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Cryptonym: AMDIP-4

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Efrein Hernandez Cao, aide to Ramon Augusto Ruisanchez (AMDIP-3). A cable in January of 1963 stated that AMDIP-4 left Cuba in March, 1961, with AMDIP-3 (Ramon Augusto Ruisanchez). AMDIP-4 was also AMDIP-1 (Tony Varona)'s chief assistant on boats.
The cable mentioned above also stated that AMPACK-2 was also a boat operator for AMDIP-3, and was a close friend of the latter's and AMDIP-4.

A contact report in June of 1961 mentioned that AMDIP-4 and 5 were lieutenants of AMDIP-3, and had requested that his case officer discipline them to work harder for him.

A FBI memo in March, 1962, noted that the CIA had made a name check on Efrein Hernandez Cao in February, 1961, in connection with Project Zenith. The FBI memo also contained an article in the New Orleans States - Item in February, 1962, in which Efrein Hernandez was described as an aide to Ramon Augusto Ruisanchez.

A CIA document in April of 1962 stated that Mayor Augusto Ruisanchez introduced Efrein Hernandez to Luis Rabel as his second in command.

Furthermore, according to a FBI report in March of 1962, Ramon Ruisanchez Piedad was Communications Secretary of Rescate, while Efrein Hernandez Cao was the Assistant Communications Secretary. Therefore, adding these things together, it is probable that Efrein Hernandez Cao was AMDIP-4.


04/20/61: Cable from JMWAVE to BELL: "1. "'Barefoot' will depart at 192330Z from Marathon for a coastal reconnaissance of the north coast of Matanzas. She will begin her reconnaissance about 203530Z and is expected to return to base 201200Z. 2. She will be crewed by three persons from the AMDIP/3 group, AMDIP/4, Nino Ramirez and a FNU Merejon, one of the fishermen who escaped with Merejo of ref. 3. Barefoot will make a reconnaissance of the coast from Punta Sebaruco light westward to Rio Jaruco. She will try to avoid detection but get as close in as possible in an attempt to feel out evidence of enemy coast watchers, seaborne patrols, and other enemy activity in the area. 4. The boat crew is armed with light shoulder weapons, but main reliance for protection of the boat will be the thirty knot speed of the Barefoot. Barefoot carries no radar or radio. C/S Comment: *Stated Ricardo Rodriguez Ramirez, 'Merejo' of Escambray fame arrived in WAVE 6 Apr accompanied by wife and three fishermen."


06/00/61: Contact Report by Thomas M. Hewitt: "There have been some indications that AMDIP/3 (Ramon Augusto Ruisanchez) does not quite have the control of his own organization that he would like to claim he has. Recently he asked the C/O to reprimand his two Lts., AMDIP/4 and 5 about working harder as they were doing nothing to help him. It should also be noted that Ediel Montiel and Carmelo Gattorno, both Escambray fighters whom AMDIP/3 had WAVE exfiltrate as his men, have since gone over to Evelio Duque. Gattorno turned up with Duque at his motel on 23 June. AMDIP/5 says he doesn't know why Gattorno left the AMDIP S/H or know where he is. Duque says that Gattorno was sent as a special messenger to ODYOKE (U.S. Government) in Nov. 1960. He was carrying dispatches to ODYOKE and photos of Duque and all his staff. The dispatches were requesting immediate help for the Escambray front from ODYOKE. AMDIP/3 stopped Gattorno in Havana and later brought him out after he himself was in PBPRIME (U.S.). Because AMDIP/3 stopped his messenger Gattorno, Duque holds AMDIP/3 as much responsible for the collapse of the Escambray front as any other person. WAVE Comment: The photos and the dispatches reported by Duque have never been mentioned by AMDIP/3."


01/08/62: Memo from Ramon A. Ruisanchez: Subject: Training Base Plans and Personnel of Rescate Groups: Page 3: ..."Personnel in Charge: Ramon A. Ruisanchez, Efrein Hernandez, Arturo Morales, Carlos Soto..."


03/15/62: FBI report by Robert James Dwyer from Miami Office to Director: Pages 15-16: ..."Mendez said the RDR has about two hundred members in Tampa and a very small group in New Orleans. Mendez Perez made available the following list of officers of the organization: Dr Manuel A. De Varona (Note: AMDIP-1) - Secretary General, Dr. Mario del Canal Ferrer - Assistant Secretary General, Francisco Cairol Garrido - Recording Secretary, Jose Napoles Infante - Organization Secretary, Dr. Pablo A. Besil Goyoneche - Vice-Secretary of Organization, Dr. Jose Alvarez Diaz - Finance Secretary, Miguel Diaz Alvarez - Assistant Finance Secretary, Ramon Ruisanchez Piedad (Note: AMDIP-3) - Communications Secretary, Efrein Hernandez Cao - Assistant Communications Secretary..."


