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Cryptonym: AMCLANG

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AMCLANG was probably Andrew St. George. A cable in December of 1962 stated that AMCLANG was in the Miami area, doing preliminary photography work, for an hour long NBC special on Alpha 66, and its associated splinter groups.
The cable added that "AMCLANG ETD JMWAVE area 10 Dec for NYC. Tentatively plans return later in month perhaps accompanied by Frank Magee, NBC narrator." The cable had KUWOLF as one of its slugs. KUWOLF was the CIA cryptonym for Psychological and Paramilitary Staff.

In Ramon Font Samuell's memoir, Witness and Protagonist, he mentioned that Andrew St. George and Tom Dunkin, his photographic assistant, turned up one afternoon "with Frank McGee, one of the most famous editorialists, who worked in one of the three national channels." This was probably sometime in late 1962.

A FBI report from New York in April, 1963, stated that Frank Magee, news commentator for NBC, had advised that he had spoken by means of radio communication with Life photographer, Andrew St. George, who was on the raid carried out by Comandos L-66 on March 27, 1963, at the Port of Caibarien, Cuba. In an interview with the FBI in New York on April 1, 1963, "St. George advised that he had been in Miami for three months prior to this raid." This would mean that Andrew St. George was in Miami from around January to March of 1963. Due to the fact that St. George was a photographer for Life, had been in Miami in early 1963, and knew Frank Magee, it is probable that he was AMCLANG. As noted above, AMCLANG was doing preliminary photography work in December of 1962.

A FBI memo from SAC, New York, in June, 1964, stated that "NY T-2, mentioned in enclosed LHM, is Andrew St. George, Life Magazine photographer, who requested that his identity be concealed."

St. George was also a FBI Tampa informant on Santo Trafficante in September of 1960. Andrew St. George was possibly also AMDEL-1.

124-10195-10346: No Title

09/22/60: FBI report from Tampa by Stephen J. Labadie: Titled: Santo Trafficante, Jr., aka.: Page C: ..."T-22: Andrew Szentgyorgyi, aka, Andrew St. George, New York City..."

104-10069-10228: ALPHA 66 RAID, 21-27 OCT 62

11/30/62: Memo from Jay B.L. Reeves, Chief, New York Office to Chief, Contact Division (Attn: Support Info L/A): "1. In the 16 Nov 62 issue of Life magazine, Andrew St. George, a limited source of the New York Office, published a three-page article (pp 55, 56 and 58) describing his adventures with the Alpha 66 raiding party which took place between 21 and 27 Oct 62. Using pseudonyms for the participants, St. George mentioned "Policarpo, a gnarled, dark little fisherman' who acted as the guide. 2. Upon leaving the Alpha 66 group on 28 October, Policarpo, whose real name is Eufemio Cordoba, told St. George that 'I am going back to work for CIA.' 3. St. George stated that he had befriended the Cuban exile group and that he was elected an 'honorary Alpher 66-er.' They promised to take him along again should they decide on an another raid. 4. Incidentally, our source claims that he received US $2,500 for his article. However, as an alien with residence rights he now faces some unpleasant questioning by the I&NS owing to the fact that in the course of the raid 'he had landed on Cuban soil.'"


12/12/62: Cable from JMWAVE to Director: Slugline GYROSE KUWOLF: "1. AMCLANG in JMWAVE area doing preliminary photography for hour long NBC on Alpha-L-66. According AMCLANG this group is original action element of Alpha-66 but splintered into separate group on Flager of Alpha 66 and Segundo Frente of Gutierrez Menoyo. 2. AMCLANG ETD JMWAVE area 10 Dec for NYC. Tentatively plans return later in month perhaps accompanied by Frank (McGee), NBC narrator. 3. JMWAVE will keep HQs informed re above developments." For a slightly more legible version with redactions - 1994.06.02.15:10:35:180005 - p. 90. Also see 124-90107-10265, p. 3: St. George is interviewed in 11/62 re a story he is doing, and Frank McGee is interviewed during Jan-Feb 1963 re the NBC story he is doing on Commandos L-66 officers Antonio Cuesta (AMDENIM-14), Roberto Vale Ares and Pedro Muina. McGee says he is dependent on St. George "to make members of Alpha 66 available to NBC" and "the material for the program".


