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Cryptonym: AMDITTO-23

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Orlando Bosch Avila, a famous Cuban exile who led the MIRR. The MIRR engaged in a number of raids directed at the sugar industry in Cuba during 1963 in an effort to disrupt the economy. Bosch was linked to a number of bombing attacks directed at Cuba, particularly during the 1960s and 1970s.
Other AMDITTOs were involved in infiltration of Cuba. Bosch's 201 file number was 201-299292. AMDITTO probably got its name due to the similarity of its title (MIRR) with that of AMYUM (MRR). See 124-10287-10451 - p. 5 - in 1966 - acquitted twice and had a guilty verdict set aside in 3 cases, 2 involving bombs. 124-10285-10228, p. 21: Bosch's secretary was Augusto Valdez Miranda. 104-10164-10061: Valdez was 201-282485, C-84408. 1994.05.03.10:40:20:690005, p. 18: Dominick Bartone, a representative of Santos Trafficante, worked with Bosch and his group in 1963. Bartone also was helping out William Morgan with money at about the time of Morgan's arrest in 1960. 124-10277-10380, p. 39: Frank Fiorini was working with Bosch during 1961. 104-10164-10324, p. 3: Frank suspected in 1962 he thought Bosch might be working with Castro at the time that Angus McNair and his colleagues were arrested: 124-10218-10425, p. 16: Gervelio Gutierrez, according to reliable experts, is the so-called 'bomb expert' of this group, and had the responsibility of making bombs and preparing them for use. 1993.08.05.10:41:34:710005, p. 380: Also known as Mimo, Gutierrez was the MIRR military coordinator. 124-10280-10079, p. 4; 12/10/76, State Dept. Bureau of Intelligence and Research stated that on 10/6/76, 73 people were killed in a crash of a DC-8 Cubana airliner. "Venezuelan photographers Hernan Ricardo Lozano and Freddy Lugo were arrested by Trinidadian police on October 7 and accused of having planted a bomb on the Cuban aircraft...(Venezuelan authorities) detained two Cuban exiles, Orlando Bosch and Luis Posada Carriles, who allegedly masterminded the sabotage." Cuban exiles in Venezuela at this time numbered between 30,000-50,000. e 1993.08.16.14:00:49:0000541977, p. 6: New Times article: "In the 11 months since (the CORU meeting of 1976), Bosch boasts, CORU has been responsible for over 50 bombings in Miami, New York, Venezuela, Panama, Mexico and Argentina."

104-10164-10062: APPROVAL WORK RECORD

1960-61: This work record identifies AMDITTO-23 as Bosch. Calvin Hicks was his CIA case agent. Also see 124-10196-10466, p. 10: His FBI case agent appears to have been George E. Davis - he was "one of the organizers of the anti-Castro MIRR (Insurrectional Movement of Revolutionary Recovery) before he arrived in Miami in July 1960, as a visitor, with his wife and children. From 1960 to 1968 the MIRR, with headquarters in Miami, engaged in a number of raids, attempted raids, and other acts involving explosives and weapons, with the alleged purpose of fighting against Castro. Although several of his men lost their lives in foolhardy and poorly planned missions against Cuba, Bosch himself never left US soil...his closely knit group worked in a compartmentalized fashion so that only Bosch himself knew the complete details of any plan. (From the personal observations of George E. Davis, Jr., and information of numerous informants.)"

10AH89: HSCA Report, Volume X

This section of the HSCA's Volume X gives a history of the MIRR and its general coordinator, Dr. Orlando Bosch Avila. Also mentions its military chief Victor Paneque. The author points out that Bosch's zealotry could have led him to a role in JFK's death, adding that he is linked to the downing of the Cubana airliner in 1975 and other bombings in the 1960s and 70s. In 1963 the MIRR led a number of bombing attacks directed at the sugar industry in an effort to disrupt the economy. Further details can be found in this 1/18/61 FBI interview with Bosch: http://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=82747&search=PANEQUE#relPageId=8&tab=page

1994.05.27.15:58:30:160005: Reel 7, Folder E - EVELIO DUQUE MIYAR

11/3/61 contact report by Thomas C. Clines of meeting with Duque - Duque said that he and Bosch were ready to take out Castro in December, and that they could do it if the CIA supplied 15 men. Clines said we have no plans at this time to land troops "to deliver the final blow to Fidel". This is a month after General Charles Cabell writes a letter to Asst AG Yeagley about Duque and Bosch and Joseph Cardoza's Neutrality Act violations - Cabell tells Yeagley that they plan to "use" Duque.

1994.05.27.15:55:14:380005: Reel 7, Folder D - EVELIO DUQUE MIYAR

1/16/62 memo, probably from WH/4/PM Calvin Hicks to JMWAVE: Request POA on Orlando Bosch Avila to be used as external coordinator in Duque group. Also see 104-10110-10290, 2/62: Use of subject in Cuba/Florida area - "Paramilitary ops as the external coordinator for the AMDITTO group".

