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Cryptonym: AMCUSP-1

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AMCUSP-1 was Gasper Truepa Varona. Widow was Marta Couce Vinaa.
A memo on September 1, 1961, from JMWAVE Foreign Intelligence (FI) operative, Bill Harrington, stated that "WAVE pays a monthly payment of $300.00 to Marta Couce Vinaa, the widow of Gasper Truepa Varona (AMCUSP-1)."

A lengthy dispatch on the AMFAUNA operation in July, 1962, stated that AMCUSP-1 and AMRUNG-1 (Rogelio Gonzalez y Corso) were arrested on March 18, 1961, and executed on April 20th. However, later in the dispatch there was speculation on whether AMCUSP-1 was actually executed. AMCUSP-1 appears to have mainly worked with AMFAUNA-1 (David Cabeza Coupau) and AMCUTLER-1.


09/18/61: Dispatch from Chief of Base, JMWAVE to Chief, WHD: "1. Forwarded under separate cover is a listing of all payments presently being made by AMIRON (the Frente Revolucionario Democratico - FRD) to dependents of heroes and martyrs. In addition to the AMIRON payments JMWAVE is directly paying the widow of AMGLAD-1 (see reference) and $300 per month to the widow of AMCUSP-1..." - - - Page 2: 09/01/61: Memo from Bill Harrington, FI, to Finance (Paul Dean): Subject: Monthly Payment to Widow of AMCUSP-1: "WAVE pays a monthly payment of $300.00 to Marta Couce Vinaa, the widow of Gasper Truepa Varona (AMCUSP-1)."


07/23/62: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, Task Force W: ..."6. Some of AMFAUNA-1's (David Cabeza Coupau) older collaborators know him by true name, but wherever possible he introduces himself to new contacts by the name of 'Julio Rojo'. Evidently he is now living the part of Julio Rojo to such an extent that he has in effect a double identity. In one of his S/W messages he asked that the widow of AMCUSP-1 be warned not to reveal that 'Julio' is in Cuba...(d) AMBOA-1: The origin of AMFAUNA-1's contact with this agent, who has also been recruited independently by JMWAVE, is uncertain. He first mentioned her in October 1961 as a cutout to Identity-14, (REDACTION) who had formerly been a contact of AMCUSP-1 and who subsequently defected...Background and Motivation...The case officer also characterized AMFAUNA-1 as 'a pleasant, intelligent fellow' and 'the most astute member of the team' comprising himself, AMCUSP-1 and AMCUTLER-1...19...Finally, although these factors did not yet exist in January 1961 when he was recruited, AMFAUNA-1 is certainly affected now by the death of AMCUSP-1 and the imprisonment (REDACTION)...22. In January 1961, AMFAUNA-1 came legally to the United States together with AMCUSP-1 and AMCUTLER-1 and looked up his old friend AMJAG-4, who at that time was heavily engaged in work with the resistance groups...23. AMFAUNA-1, AMCUTLER-1, and AMCUSP-1 returned to Cuba in January 1961. They dispatched Identity-16 (REDACTION)...An unidentified courier was put into touch with the guerrilla leader Identity-15, and AMCUSP-1 and AMCUTLER-1 went to Cienfuegos with Identity-19 to make contacts with insurgent groups there." (CONTINUED BELOW)


"25. To support the activities of AMFAUNA-1, AMCUTLER-1, and AMCUSP-1, it was agreed that JMWAVE would deposit $1,000 monthly into the local bank account of AMCUSP-1 and the latter would provide the equivalent in Cuban pesos from his own resources inside Cuba. 26. AMCUSP-1 and AMCUTLER-1 continued to busy themselves with preparedness for supporting the April invasion. They contacted Identity-21 who, at their request, provided cover as travelling drug salesman for Identity-19 and also for Identity-20 who was intended to be a radio operator for Identity-23. Although AMFAUNA-1 knew all these people, he was compartmented from these operations to some extent, so that after the arrest of AMCUSP-1 and the escape of AMCUTLER-1 he had some difficulty in re-establishing contact with them...28. On 18 March 1961, AMCUSP-1 and AMRUNG-1 (Rogelio Gonzalez y Corso) were arrested by the G-2 while holding a clandestine meeting. At first this was not regarded as too serious a matter...However, one of the other prisoners apparently confessed and implicated AMCUSP-1 and AMRUNG-1, who were executed on 20 April...35. At some time during the period June to November 1961, AMFAUNA-1 began collaborating with AMBOA-1...AMFAUNA-1 reported that she had revealed to him the fact that she has a channel of S/W communication to KUBARK (CIA), and that she had claimed to be a friend of the widow of AMCUSP-1. AMFAUNA-1 asked JMWAVE to confirm her bona fides, and this was done...Security Analysis: 49. The possibility that AMFAUNA-1 is a double agent is considered remote...the fact (or what is believed to be the fact) that his close friend and fellow agent AMCUSP-1 was executed...Also that there is no proof, other than the fact that AMCUSP-1's wife is in the JMWAVE area and behaving like a widow, that AMCUSP-1 was really executed. There is documentary evidence in the form of a letter written by a fellow prisoner to AMCUSP-1's widow, that he was held in prison in March and April 1961." (CONTINUED BELOW)


"However, the person who identified and buried the body was AMFAUNA-1's father, who was subsequently...53...This would all take time, however, because AMFAUNA-1's reaction to arrest, at least initially, would probably be an attempt to emulate his two heroes, AMCUSP-1 and AMRUNG-1..."

Gavin McDonald

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