Witness and Protagonist by Ramon Font Saumell: (translation from Spanish to English): Page 119: "When we bought it, it looked like a flan, so it moved, we took it home from Roberto Vale, we put it in his outside garage and we started looking for resin and fiberglass matter right away they gave us more than we needed, and while we worked on it, Tony negotiated with Andrew, from 'Life' magazine so that they would give us money in exchange for the exclusive of our action, but they gave us nothing but promises and Andrew, from start to finish end to make the report, and for the report to have a beginning, we mounted the helmet on the trailer again and we went to the factory where we bought it, and there St. George began to drink with his photos assistant Tom Dunkin down the street to our lair and from there on for the whole construction..." - - - Page 121: ..."As you know, Mr. Andrew and his assistant were still there all the time, taking pictures and pulling out movies and one afternoon they showed up with Frank McGee, one of the most famous editorialists, who worked in one of the three national channels, and who wanted to make an interview with Tony, the general coordinator Pedro Muina and the soldier, Roberto Vale, was prepared everything and Tony's was done with both of them sitting in the stern of our ship and remained, as whenever our boss stepped in, magnificently..."

124-90107-10001: No Title

4/3/63: Glenn R. Adams of INS advises that "the real name of Andrew St. George is Andres Szentgyorgyi, pronounced St. George, born October 1, 1923, at Budapest, Hungary. He arrived in the United States on December 30, 1952, under the Displaced Persons Act, at New York City. He is a resident alien, and presently resides at 300 Broadway, Dobbs Ferry, New York."

124-90107-10218: No Title

4/4/63: Diction of interview of Andrew St. George by SA Francis O'Brien on 04/01/63: "Andrew St. George, 300 Broadway, Dobbs Ferry, New York, a photographer with 'Life' Magazine, on April 1, 1963, advised that he accompanied the Comandos L-66 group which attacked a Russian freighter in the port of Caibarien, Cuba, on March 27, 1963. St. George advised that he went on this expedition as a photographer in order to obtain pictures and material for an article which would be written by him for 'Life' Magazine relative to the activities of Comandos L-66 in their fight against the regime of Prime Minister Fidel Castro of Cuba. St. George advised that on March 18, 1963, at about 7:00 am, he left Rama Marina aboard the cabin cruiser, 'Alisan', which is owned by Dr. Santiago Alvarez...St. George advised that the following individuals, including himself, were aboard the 'Alisan' on March 18, 1963, Dr. Santiago Alvarez, Juan (Tutan) Fajardo, Jesus Alvarez, 'Yayo' Estevez, Mario Equeras, and Tom Dunkin...St. George stated that Dunkin was to assist him in taking still and movie film of the raid by Comandos L-66. St. George advised that aboard the small speedboat, in addition to Antonio Cuesta, were Ramon Font, Angel Puxas, Alfredo Mir, Mario Alvarez, and one 'Antonico' (note: probably Antonio Perez Quesada - AMHELM-1)...St. George advised that he had been in Miami for three months prior to this raid..." See 124-90107-10209 - the Associated Press' source on the boat raid of 3/27/63 was Pedro Muina.

124-90107-10218: No Title

04/09/63: FBI New York report by Francis J. O'Brien: Titled: Comandos L-66, Incorporated: "Frank MC Gee, news commentator for the National Broadcasting Company (NBC), 49 West 49th Street, New York City, on March 28, 1963, advised that he had spoken by means of radio communication with Life photographer, Andrew St. George, who was on the raid carried out by Comandos L-66 early on the morning of March 27, 1963, at the Port of Caibarien, Cuba. MC Gee advised that in conversation with St. George, St. George advised that the attack took place about 2:10 am on March 27, 1963, and due to darkness, the raiding party was unable to determine the nationality of the boat which had been hit by Comandos L-66 in the Cuban port of Caibarien. St. George further related to MC Gee that he could not give an accurate estimate of the damage done to the unknown boat. MC Gee advised that St. George informed him that, in addition to himself, there were seven men who took part in the raid conducted by Comandos L-66. MC Gee further stated on March 28, 1963, that Andrew St. George, upon his arrival in Miami, Florida, would then proceed to New York, and bring with him film and pictures which he took on the actual raid and, depending upon the quality of the pictures taken by St. George, the National Broadcasting Company (NBC) would then make a decision as to whether or not they would run a special news story on television relative to the activities of Comandos L-66. MC Gee advised that he and a camera crew had gone to Miami during late January, 1963, and interviewed leaders of Comandos L-66 regarding their activities. MC Gee stated that if NBC decides to do a news special on television regarding Comandos L-66, they would use the interview which he conducted in Miami plus film taken by Andrew St. George of the recent raid conducted by Comandos L-66 on March 27, 1963."

