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Cryptonym: AMCRUMB-1

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Carlos Maristany Sanchez, Cuban Ambassador to the Netherlands.
A memo in April, 1965, stated that Ricardo Madan Rivas, who was then living in Miami, knew AMCRUMB-1 well. Madan's brother, Jorge (probably AMDAN), was Vice Minister for Foreign Commerce in the Cuban Government at the time. Also, in a cable in March, 1966, AMCRUMB-1 was written alongside Carlos Maristany's name.

FBI documents in the 1950's show that Maristany was an associate of former Cuban President, Carlos Prio Socarras. A FBI report in January, 1960, stated that Ricardo Madan was formerly the treasurer of funds for Prio, when the latter was in exile from Cuba in the late 1950's. Therefore, both Maristany and Madan had links with Carlos Prio. Also, a FBI report in January, 1957, stated that Carlos Maristany had been arrested in October, 1956, on a charge of conspiring to illegally ship arms out of the United States, and was later fined $5000 by a Florida court.

A CIA cable in November, 1960, stated that AMPALM-5 (Jose Ignacio Agusto Rasco Bermudez) knew Maristany as a member of the former's group. Also, Neil Prew and Anita Potocki of the CIA's Staff/Division D, were copied in on a cable mentioning Maristany in January, 1963. Just days earlier, a CIA Information Report stated that Maristany was the Cuban Ambassador to the Netherlands. In addition, a CIA memo in 1964 noted that LITAMIL-9 (Luis Alberu Souto) was very surprised to learn that Carlos Maristany was apparently not a CIA asset. Also, in a cable in March, 1966, Maristany was included in a list drawn up by AMBRAY-1 of friends he considered to be anti-Communist.

According to a CIA document in 1978, Carlos Maristany was born in January, 1894. In terms of Ricardo Madan, A FBI report in May, 1960, noted that his brother-in-law was the Cuban Consul in Miami.


06/23/52, FBI teletype from Miami to Director: Titled: Carlos Prio Socarras, et al...: Pages 4-5: ..."A reliable informant advised today that Carlos Prio deposited one hundred thousand dollars in Cuban pesos in North Shore Bank, Miami Beach, this morning and wired three thousand dollars to Carlos Maristany, Cincel number 3, Colonia A. Obrejor 8, suburb of Mexico City, same time. Significance these transactions unknown. Investigation continuing. Suggest Bureau advise Legat, Havana, of above."


12/06/53, FBI newspaper clipping: Headlined: Cuban American Club Protests Indictment: "A protest against the indictment of former Cuban president Carlos Prio on gun-running charges was voted Saturday night by the Cuban American Civic Club. Carlos Maristany, president of the organization, said protest telegrams had been sent to President Dwight Eisenhower, Secretary of State John Foster Dulles and other American officials. 'Democracy is being assassinated in Cuba,' declared Maristany. The club's action also was indorsed by the Cubans for Civic action committee of New York, it was announced by Gilberto Delgado, representative of the New York organization."


01/09/57, FBI report from George E. Davis, Jr. to Director: Titled: Carlos Prio Socarras, et al...: Pages 52-53: ..."On November 28, 1956, T-1 reported that Fernando Margolle, a Cuban who had been employed in a radio repair shop, left Miami for Mexico on November 19, 1956, via Guest Airline, with radio equipment for the purpose of operating a clandestine radio station for Fidel Castro, in cooperation with Carlos Maristany, Sr., a Prio associate. Examination at Immigration and Naturalization Service, Miami, of Aerovias Guest Airline manifests for Flight No. 749 reflected that Carlos Maristany departed Miami on November 11, 1956, for Mexico. In October, 1956, while staying at the Cortez Hotel in Miami, he was arrested by United States Marshals on a charge of conspiring to illegally ship arms out of the United States without a license, based upon investigation by United States Customs. He pleaded nolo contendere and was fined $5,000.00 by the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida..."- - - 01/21/60, FBI report from Miami by SA James D. Hayes: Titled: Norman Rothman: Page 53: "MM T-10 advised on January 13, 1960, that Norman Rothman, who is connected in some way with the Biltmore Terrace Hotel, Miami Beach, Florida, made a trip to Mexico City, Mexico, on December 10, 1959, and that he was on the same flight with one Ricardo Madan, who was formerly the treasurer of funds for ex-Cuban President Carlos Prio, during the time Prio was exiled from Cuba in the late 1950's. Informant stated that Madan was making the trip to see about a possible source of supply for marble, which he uses in his business in Miami, and that Madan was carrying a small caliber pistol with him as a gift for one of the superintendents in the mine, whom he intended to contact in connection with his job arrangements..." https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=78518&search=#relPageId=53&tab=page

124-10306-10025: FBI REPORT

05/13/60, FBI report from Miami by James C. Holmes: Subject: Francisco Valentin Perez y Perez aka Frank Perez Perez: Page 20: ..."According to MM T-4, the Consul was seeking the opinion on Frank Perez Perez three or four days prior to the departure of the plane flown by William Shergalis, and Cuban Consul mentioned that he had talked with Frank Perez and further, that on the day before the plane flight of Shergalis, the Cuban Consul visited his brother-in-law, Ricardo Madan, and was observed to be very nervous. The Consul reportedly had received information from Frank Perez Perez...MM T-4 advised on March 28, 1960, that around mid-March, 1960, Carlos Martinez was trying to talk Ricardo Madan into working for the Cuban Government..." Page 21: ..."and attempted to convince Madan that he should work for the Cuban Government. However, Madan very definitely refused..."


