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Cryptonym: AMDENIM-9

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Eduardo Antonio Baez Ayala, member of the Tejana crew, member of the Unidad Revolucionaria's (UR) Black Falcons, member of the combat element of Alpha 66, and in the late 1960's the military leader of Comandos L.
A cable on February 22, 1961, had the number 9 next to "I. Eduardo Antonio Baez Ayala, 6 Aug 20, Havana, Cuba. Diesel engineer. Will be trained as gunner." This cable requested crypts for the individuals who maintained and crewed the Tejana.

A dispatch in July of 1961 from Stanley R. Zamka (David Morales) stated that Eduardo Antonio Baez Ayala was a member of the Black Falcons group. Baez used the pseudonyms "Brito", "Bolivar", "Gomez", and "Sixto", and four numerical cryptonyms.

A dispatch from JMWAVE in November, 1962, on Alpha 66, stated that Eduardo Baez was a member of the combat element, with a 201 number of 201-294682. Baez was granted a POA on March 29, 1961. His PM trainee number for the Black Falcons was 8251. In a memo from Juan Paul Baez on October 31, 1961, it was stated that Baez was "an ardent Castroite." It was rumored that pro-Castro meetings had been held in Baez's home, including one on July 26, 1961. JMWAVE was checking with the AMOTs "to confirm or refute the above allegation."

According to a FBI report from Miami in April of 1964, Eduardo Baez was among a number of Cubans who planned a trip to Cuba the previous month. The purpose of the trip was apparently to photograph Russian missiles and rockets. The mission was led by Comandos L. However, Baez denied being a member of this group, and claimed he only planned to accompany the mission because he owned the photographic equipment.

A FBI memo from Miami in March, 1969, cited an FBI informant that Eduardo Baez had recently been the military leader of Comandos L (C-L). On May 27, 1967, Baez took over as military leader of C-L and Ramon Font left the group. The FBI informant stated that on January 30, 1969, Baez claimed that he was working on a plot to assassinate Fidel Castro. Miami INS records stated that Baez arrived in the city on November 7, 1960.


02/22/61: Cable from JMWAVE to BELL: JMZIP TEJANA: "1. Request crypts be assigned FOLL individuals who now crew and maintain the Tejana: A. Alberto Fernandez Hechevarria (note: became AMDENIM-1), owner. Will go on first few operations. B. Robert C. Stevens Jr., Captain. C. George Michael Kappes, engineer and operations officer. D. Lawrence J. Laborde (note: became AMDENIM-4) 27 Aug 09 New Orleans, Port Captain. Has been with Tejana for eight years and invaluable its upkeep. E. Naval Candidate 8501, senior Cuban officer aboard. F. Naval Candidate 8071, deck officer. G. Naval Candidate 8146, deck officer. H. Naval Candidate 8190, engine room assistant. Gunner. I. Eduardo Antonio Baez Ayala, 6 Aug 20, Havana, Cuba. Will be trained as gunner. J. Pedro Ernesto Diaz, 7 Nov 31, Santa Llora, diesel engineer. K. Eduardo Perez Gonzalez (note: became AMDENIM-11), 18 March 27 Santiago de Cuba. Ordinance man. Responsible for armament of boat. L. Rafael Casals y Fernandez de Cueto, 6 Oct 06, Cienfuegos, Cuba. Cook. M. Joaquin Powell Rubio, 7 Dec 24, Sancti Spiritus. Small boat operator (catamaran and/or raft from Tejana to shore) and gunner. N. Antonio Cuesta Valle (note: became AMDENIM-14), 13 June 26, at Santiago de Cuba. (Same duties as M above). 2. Request POA's SUBJ I thru N. Local ODENVY (FBI) checks negating..." - - - This version of the same document had number 9 next to I. Eduardo Antonio Baez Ayala's name. All of the above are numbered. Strong proof that this is the crypt list of AMDENIM-1 through AMDENIM-14 who crewed and maintained the Tejana in early 1961.: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=52121#relPageId=22&search=


04/30/61: CRC Finance Report: ..."MEDICAL SERVICES...Margarita Amonabad - wife of Antonio Baez Ayala - Mercy Hosp. $150.00..."


07/05/61: Dispatch from Chief of Base, JMWAVE to Chief, WHD: Subject: Operational JMATE Unidad Revolucionaria (UR) - Military Coordination: ..."2. The following are members of the UR, their addresses, pseudonyms, etc. assigned to them by the UR...E. Eduardo Antonio Baez Ayala, 6091 W 14th Lane, Hialeah, TU 8-3353: Pseudonym: 'Brito'. Radio Pseudonym: 'Bolivar'. Written Pseudonym: 'Gomez'. Verbal Pseudonym: 'Sixto'. Cryptonym: 9-4. Cryptonym: 29-4. Cryptonym: 39-4. Cryptonym: 49-4. (Note: Cryptonyms may be linked with Pseudonyms)...Stanley R. Zamka (David Morales)."

