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Cryptonym: AMETROPIA-1

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Roberto Rodriguez Llompart. Close friend of defector and former Cuban intelligence officer, Vladimir Lahera Rodriguez (AMMUG-1) and target for defection by the CIA in the 1970's.
A cable in January 1971 stated that AMETROPIA-1's 201 number was 201-865547, while a memo in February of 1975 mentioned that Roberto Rodriguez Llompart's 201 number was 201-865547, thus matching AMETROPIA-1's.

104-10183-10355: CIA FILE ON AMMUG-1

03/03/70: Dispatch from COS, WH/Miami to Chief, Western Hemisphere Division: Subject: Information from AMMUG-1 on Hector and Roberto Rodriguez Llompart: "1. On 26 February when Henry S. Pachankis met with AMMUG-1 (201-749651) on his citizenship problem, information on the following two brothers was obtained: Hector Rodriguez Llompart (201-276598), Cuban Ambassador to East Germany. Roberto Rodriguez Llompart, CIT: Cuba, DOB: 22 October 1932, POB: Regla, Havana, Cuba, OCC: Government...c. AMMUG-1 was very friendly with Rodriguez' two sons: Roberto Rodriguez Llompart...Hector Rodriguez Llompart...g. AMMUG-1 continued to be close to the family, especially with Roberto, 'whom I saw every day and ran around with.' Roberto never entertained the revolution. As late as 1962-63, 'We used to talk quite openly and frankly. He was always against the revolution and the communists. He worked in the Ministry of Industry because his brother got him the job, but he had only one idea in his head: to get out of Cuba and come to the US. He was even plotting to get out by boat. He had a US visa for many years and had visited here many times. h. When AMMUG-1 defected, he lost contact with Roberto. But, about two weeks ago a neighbor from Regla came to Miami on the Freedom Flights. (COMMENT: This undoubtedly refers to Cuban refugee Segundo Cascudo Gonzalez. Reference forwarded the AMOT debriefing of Cascudo on Roberto). When AMMUG-1 asked about Roberto, the neighbor said that he understood that Roberto, 'was assigned in a foreign Embassy.' The refugee could not say what country Roberto was in...3. Since Roberto appears to be an excellent recruitment target, we will have him watch listed with a view toward having AMMUG-1 make an approach to him at the first opportunity..."


01/06/71: Cable from WH/Miami to Director: REF: DIRECTOR 097508: "1. AMMUG-1 OA granted effective 5 Jan for ops use outside U.S. as set forth in PRQ dated 1965. 2. Subject ref assigned AMETROPIA-1. 3. File: 201-865547, 201-749651."

104-10183-10366: NONRELATED AMMUG-1.

06/21/71: Dispatch from COS, WH/Miami to Chief, Western Hemisphere Division: Subject: TYPIC/Future Use of AMMUG-1: "1. During JKLANCE's (CIA's) most recent attempt to contact AMETROPIA-1 via AMMUG-1, it became readily apparent that the cover story AMMUG-1 utilized with his immediate superior was unsatisfactory from two points: First, it did not permit us the operational flexibility so necessary in an approach of this sort and secondly, if AMMUG-1 had not returned when he did, his job security would have been jeopardized. 2. To correct the above deficiency, WH/Miami has arranged the following with the Miami Field Office (MFO): In the future, if we again utilize AMMUG-1 to approach a PBRUMEN (Cuban) official, we will ask that the MFO arrange to have one of their representatives from their Headquarters component contact the appropriate senior official of AMMUG-1's company. This senior official will in turn notify AMMUG-1's immediate superior that AMMUG-1 is to be permitted to travel on matters of importance to the Department of Defense. 3. Transmitted under separate cover is a copy of a memorandum we received from the MFO concerning the above arrangements. Eustace D. Kloock."

104-10183-10366: NONRELATED AMMUG-1.

02/26/75: Cable from Director to LA/Miami: "1. HQs considering possibility of using Vladimir Rodriguez Lahera (201-749651) in approach to his old friend Roberto Rodriguez Llompart (201-865547). 2. Request Pachankis determine present whereabouts of Rodriguez Lahera and whether or not he willing and available to assist in approach. 3. File: 201-749651, 201-865547."

104-10183-10366: NONRELATED AMMUG-1.

02/03/76: Memo for the record from Wilfred O. Clower: Subject: SLANK-1: "In reviewing SLANK-1's file for possible leads to targets of interest the following names were selected: 1. Roberto Rodriguez Llompart (201-865547)...4. Rafael Mirabal Fernandez (KDACOUSTIC-1) (201-812117) (Mexico - February 1967)..."

Gavin McDonald

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