11/12/60, Cable from JMASH to Director: "AMPALM-5 (Jose Ignacio Agusto Rasco Bermudez) denies making alleged statement. Knows Maristany as member AMPALM-5 group and says that Maristany has purchased a few cal .58 small arms. On recruitment plans, TRVG area and $100,000 pleads ignorance. CS Comment: *Requested AMPALM-5 debriefing. Much interested in Americans involved, sources of money and AMPALM-5 role."

1993.07.16.10:50:49:840530: CUBA-NETHERLAND RELATIONSHIP

01/28/63, CIA Information Report: "1. Recently Carlos Maristany Sanchez, Cuban Ambassador to the Netherlands, criticized Blanco (FNU), Cuban Cultural Attache in the Netherlands, for being openly critical of the Dutch Government, particularly Dutch royalty. Maristany said he did not think that the Cubans should criticize the Dutch since Cuba had been able to sell two million dollars worth of tobacco in the Netherlands in exchange for condensed milk..."

104-10185-10264: 201 FILE OF PROTECTABLE SOURCE.

01/30/63, Cable from Mexico City to Director: "SUPDATA source LITAMIL-9 (Luis Alberu Souto) who also reported Maristany told him Harold Gramatges (Operation Interna) in Czech and went HAVA recuperate. This probably reason why Gramatges did not attend Amb meeting HAVA. Maristany returned HAVA from MEXI 28 Jan with Julieta Martinez Rivera, his MEXI wife. While MEXI he told LITAMIL-7 (Consuelo Esperon Perez) 'they are sending me to Norway.' It not known whether he being transferred..." This version of the same document, with redactions, shows that Neil Prew and Anita Potocki were signed in on this cable: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=31729&search=Maristany#relPageId=2&tab=page

104-10185-10267: 201 FILE OF PROTECTABLE SOURCE.

06/16/64, Dispatch from COS, Mexico City to Chief, WH Division: Memorandum for the record from Lawrence F. Barker (Robert Shaw): Subject: Meeting with LITAMIL-9 (Luis Alberu Souto), 1 June: Page 4: ..."9. B asked if L-9 thought Ambassador Carlos Maristany Sanchez could be reached. L-9 seemed truly astonished, said he thought we had him sewed up many years ago. He opined that M could be easily recruited and suggested that Carlos Prio, with whom M served as Vice Minister of something or other, might be the man to do the job. He shook his head in amazement, muttering that surely CIA must have gotten to M before. GIST CABLED TO HQS..."


02/08/65, Transmittal of TDCS Information Report (Orig: R. Whitney Tucker, Unit: WH/SA/Intel/Reports): BASED ON: (ROME) 4987 (IN-75118) NP (DEVIGIL), (LOND) 5984, (IN-74898) NP (SMORATE), (HAGU) 7686 (IN-74914) (SYMPATHIZER), (PARI) 9101 (IN-74882) NP (AMWHIP-1 - Carlos Tepedino Gonzalez), (REDACTION), C, E, H. - - Page 2: Intelligence Information Cable: COUNTRY: Cuba/Western Europe. DATE OF INFO: 5-6 February 1965. SOURCE AND APPRAISAL: Several (REDACTION) in Western Europe. Part of para 2 is from a Cuban businessman in exile who travels frequently in Europe and has good access to Cuban diplomatic installations. These various sources have corroborated one another's information in part. "A meeting of Cuban chiefs of mission in Europe was scheduled to take place in Madrid beginning on 8 February 1965...Carlos Maristany Sanchez, Ambassador to the Netherlands, planned to fly to Madrid with his wife on 6 February."


04/28/65, Memorandum for the record from Withheld, WH/C/FI: Subject: Meeting with AMWHIP/1, New York City, 28 April 1965: Page 4 (Page 5 on PDF): ..."g. Jorge Medan (corrected to Madan) Rivas, Vice Minister of Foreign Commerce: (1) AMWHIP/1 (Carlos Tepedino Gonzalez) stated that Jorge Medan has a brother now living in Miami, Ricardo Medan Rivas (201-273586), who would be an excellent entre to the former. AMWHIP/1 reported on Ricardo in Paris 0190 (IN 35169). AMWHIP/1 stated that Ricardo was a trustworthy man who knows AMCRUMB/1 well, plus a great many people who are still in the Cuban Government today. (Writer's note: This lead should be followed through)..."


03/29/66, Cable from Beirut to Director (Sprange Acting): Slugline TYPIC AMBRAY ZRPERUSAL MHAPRON: "1. In three-hour meeting at Sprange home 29 Mar AMBRAY/1 reluctant come to formal agreement but very willing cooperate. A/1 anxious make press conference to denounce Cuba in general and AMTHUG/1 (Fidel Castro) in particular. Has been persuaded do nothing until we form definite plan of action. 2. In own handwriting A/1 listed following friends he could contact and who anti-commie:...H. Carlos Maristany (Holland) still in Cuba but believes he will return. (Handwritten note: "amcrumb-1" alongside). I. Armando Entralgo (Ghana). J. Camejo Argudin (Geneva U.N.). K. (Unintelligible) Mora (India). L. Raul Amado Blanco (Lisbon). M. Miguel Alonso (U.N.). N. Arturo Barber Orozco (handwritten note: Now in Havana as Deputy Director of Politica II (Soviet & Bloc countries). O. Name forgotten Amb to Canada who a playboy (handwritten: Unintelligible Fernandez Unintelligible). 3. A/1 described Argudin as most important along with Entralgo and Amado Blanco. All very anti-commie. Blanco's brother Heigan is Deputy Minister of Trade and father is Luis Amado Blanco Amb to Vatican..."


08/16/78, CIA document: Page 10: ..."MB/01/262: Maristany, Carlos Sanchez (T). DOB: 24 Jan 1894. Citizen: Cuba..."

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