124-10284-10156: No Title

05/10/62: FBI Airtel from SAC, Miami to Director: Subject: ANTONIO CUESTA VALLE: IS - CUBA; RA - CUBA: Pages 7-8: "(FNU) Baez, believed to reside at one of the following addresses: 3361 SW 26th Street, 1382 NW 34th Street, or 3360 SW 23rd Street; local telephone number 4461139...Herrera, an individual who has recently received some guerrilla-type training in Florida, has indicated that his phase of the operation is being supported by the United States Government, but MM T-1 does not believe that the trip contemplated by Perez and his group which includes the aforementioned Tony Cuesta, (FNU) Baez, (FNU) Pabon and others, is United States Government supported..."


11/16/62: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, Task Force W: ..."ee. Eduardo Baez (combat element). Full name: Eduardo Antonio Baez Ayala. 201-294682. DPOB: 6 August 1920, Habana, Cuba. Subject was granted a POA on 29 March 1961. He was a member of the Black Falcons; he was also known as @BRITO, @BOLIVAR, @GOMEZ and @SEXTO. His PM trainee number was 8251. In a memorandum from Juan Paul Baez, 31 October 1961 it was stated that Subject is an ardent Castroite. It is rumored that pro-Castro meetings have been held in his home, one on 26 July 1961. JMWAVE is checking through the AMOTs (network of Cubans trained by David Morales during 1960-61 to be a new Cuban intelligence service once Castro had been ousted) to confirm or refute the above allegation..."

124-90106-10120: No Title

04/15/64: FBI report from Miami to Director: Subject: SECRET: COMANDOS L: INTERNAL SECURITY - CUBA: NEUTRALITY MATTERS: ..."On March 24, 1964, Mr. Wallace A. Shanley, Acting Customs Supervisor in Charge, United States Customs, Miami, advised that on March 17, 1964, three Cubans were involved in trying to launch a 15' 9" boat with two 60 h. p. outboard motors from a Hertz rental truck at Big Coppit Key, Florida. The Cubans misjudged their distance, ran the truck into the water, and were unable to float the boat free from the truck. United States Customs agents arrived and seized the boat, the outboard motors, 20 mm. ammunition, rifle grenades, a homemade gun mount, homemade bombs, approximately 140 gallons of gasoline, and a package of leaflets entitled, 'Comandos L.' The following Cuban nationals were involved in this operation: Eduardo Baez Ayala...Baez Ayala advised that the purpose of their trip was to go to Pinar del Rio, Cuba, and infiltrate to Sierra de los Organos, Cuba, where there are many underground tunnels and caverns where the Russians have missiles and rockets stored. The purpose of the trip was to obtain pictures of the missiles and rockets. Baez said he is not a member of Comandos L, but accompanied the mission inasmuch as he owned the photographic equipment..."

124-10281-10078: No Title

03/18/69: FBI memo from SAC, Miami to Director: Subject: Eduardo Baez Ayala: IS - CUBA: "MM T-1, who has been active in Cuban revolutionary matters for the past six years, on January 30, 1969, furnished the following information: Eduardo Baez Ayala, 5660 West 14th Avenue, Hialeah, Florida...is a Cuban exile and recently the military leader of Comandos L (C-L), an anti-Castro organization in Miami, Florida. MM T-1 explained that C-L was formed in Miami in 1962 by Antonio Cuesta Valle...On March 17, 1964, U.S. Customs Agency, Miami, advised that on that day Baez and several of his associates tried to launch an infiltration mission to Cuba from the Florida Keys. However, in launching the small boat they were going to use, the truck pulling the trailer got stuck in the sand. They were unable to launch the boat and U.S. Customs Agents deterred them from making the mission...On May 27, 1967, Baez took over as military leader of the organization and Font left the group and became inactive in Cuban revolutionary matters. MM T-1, on January 30, 1969, advised that Baez claimed that he was working on a plot to assassinate Fidel Castro Ruz, present Prime Minister of Cuba...MM T-1 said that Baez is without funds, equipment, experienced personnel and political or financial backing...Records of the Immigration and Naturalization Service, Miami, Florida, contained the following information concerning the subject: Name: Eduardo Baez Ayala. Alien Registration Number: 12539513. Birth Data: August 6, 1920, Cuba. Arrived in Miami: November 7, 1960. Occupation in Cuba: Manufacturer. INS Status: Political Refugee..."

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