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Cryptonym: AMEER

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The AAA, or "Triple A", a wing of the Autentico party. Autentico led Cuba between 1944-1952, the first four years by Ramon Grau Martin and the latter four years by Carlos Prio.
Nellie Hamilton ran a boardinghouse that supported AMEER and other groups. She is almost certainly the woman referred to in this memo as "Mother Hubbard", where weapons would be stockpiled: http://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=12575&relPageId=7&search=%22Mother_Hubbard%22

Nellie Hamilton had a rooming house at 1925 S.W. 4th Street in Miami and another rooming house at 1936 S.W. 3rd Street. In 1961, her roomers included Bill Dempsey, Little Joe (Cavendish) Garman, Steve Wilson, and James Bruce.

See 104-10180-10161 - "Nellie" is approached by AMCOOP-1/Miguel Xiques Macias who is looking for the Cuban intel net. Nellie pointed him to Emilio Rodriguez/AMIRE-1/"Eugenio". This resulted in the AMDOODLE-1 courier system, where AMCOOP-1 was the cutout between Emilio Rodriguez and AMDOODLE-1.


10/11/60 AMEER rep in NYC "renounces AMEER org on basis AMEER recalcitrance aids only Castro and Communism."

124-10298-10264: No Title

8/7/61, George Finegan being questioned by Julian Sourwine of SISS: Finegan testified that Interpen was formed shortly before the Bay of Pigs. When asked who formed Interpen, Finegan responded that he wasn't certain, but he believed that it was formed by Sanchez Arango. At p. 31, he said that the group answered to Sanchez Arango and the junta known as "Cubans for the Liberation of Cuba". He identified the leaders as himself, Gerry Hemming and "Frank Little" (Frank Sturgis). The group lived at 1925 Southwest 4th Street, where the resident Mrs. (Nellie) Hamilton would prepare meals for them: http://maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=44562&search=arango_AND+INTERPEN#relPageId=4&tab=page

104-10102-10182: ORESTES GUILLERMO RUIZ PEREZ 201-735296

1956-1963: Bio file states that "during the Batista regime, RUIZ was in asylum in Mexico, involved in the Triple A movement of Aurelio SANCHEZ Arango." Antonio Veciana (AMSHALE-1) was the cousin of Guillermo Ruiz's wife Nilda Veciana. In 1963, Ruiz became Commercial Counselor at the Cuban Embassy in Mexico City and was allegedly DGI.

1994.05.18.13:46:47:380005: Reel 55, Folder X - Orestes Ruiz Perez

1956-1963: Guillermo Ruiz, a Cuban intelligence agent doing CI work in Mexico City inside the Cuban consulate in 1963, had a history of working with the AAA in 1956.

1994.03.11.13:31:37:220005: Reel 10, Folder B - Withheld

1959: "Sanchez describes the Triple A as a civic organization to be converted into a political party...his group is small, well-organized, but has no mass following...it possesses a small cadre of intellectuals and has the capability of providing a small opposition."

124-10350-10121: No Title

July 1961: In March 1961, there was a four day meeting in Bayfront Park in Miami where the Revolutionary Junta for National Liberation was formed, a paper alliance of many groups, with Sanchez Arango at the head of it. This is the junta referred to in the second source above. Hemming would frequently visit the Junta office and would have news photos taken standing in front of the Junta office. By July 1961, the Junta wanted to sever relations with Interpen due to this newspaper publicity.

124-10296-10176: No Title

A 1958 list of Carlos Prio's allies - which would include many Autentico party members - was provided to the FBI and listed here.

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