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Cryptonym: AMDOODLE-3

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Unknown identity. A cable on November 28, 1963, described AMDOODLE-3 as "a Latin American diplomat who has maintained close relations with Gustavo Marin, secretary to General Miguel A. Ramirez, Dominican Minister of Agriculture."
The cable also noted that "Marin, on behalf, of the Dominican Government visited Central America in early November 1963 in an effort to gain recognition of the Dominican Government by the Central American countries." In addition, the cable's supplementary data stated that on November 20, 1963, AMDOODLE-3 was in contact with AMPAL-1 (Alec Resnick), while AMDOODLE-3 received information from Marin on November 18th. AMPAL-1 was apparently a mere channel for information.

FBI Cuba 109-12-210 - Volume 6 - Serials 292-450

06/05/59: FBI memorandum from SAC, Miami: Subject: Anti-Fidel Castro Activities FPM - Cuba: Page 3: ..."A former Dominican General Miguel Angel Ramirez, former of the Caribbean legion, is now in Cuba, in charge of training at a camp in Pinar del Rio Province and in Oriente Province. The men in this camp, totaling about 2500, are being prepared for action against the Dominican Republic..."


08/19/59: FBI Report from Donald Hoeting, of the Washington Field Office to Director: Titled: I. Irving Davidson: ..."On June 22, 1959, Enrique A. Garcia, Jr., who is registered with the United States Department of Justice as an Agent of the Dominican Republic (D.R), furnished a copy of a letter allegedly written by Captain Francisco Rodriguez Tamayo, former officer in the Cuban Revolutionary Army of Fidel Castro, to I. Irving Davidson which read as follows: 'From the city of Miami...(Page 3): The before-mentioned Comandantes, as well as General Miguel Angel Ramirez, a Dominican, exiled in Costa Rica but presently in Havana, are readying 300 men and ships with arms and equipment in the South of the Province of Pinar del Rio, Santo Domingo and finally Spain, under the orders of Commander Guevara and General Bayo, this murderous plan, perpetrated by International Communism..."

124-10294-10141: FBI DOCUMENT

03/13/61: FBI document: Page 23: ..."Ysidro Alvarez, PSI (protect identity) advised on 3/13/61 that Gustavo Marin (105-125293) contacted him within the past couple of days in an effort to secure his assistance in organizing a meeting of a new anti-Castro organization of Cubans at Union City, NJ, called Cuba en Armas. Informant stated he did not know Marin and as far as he knew Marin was not from Union City. Marin indicated that he would have Dr. Antonio De Varona of the FRD, the leading anti-Castro organization and Pedro Diaz Lanz, former head of the CAF, present at this meeting. Informant further stated he doubted that Marin would be successful in having these two individuals present..."


09/20/61: FBI report by Robert B. Nadeau of the New York Office to Director: Titled: Bloc of Cooperation: Page 4: ..."On October 7, 1959, Manuel Bernier, 67-35 Yellowstone Boulevard, Forest Hills, New York, said he was the leader of the recently formed anti-Trujillo organization, CRPLD, and advised the purpose of this organization was to support General Miguel Angel Ramirez, who was in Havana, Cuba, in his efforts to do something for those Dominican youths who were members of the attempted invasion against the Dominican Republic in June, 1959....Hazim said the purpose of the CRPLD continues to be to unite all Dominican exile groups into a common front against the Trujillo regime. The CRPLD was organized in 1959 after the Castro regime in Cuba was successful. It appeared at that time that Fidel Castro, who had previously made some sensational statements in favor of a Dominican revolution, would help General Miguel Angel Ramirez organize an armed expedition against the Trujillo forces in the Dominican Republic. Hazim said the CRPLD was very sympathetic to the efforts of General Ramirez to assist the Dominicans who had attempted the expedition against the Dominican Republic in June, 1959. However, Castro later imprisoned General Ramirez, and it was apparent Castro had no intention of helping the anti-Trujillists. Hazim claimed the Dominicans now want to overthrow the Trujillo regime without any aid whatever from Castro's Communist Cuba."

1994.05.18.13:37:17:130005: Reel 55, Folder S - CARLOS PRIO SOCARRAS [SOFT FILE].

10/10/63: CIA Information Report: Subject: Cuban Liberation Plan of Former President Prio Socarras and Possible Use of Dominican Territory as a Base. Date of Info: 6 October 1963. Place & Date Acq.: United States, Miami (8 October 1963): Page 2: ..."3. General Miguel Angel Ramirez of the Dominican Republic had asked Prio to help secure U.S. recognition of the new governing junta in the Dominican Republic. General Ramirez offered Prio his services as a military expert as well as the territory of the Dominican Republic for an invasion of Cuba. 4. Prio made a pact with Carlos Marquez Sterling and Emilio Nunez Portuondo who represent the interests of former Cuban President Fulgencio Batista and his friends. Batista offered three million dollars for the operation, provided that he is not attacked and that his friends are allowed to participate in the political and military direction of the operation."


11/28/63: Cable from JMWAVE to Director: "SUPDATA: AMDOODLE-3 to AMPAL-1 (Alec Resnick) on 20 Nov. A-3 from Marin on 18 Nov. A-1 mere channel...DOI: 16 Nov 63. PADA: United States, Miami (26 Nov 63)..SOURCE: A Latin American diplomat who has maintained close relations with Gustavo Marin, secretary to General Miguel A. Ramirez, Dominican Minister of Agriculture. Marin, on behalf, of the Dominican Government visited Central America in early November 1963 in an effort to gain recognition of the Dominican Government by the Central American countries." - - - Page 3: Information Report: "1. Gustav Marin, secretary to General Miguel A. Ramirez, Minister of Agriculture of the triumvirate government of the Dominican Republic, told a close acquaintance on 18 Nov 63 that the Central American governments plan to recognize the Dominican triumvirate soon. According to Marin, who returned on 16 November 1963 from a visit of Central America, Costa Rica will delay recognition until after the other Central American governments have recognized the triumvirate regime. 2. Concerning elections, Marin said that democratic elections would be held in the Dominican Republic before August 1964. 3. Field Dissem: None."


6/13/64: CIA document: Page 3: ..."The interview that we are about to hear is with an exceptional eye witness to the Dominican tragedy. His name is Gustavo Marin; he is a Cuban exile who fight against Communist tirany with a rifle in his hands, in the now captive island of Cuba. Fleeing from Red terror he left his country. After his arrival in the United States he decided to try his fortune in the Dominican Republic to start a new life. There he was caught in the midst of the situation in Santo Domingo...Marin was in the Ambassador Hotel when the red mobs went there to shoot him. His life was miraculously saved, but let us hear in his own words exactly what happened."

Gavin McDonald

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