:33:30:910005: Reel 70, Folder K - AMBUD FINANCES

09/04/63: Memorandum: "Yesterday Juan had a talk with Jose Morales Cruz, in charge of the Brigade Office, at the time the $500.00 check was given to him, and with Manuel Rodriguez Fleitas, one of the 60 wounded, who has been helping Morales Cruz in the office, and he told them that there is the possibility that this was going to be the last check given to the Brigade for such office expenses. Rodriguez Fleitas told Juan that in that case they would like to take all the files they have to our office so that we could take care of them and they would be able to make use of these files when they need to."

104-10235-10245: TRACES ON PERSONS NAMED IN CCA/M 63-15

Undated CIA document: ..."5. Ceferino Alvarez Castrillon: Lawyer. Worked in Castro underground against Batista and served in the Rebel Army. Came to Miami, joined FRD and went to Guatemalan training camp. Supposedly captured during Bay of Pigs invasion, but never appeared in public with prisoners. Came to the United States in May 1961 to negotiate prisoner-tractor exchange. In June 1931, one source said Subject was working directly for Luis Pinada, chief of the Cuban Judiciary Police, and had earlier been assigned to surveil MRP activities. Subject was listed as a 'suspected agent' on a list sent to I&NS by CAS in October 1962. Subject returned to imprisonment in Cuba and then returned to the United States with the other Brigade members in December 1962. For further information on Subject, it is suggested that you consult the Federal Bureau of Investigation. 6. Gustavo Jose Garcia Montes: Brigade 2506 prisoner who returned to the United States April 1962. 7. Manuel Rodriguez Fleitas: Brigade 2506 wounded prisoner who returned to the United States April 1962..."


04/11/81: UPI Archives article by Maria C. Garcia: Headlined: APRIL 17: 20TH ANNIVERSARY OF BAY OF PIGS: CASTRO MUST BE OVERTHROWN - BRIGADE VETERANS ..."Veterans Manolo Reboso and Manuel Rodriguez Fleitas -- less militant than Rojas -- and Perez Franco say the United States' failure to continue scheduled bombing raids on Cuba, meant to insure the crippling of Castro's air force, was an act of 'indecision' and 'weakness.' 'I never heard anybody say the U.S. government had promised any type of air coverage. I don't think there were broken promises, but there was indecision on the part of the U.S. in ordering the bombing cut off,' said Rodriguez, a rotund 62-year-old man who heads the Miami Office of Refugee Resettlement. Reboso also said he had 'no knowledge of any promises' of U.S. air coverage, but added, 'If there was some betrayal, it was in stopping the bombing April 17, which was vital to the Brigade.' 'If it (the bombing) had been carried out, we could have landed all our equipment,' said Perez Franco. 'Castro would have had no air force. The invasion failed because of the weakness of the (U.S.) administration.' In general, all agree exiles lack the money and equipment now to take Castro on singlehandedly and the time is long past when a small-scale attack, such as the 1961 invasion, could have dealt a death blow to the Cuban regime. 'The idea of another (exile) invasion is utopic,' said Rodriguez..."

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