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Cryptonym: AMCOG

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A “complex” operational net inside Cuba.
The AMCOG people belonged to Varona’s Rescate Movement (Revolutionary Democratic Rescue); see Fabian Escalante, The Secret War. Most of them were relatives of Ramon Grau San Martin, former President of Cuba.


12/13/63: Cable from JMWAVE to Director: DIR CITE WAVE 9018: TYPIC AMCOG: "1. Request POAs FOLL: A. Dr. (REDACTION) born ca 15 Cuba. Veterinarian. Married to (REDACTION). Resides Habana Calle 30 NR 304 between 25 Y 27 Vedado. Mentioned UFG 2873, 3002, 3172, 3332, 3459 and UFGA 10978. B. Dr. (REDACTION) born ca 13 Cuba. Court judge. Married (REDACTION). Resides Habana (REDACTION). BLDG APT 94, Vedado. Mentioned UFG 3285 and UFGA 4989 and 12039. C. Dr. (REDACTION) born 24 Habana. Dr. medicine. U of Habana grad. Married to (REDACTION) former teacher Sacred Heart. No children. Resides (REDACTION) between 11 Y 13, Marianao. Mentioned UFG 2817. D. Ramon (REDACTION) 38 Habana. Single. Former manager (REDACTION). Resides with parents (REDACTION) and (REDACTION) between 46 and 68, Marianao. No identifiable traces. E. Dr. (REDACTION) born ca 20 Cuba lawyer. Married, resides Habana (REDACTION) mentioned UFG 2671. F. (REDACTION) born Habana date unk. (REDACTION) formerly employed Capri, Hilton and Commodore Hotels, race track casino and Montemarte nightclub. Married to Alicia with one daughter living Miami beach. Resides (REDACTION). No identifiable traces. G. (REDACTION) born ca 05 Cuba. Former police officer fired (REDACTION) farm owner. Married to (REDACTION) one son (REDACTION) born 40 Habana. Reside Calle (REDACTION) No. 269 between Albear Y Santa Catalina, Reparto Palatino, Habana. Mentioned UFG 2817 and 2883. H. Capt. (REDACTION) born ca 15, Negro. General staff officer Cuban Army. Married with four children. Former (REDACTION) owner who joined Fidel Castro in Sierra Maestre and remained in army. Resides (REDACTION) between Zamorra and Rancho Boyeros. AMLINT-1 report Dec 62 lists SUBJ in G-1 general staff. AMOT traces reflect SUBJ born Palma Soriano, fought Sierra Maestre in column No. 3 under Almeida..."


12/13/63: Cable from JMWAVE to Director: TYPIC AMCOG: REF: WAVE 9018: "1. Subjects ref are most frequent sources AMCOG net and frequently mentioned in AMCOG-3 (Ramon Grau San Martin) SW messages. WAVE planning split up AMCOG net into smaller compartmented groups with independent means commo. After receipt AMCOG-3 evaluation which SUBJS most likely accept roles as principal agents and it agreeable with WAVE assessment, will issue SW materials to principal agents. 2. WAVE plans for compartmenting AMCOG net being included next progress report. C/S Comment: No record in cable secretariat as of 1910-13 Dec 63."


Review and Analysis of AMFAUNA Operation, 5/11/65.

(2004) Fabian Escalante: The Cuba Project: CIA Covert Operations 1959-62

Pages 125-126: ..."In the early days of 1962, Tony Varona's organization in Cuba, was as demoralized as the other groups. At this time, CIA agent Norberto Martinez, who had been infiltrated into the island a few weeks earlier, began to recruit the leaders of Rescate to set up intelligence networks, diverting them from political activities. Varona knew nothing of this, and through a CIA collaborator - the information attaché at the Spanish Embassy, Alejandro Vergara Maury - he sent his accomplices a long letter of instructions and the new capsules made in the laboratory of Joseph Scheider, chief of the CIA Technical Services Division. At the end of April, Vergara summoned to his office in the Spanish embassy in Havana the contact given him by Varona, who turned out to be Maria Leopoldina Grau Alsina, better known as Polita, the niece of the former President Ramon Grau San Martin. Days later, Polita Grau again went to the Spanish embassy at Vergara's request. There she met with Jaime Capedevilla, attaché and spy, who questioned her about the possibility of carrying out the operation. He emphasized the instructions given by Varona, who had been pressuring him in repeated telephone calls to meet with the conspirators. Polita met with Alberto Cruz Caso, his brother Ramon, and Manuel de Jesus Campanioni Souza, a former gambler at the casinos in the Sans Souci and the Hotel Havana Libre, and an old friend of the U.S. gangster-turned-patriot Santos Trafficante. She explained the orders from her boss and displayed the capsules. 'Our task consists of finding a person who can give the poison to Fidel without arousing suspicion,' she explained. 'I've been thinking about our connections at the Hotel Havana Libre. Perhaps one of the men from the organization is willing to take on the mission. We all know that Fidel frequents that place, and an opportunity will present itself...' In that simple manner, Polita Grau outlined the assassination..."

John Newman

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