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Cryptonym: AMDUKE

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AMDUKES were radio operators in the AMOT network.
William Sturbitts, in testimony to the Rockefeller Commission in April of 1975 stated that "the AMDUKEs are AMOTs but they are radio people." Sturbitts also confirmed that the AMDUKEs conducted intercepts for the National Security Agency (NSA).


04/16/75: Rockefeller Commission document: Pages 98-99: ..."Q: Now, I think we finished with the AMOTs but can you think of any other functions performed by the AMOTs that we have not discussed in the course of the afternoon? A: No, not really. No. Q: I think you previously described them for me as the eyes and ears into the Cuban community. A: Right. Q: And they actually had a physical facility in Miami which was their headquarters, did they not? A: Exactly. Q: And there was a CIA case officer who managed to supervise that facility? A: Yes. Q: Now, what has happened to the AMOTs? A: The AMOTs were gradually phased down and will go out of existence - the AMOTs are out of existence, aren't they? Isn't it the AMDUKEs or - these are the radio people. Q: And the AMDUKEs are the AMOTs? A: The AMDUKEs are AMOTs but they are radio people. Q: They are the ones that conducted the intercept for NSA? A: Yes. The only reason we use two different names is that in each of these things in those days we had to have a project which had to be renewed every year to get the funding. Q: So AMDUKE and AMOT - A: Synonymous. Q: - are cryptonyms? A: Yes..."


..."CIA officer William Sturbitts testified that AMOTs often worked inside the listening posts of audio intercept stations..."

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