03/26/62: FBI memo from Director to Director, CIA: "Enclosed is a copy of the report of Special Agent Warren C. deBrueys dated March 14, 1962, at New Orleans...Your attention is directed to the information set forth on page 5 which indicates that Efrein Hernandez stated that the Cuban underground has two boats which make regular runs to Cuba from Miami to supply underground forces. In addition, Hernandez indicated that these boats meet with underground members in isolated coves on the Cuban coast. It is requested that this Bureau be advised whether your Agency is utilizing Hernandez at this time and whether there is any basis for the statements he reportedly made. Hernandez may be identical with Efrein Hernandez-Cao (Probably: 201-292164), born May 24, 1928, in Cuba, concerning whom a name check was made by your Agency on February 17, 1961, in connection with project Zenith." - - - Pages 6-7: ..."On February 24, 1962, the New Orleans States - Item carried an article which is quoted below: 'Vast Underground Network in Cuba is Revealed Here: 'Castro Foes Hold All but Top Positions...'We even have underground operatives who are wearing militia uniforms,' said Efrein Hernandez, aid to Ramon Augusto Ruisanchez, leader of underground activities for the Miami-headquartered Cuban Revolutionary Council...'Both he and 'Comandante Augusto' have made frequent clandestine visits to Cuban shores since the underground movement began, he said...'Another underground activity is the assassination of 'certain Cubans working for Castro who are widely hated,' said Hernandez. This category would include block leaders who have turned in many citizens for subversive or 'anti-revolutionary' activities, he said..."


04/02/62: CIA document: Pages 4: Mayor Augusto Ruisanchez and Efrein Hernandez: "When Mr. Luis Rabel, Delegate of the Cuban Revolutionary Council, visited Miami in January, 1962. Mr. Ruisanchez, brother-in-law of Tony Varona, introduced him to Mayor Augusto Ruisanchez, as chief of the War Department of the Institution. Mr. Rabel visited Augusto's home where he met Mr. Efrein, or Efren Hernandez, introduced to him as second in command. He saw there different kinds of weapons who they said they were preparing to be delivered in Cuba and they show him a boat they said were using in their trips to the island...we took the decision to invite (Augusto and Efrein) to address the meeting we were going to have on February 24, Cuba's holiday...The New Orleans Delegation paid the round trip, by plane, of Comandante Augusto and Efrein and they came, on February 23, the second, and on the 24 August. On this late date we had that meeting at the old City Hall of this city...biggest concentration of Cubans in New Orleans. They were presented as 'Heroes of the Escambray Mountains' and Mayor Augusto read a speech...On 25 February, Augusto and Efrein had a meeting with Mr. Rabel and the members of the War Commission of this Delegation, in which they made a list of the principle weapons, ammunition and explosives they needed...On February 26, Efrein Hernandez, who stayed in New Orleans until that date...convinced Mr. Rabel and other members of the Delegation and he cashed the check for $1,000.00 by signing with his name under the name of the Council. The check was drawn by the 'Crusade for Free Cuba Committee' on the Whitney National Bank of New Orleans, on a branch situated in the first block of Carondelet Street..." Page 5: Mention of Efrein Hernandez and Ernesto Rodriguez.


01/19/63: Cable from JMWAVE to PACY: Slugline GYROSE KUWOLF: Page 2: ..."3. WAVE Maritime Branch reports two their small boat operators, AMPACK-2 and AMDIP-4 recently quit saying need more money and leaving in Feb for S.A. to accept higher salary employment. WAVE salary was $300, say now get $500 monthly. AMDIP-4 left Cuba March 61 with AMDIP-3. AMDIP-3 then external military coordinator for Rescate. AMDIP-3 brother in law AMDIP-1 (Tony Varona). AMDIP-4 was AMDIP-1's chief assistant on boats. PT scheme sounds exactly like ops proposals made to Gneiting (Thomas Hewitt) when he handling AMDIP-3 in 61. Also AMDIP-3 was operating clandestine radio for AMDIP-1. They make up own cipher or code system which claim cannot be broken, but actually can be read by amateur cryptologist. AMPACK-2 was also boat operator for AMDIP-3; is close friend AMDIP-3 and AMDIP-4..."


3/5/62 memo from Chief, New Orleans CIA field office William P. Burke to Chief, Contact Division, Latin American Branch: "On...24 Feb 62, one of the groups of people in New Orleans who are sympathetic toward the anti-Castro Cuban refugees held a meeting which was addressed by two Cubans who claimed to be the leaders of an organization called the Cuban Revolutionary Council (CRC). The two speakers were Efrein Hernandez and a 'Major Agusto whose real name may be Ramon Luis Sanchez (note: AMDIP-3). The two Cubans were introduced to our sources by Arnesto Rodriguez a Cuban-born citizen who lives in New Orleans and is a teacher at the local Berlitz school...Our sources actually know very little about Hernandez and Major Agusto..." Note says "copy forwarded to WH/4/CI Jack Wallen for info and comment."

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