FBI 62-109060 JFK HQ File, Section 24

12/04/63: FBI memo from New York: Titled: Re: Fidel Castro Ruz - Internal Security - Cuba: "Daniel James, Executive Secretary, Citizens Committee for a Free Cuba, 1426 G Street, Northwest, Washington, D.C., advised on November 23, 1963, that he was in contact on November 22, 1963, with Andrew St. George, a photographer for 'Life' Magazine. James stated that Andrew St. George informed him that Jose Pardo Llada, Cali, Colombia, South America, a newspaper reporter and writer, knows of a plan of Fidel Castro to kill United States Ambassadors in various countries. James stated that St. George received information personally from Pardo whom he had seen in Colombia. James stated that this information apparently had been received by Andrew St. George several months ago when he was in Colombia for some time. Andrew St. George, 'Life' photographer, on December 3, 1963, advised that he had been to Washington, D.C. on November 22-23, 1963. St. George stated that on November 22, 1963, he had spoken with Paul Bethel, an associate of Daniel James...St. George stated that Bethel is the former Press Attaché at the American Embassy in Havana, Cuba, and in all probability told James about the details of his conversation of November 22, 1963. St. George advised that in June, 1962, he had made a trip to Chile in order to do a story on the Peace Corps...While in Cali, Colombia, Andrew St. George stated that he spoke with Jose Pardo Llada, former leading television-radio commentator and newspaperman in Cuba who had been very close to the government of Fidel Castro prior to his defection...in February, 1961..." - - - Page 187: "During interview with Andrew St. George, he stated that Jose Pardo Llada had informed him that he had been interviewed on numerous occasions by CIA after his defection in February, 1961. Pardo Llada stated that he had given CIA detailed information concerning the Cuban situation..."

124-90094-10084 [No Title]

06/01/64: Memo from SAC, New York to Director: Subject: Anti-Fidel Castro Activities: IS-CUBA: ..."NY T-2, mentioned in enclosed LHM, is Andrew St. George, Life Magazine photographer, who requested that his identity be concealed."

124-10225-10190: No Title

12/64: St. George resided at 300 Broadway, Dobbs Ferry, and is listed as an FBI informant. Reported on JURE and their weaknesses during this time period.


1966: CIA refers to ANDREW ST. GEORGE aka Endre Szentgyorgi, 201-002705.


07/25/75: Memo for the record: Subject: Andrew St. George aka: Andrew Szent Gyorgi SF#424 122: "1. Andrew St. George was first of interest to the Office of Security in December 1949 upon receipt of information of a counterintelligence nature concerning Soviet intelligence service use of St. George as an agent in Vienna, Austria, in the mid-1940's. In December 1958 St. George was of interest to WH Division for debriefing regarding his knowledge of Castro rebel activities, however, this interest was short-lived, being canceled in January 1959. In January 1960 St. George was of interest to OO/Contact Division as a source of foreign positive intelligence, and he was contacted by OO/Contact Division then and again in February 1962 and March 1964. His wife, Jean St. George, nee: Hoopes (SF#428 675), was also of interest to OO/Contact Division in August 1960...2. For the most part, the St. George file contains information of a counterintelligence nature and information concerning his writings. There is cross-reference information in the file identifying at least one DDO asset. 3. The file contains excerpts from St. George's testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee on 16 November 1973, at which time he made certain allegations against the Agency, the gist being (most of it coming from Frank Sturgis) that the Agency had prior knowledge of the Watergate break-in accomplishing this through the penetration of the break-in group utilizing Eugenio Rolando Martinez, one of the arrested Watergate burglars. At that time St. George alleged he had other Agency sources who he would not identify..."

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