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Cryptonym: AMESCORT-1

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Manuel Vega Abril. A dispatch in June, 1961, from Stanley R. Zamka (David S. Morales) stated that AMESCORT-1 was Identity E, which was Manuel Vega.
The dispatch also noted that AMESCORT-1 had good contacts in the MRR and MRP, as well as having served as a spotter for KUTUBE (Foreign Intelligence - FI - division of CIA). A-1 also had had some SW and other training, as well as being a good English speaker. AMESCORT-1 was a contact of Woodrow C. Olien (Jim/James Noel) before arriving in the Miami area.

According to a Report Cover Sheet and Information Report in March, 1961, AMESCORT-1 was a Cuban businessman, and was a long-time friend of Dr. Jose Alvarez Diaz, former Minister of Finance under Carlos Prio Socarras. Furthermore, Dr. Jorge Beruff was an acquaintance of AMESCORT-1 since January 1951 when the former was president of the Desarrollo Economico de Cuba (BANDES).

A cable in November, 1960, stated that Manuel Vega Abril was a former Havana agent, and his brother-in-law was Jose Ramon Villavicencio, a lawyer.

A Paula and Sosa report, from 1 May to 31, 1962, contained an entry for Manuel Vega Abril in the 30th of November group section, with Vega receiving $200.00 that month from the Cuban Revolutionary Council (CRC) (out of a total of $1,485.00).

A CIA document, on former Havana Station contacts, mentioned that Manuel Vega Abril's family owned Republic Steel, and that his brother, Benigno, would also be worth cultivating. The document added "through his business and family connections Manolo knew a great many people of operational interest. One of his friends was David Salvador..."


11/26/60: Cable from JMASH to Director: "1. Manolo Vega Abril, former HAVA agent, phoned Lunger 25 Nov asking for contact soonest. Lunger met same day and was introduced to Vega brother-in-law, Jose Ramon Villavicencio, lawyer. 2. Latter said worked closely with AMYUM (MRR - Revolutionary Recovery Movement) group HAVA and had managed leave prior being picked up. Stated AMYUM doing excellent job and increasing following daily. Felt essential that arms and explosives be delivered on regular basis, especially explosives, and that all possible support given AMBIDDY-1 (Manuel Artime Buesa) accomplish this task. Said AMRASP (FRD - Democratic Revolutionary Front) gaining strength basis this work. 3. Villavicencio leaving 26 Nov visit Venezuela talk to industrial leaders there behalf brother-in-law order gain support AMRASP fight Castro and Communism. Plans return about two weeks when will try obtain more detailed report."


01/02/61: Cable from WAVE to BELL: "1. Upon arrival from Caracas, Jose Alvarez Diaz onetime Cuban Finance Minister, stated to AMULLA that he had visited Betancourt at latter's invitation and learned that Carlos Prio would also visit B after leaving Brazil. 2. As representative, but not member of several Cuban resistance groups, Alvarez treating with AMDIP: however will not join AMIRON (the Frente Revolucionario Democratico - FRD) at least for present. Needs money."


01/25/61: Dispatch from Chief, JMWAVE to Chief, WH Division: "1. Manuel Vega Abril has furnished the following background on Subject. Salas is an attorney and Registrar of Property (Registrador de la Propiedad), about 40 years of age. He is a devout Catholic and has many good contacts among the higher clergy in Cuba. He has never been active politically but is a man of high principal and has a strong personality. As a result of his beliefs he became active in the MRR when the Communist menace in the Castro movement became clear. In view of his strong character and abilities he was made General Coordinator of MRR activities in Havana and later was made General Coordinator of all Frente activities in the same area. 2. Vega said that Salas was well known to Dr. Edgardo Buttari and Dr. Botifol, both Cuban exiles in the US, who could give considerably more detailed information about Salas. Robert D. Hubbell."


03/16/61: Report Cover Sheet from JMWAVE: Reporting Officer: Robert D. Hubbell. Reports Officer: Paula K. Thyfault. Approving Officer: Paul J. Manson. "BACKGROUND DATA AND COMMENTS: Source: AMESCORT-1 from: Paragraphs 1-11: Dr. Oscar Salas Marrero who, according to AMESCORT-1, was in Cuba for the purpose of investigating the intentions of Ray. Dr. Salas prefaced his remarks by saying that his report does not pretend to be complete. It includes only the data which he knew about Ray during his (Salas') membership in the clandestine movement in Cuba. Paragraph 12: Dr. Jose Alvarez Diaz, former Minister of Finance under Carlos Prio Socarras, who is a long-time friend of AMESCORT-1. The latter had lunch with Alvarez on 8 March in Miami. Alvarez is a public accountant and an economic expert. He is very much alarmed at the strength which Ray may have within the counterrevolutionary movement. Paragraph 13: Dr. Jorge Beruff, who is known to AMESCORT-1 since January 1951 when Beruff was president of the Desarrollo Economico de Cuba (BANDES). AMESCORT-1 feels that Beruff is 'upright, just, honest, and favors free enterprise.' He says Beruff is a practising Catholic, anti-Communist and pro-U.S. Beruff tried to resign his position in May 1959 but was persuaded to stay on for a while by Dr. Felipe Pazos. He finally resigned when Pazos left his post, and he joined the MRP with Pazos. Beruff does not consider Ray dangerous within the MRP because inside the movement Ray by himself does not count for much. Paragraph 14: Dr. Ulises Carbo, sub-director of Prensa Libre." - - - Page 4: Field Information Report: Country: Cuba. Place & Date Acq.: Cuba (8, 11 March 1961). SOURCE: Cuban businessman (F) from..."