104-10110-10290: Request for Investigation And (Or) Name Check Form

Feb. 1962: Use of subject in Cuba/Florida area - "Paramilitary ops as the external coordinator for the AMDITTO group"


201-299292. Bosch's POA began in March 1962. Originating officer is J. Moughan of TFW/Ops Support. Albert C. Davies was Chief, TFW/Intel.

104-10164-10371: AMDITTO/23

C-97563 was his clearance number. Bosch's POA expired on 9/6/62. Memo is from Chief, CI/OA to TFW, Attn: Calvin Hicks. What is strange: This 1977 summary stating the POA was issued Sept 1962 and files cancelled Nov 63. http://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=53597&relPageId=4&search=Mundo

124-10279-10032: No Title

From the Cuban Counterrevolutionary Handbook from late 1962: Entry for ECA: Ejercito Cubano Anti-Comunista - Anti-Communist Cuban Army...led by Evilio Duque Miyar and Orlando Busch Avila (author of violently anti-US, anti-CIA, anti-Miro pamphlet produced in Miami August 1962). Found completely undependable by US contacts. Have small delegations in Miami, New Jersey, and Chicago, but never had anything in Cuba.

124-10225-10220: No Title

On 6/23/63 Bosch, general coordinator of DUQUE's group (ECA) claimed that Duque had neither the money or the equipment for a raid on Cuba. (p. 20 of 34). However, Duque met with Dominick Bartone of Trafficante's group on 6/18/63 to obtain high explosives and more for raid on Cuba (p. 21 of 34). Bartone said he would be leaving for New Orleans, and would let Duque's people know where in New Orleans to pick up the equipment. Duque's representative was Luis Balbuena, who agreed to fly to NYC with Bartone's bodyguard and pick up the equipment. (p. 24 of 34) Balbuena got cold feet, fearing capture by the US government. (p. 25 of 34). There was a split in the group by October, 1963, with Duque claiming that Bosch was focused on raids on Cuba that were doomed to fail. Bosch went off to form a new group that fall. (p. 5 of 34).

124-10286-10463: No Title

Bosch reported planes from MIRR dropping a bomb on the Cunagua sugar mill on 8/15/63, a missed attempt elsewhere on 8/16/63; great damage to the Jaronu sugar refinery in Camaguey with four bombs on 9/8/63.

124-10291-10032: No Title

"...during President Kennedy's visit to Miami, Florida on November 18, 1963 it was alleged that Felipe Rivero (Diaz - head of the neofascist ANC) and Orlando Bosch were cooperating in organizing demonstrations, and that Bosch urged the exiles to carry signs and shout. Bosch denied that he had a part in plans to picket the President." Four pages earlier, Bosch's address is revealed as 65 SW 28th Road, Miami, and that Bosch was interested in radio transmitters and receivers to be used for communication between Cuba and his group in the US...by 1966 Herminio Diaz Garcia regarded Orlando Bosch as a "crazy man" (page 29 of 45)...in early Dec. 1963, a CIA cable refers to AMDITTO-8 and 9 as "infiltrees". See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/February_1964#February_27,_1964_(Thursday) - after the United States Secret Service received a tip of a plot to assassinate President Johnson during his two-day visit to Florida, "security measures rarely if ever seen in peacetime" were implemented to prevent the threat that a Cuban pilot on a suicide mission would attempt to crash an airplane into the President's Boeing 707 jet, Air Force One. Rather than flying into Miami on his official aircraft, the President landed at West Palm Beach, Florida on one of three "executive transport jets" operated by the U.S. Air Force, with two identical planes making the journey so it would not be clear which one he was on. Upon landing, he boarded a helicopter that had been stripped of "all markings that might have identified the craft" as a presidential vehicle, and flew the 67 miles to Miami, landing without prior notice to the press."

Interview with Secret Service agent Ernest Aragon

Document # 180-10078-10450 (not on MFF; summary was created by Joe Backes) is a 7 page document interview summary of Secret Service Agent Ernestino Ignacio Aragon dated 3/25/78. After the assassination, the Secret Service Aragon reported security lapses while his Miami boss John Marshall twice told the HSCA that It was possible that the Secret Service was involved in the killing of JFK. In late February 1964 President Johnson was due to fly to Miami on Air Force One. The SS received information that Orlando Bosch was going to ram Air Force One and knock it out of the sky. "We had three planes similar to Air Force One fly down. The real one landed at Palm Beach and the Secret Service helicoptered Johnson to Miami, " he said. "This was the only time I recall helicopters being substituted," Aragon said. Also see 180-10147-10274, p. 15: "(Orlando Bosch was) involved in bombings. Secret Service considered him dangerous although no record seen of QIs."

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