04/28/61: Dispatch from Chief of Base, JMWAVE to Chief, Western Hemisphere Division: "1. AMESCORT-1 and AMGLADs 2 (Aureliano/Aurelio Fernandez Diaz), 3 (Luis Vega Moreno), and 4 (Hector Febles Barreto) have been asked the following questions in the past two days. Their answers were in substantial agreement and are summarized following each question. AMESCORT-1 is an active member of the MRR and the AMGLADs are the local representatives of Unidad Revolucionaria..."


06/23/61: Dispatch from Chief of Base, JMWAVE to Chief, WH: "1. The following paragraphs summarize the contacts which Robert D. Hubbell established and which will need to be continued in one form or another...3. AMESCORT-1. He is Identity E. He knows Hubbell by his true name and has (unintelligible) him on the same telephone as mentioned in paragraph 2. Chester F. Mongoven (sp) is to get in touch with him when his next monthly payment is due. On 10 June Charles B. Weisinger was introduced to AMESCORT-1 by Hubbell. AMESCORT-1 has good contacts in the MRR and the MRP. He has served as a spotter for KUTUBE (Foreign Intelligence - FI - division of CIA), and has had some SW and other training. He speaks good English. Before he came to the WAVE area he was a contact of Woodrow C. Olien (James Noel)..." - - - Page 4: ...Identity E: Manuel Vega...(Signed) Stanley R. Zamka (David Morales)."


09/22/61: Cable from JMWAVE to Director: "1. On 16 Sept AMOT-2 (Jose Joaquin Sanjenis Perdomo) submitted comments from Dr. Jose Alvarez Diaz, former Minister Finance under Grau and now President of ASSO of accountants in exile, about AMBUD (Cuban Revolutionary Council - CRC) meeting in Baltimore. Alvarez got info from his contacts in the ASSO. 2. AMJAG told AMBUD-1 (Jose Miro Cardona) it was time to resign and he would also submit resignation. Antonio Maceo agreed with AMJAG. AMDIP-1 (Tony Varona) said that because of the Prio-Anfuso business this was no time for resignations and members of AMBUD should play same game as the Americans. AMDIP-1 was of opinion that first Prio and Anfuso should be disposed of, thus strengthening position of AMBUD and AMIRON, and then settle the matter of resignations. Carlos Hevia expressed no opinion. AMBUD-1 asked to be allowed to deal with President Kennedy. 4. Alvarez of opinion that AMBUD-1 called meeting to strengthen his position vis-a-vis the Prio-Anfuso proposals, and felt that AMBUD-1 had lost support of AMBUD and all Cubans because of his acting as if he were the whole of AMBUD."


12/30/61: Memo from Carlos Blanco to Felix: Subject: Reunion of the Economic Corporations. "Since a few days ago, Mr. Jose Alvarez Diaz and Mr. Federico Fernandez Casas have been visiting the different members of the Economic Corporations with the objective of obtaining the support of these Economic Corporations for Dr. Miro Cardona and the Council. In these contacts Dr. Alvarez Diaz has been making all kinds of offers in order to obtain the necessary votes for the support of the Economic Corporations to the Council. On the other hand, Dr. Antonio de Varona has also made contacts with the same persons for the same objective. On his part, Dr. Miro Cardona has taken the same steps among those whom he considers his personal friends. The Economic Corporations, which is the organism representing the live classes of Cuba, and which is presided by Mr. Gregorio Escagedo and its secretary being Mr. Tulio Diaz Ribera, includes Associations such as: Industrials, Landholders, Sugar Cane Planters, Rice Planters, Cattlemen, Coffee Growers, Tobacco Growers, Citrus Fruit Growers, Potatoes and Minor Fruit Growers, Transport, Department Stores, Bankers, Carriers, Distributors, etc, etc..."

104-10230-10122: CRC FINANCE REPORT FOR 1-31 MAY 1962

05/31/62: CIA originated document: Paula and Sosa Report: 1 May to 31, 1962: Page 10: PAYROLL..."MOV. 30 DE NOVIEMBRE (30 of November)...Manuel Vega Abril: CHECK NO.: 9844. $200.00. TOTAL: $1,485.00..."


08/01/63: CIA document: ..."7. Manuel Vega Abril. I met Manolo through Jorge Alonso (Unintelligible) (now a prisoner in Cuba as a result of the 17th of April invasion). Manolo is working for us now in Miami, and I presume we have full bio data on him. Manolo's family owned, along with Republic Steel, the big steel plant in Havana which was nationalized by the Castro regime. (Cia.Antillana de Asoro, 3.A.). Manolo has a brother, Benigno, who would also be worth cultivating. Through his business and family connections Manolo knew a great many people of operational interest. One of his friends was David Salvador, although Manolo did not share Salvador's political thinking (extreme left and anti-American). Manolo objective a reporter as I have ever encountered among Lat (unintelligible)."

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