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Cryptonym: AMCIVIC

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Civic action project connected with Manuel Artime Buesa and the MRR in Latin America during the AMWORLD program.
The AMCIVIC project seems to have been mainly concentrated on Nicaragua and Panama. A document on September 20, 1965, stated that Gervasio Silvano Pozo Carrillo's 201 number was 201-739773. This was very close to the 201 number of AMANCHOR-16, which was 201-739771: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=68238&search=104-10247-10400#relPageId=2&tab=page

104-10163-10173: ARTIME BUESA, MANUEL (VOL XIII).

07/23/65: Memo for the record from Carl E. Jenkins, WH/C/CA/EA: Subject: Meeting with George Lodge, Harvard School of Business: "1. On 15 July 1965, with Mr Andy Croce of CA Staff, I met Mr. Lodge at the Key Bridge Marriott Hotel to discuss what he knew about the relations among AMBIDDY-1, Bishop McGrath of Panama, and a rural development program they are all working on in Panama...2. Veraguas Province of Panama is a selected testing ground for community development programs in rural areas. It is the poorest and most hopeless province of Panama...The program there is based on the village of San Francisco, about 10 miles off the highway, and is an expansion of the efforts of the parish priest Father Vasquez Pinto who has been thereabout 10 years...The village is only 1,200 people but they raised by themselves $1,000 to buy materials and then built a training center capable of housing, feeding and training 60 men at a time in rural cooperatives and rural development. One of their ideas is to select bright looking leaders and potential leaders from rural areas, first in Panama and later, hopefully, from other nearby countries for visits of a few days in which they hope to brain-wash them of Communist type propaganda they may have heard and show them what can actually be done so they can take the good word with them to their own communities..." - - - Page 3: ..."5. Bishop McGrath has arranged with AMBIDDY-1 for about six of AMBIDDY-1's people to attend the January 1966 training course...Hopefully, one of them will develop into the executive director of the center. It was agreed that the first men will not be too closely associated in the public eye with AMBIDDY-1 in order to try and forestall bad publicity from opposition elements. AMBIDDY-1 and Bishop McGrath agreed, therefore, that Nestor Izquierdo (who is well known as a long-time adherent of AMBIDDY-1 from 1958-59 Comandos Rurales days in Oriente) would not be assigned to the Panama center at this time..."

104-10163-10176: ARTIME BUESA, MANUEL, (VOL XIV).

09/03/65: Memo from Carl E. Jenkins, WH/C/CA/EA to Deputy Chief, WHD for Cuba: Subject: Status Report on AMBALLOT as of 1 September 1965: ..."b. From 28 to 31 August Tom Clines and I were in Miami making arrangements to buy the two Swifts from Artime and recruiting Ricardo Chavez (The Mexican) to put together two AMWORLD crews for the boats to be used on Lake Tanganyika. We agreed on a net to Artime of $100,000 for the two boats and got the sales agreements signed. My proposal for handling the $100,000 is included under AMCIVIC below..." - - - Page 3: ..."3. AMCIVIC: a. Artime appears to be going ahead with a local civic action program at his old base at Monkey Point, Nicaragua. In addition, he is going ahead to put in a boatyard at Bluefields around which he proposes to organize a local fisheries cooperative. His man there is Luis Prieto, a physicist who worked on the DEW line project in Canada before joining AMWORLD about a year ago. The Panama project had a set-back due to the death by shooting of a jealous husband of Silvano Pozo, the Negro Rural Comando who had been slated to go to Veraguas Province and hand up Artime's contribution to the school being sponsored there by Bishop McGrath and Harvard University. An alternate has been selected, another Negro of Haitian descent from Oriente named Eugenio Claude...c. We paid two subsidies of $12,000 each for July and August through the old AMWORLD funding mechanism..."

104-10163-10176: ARTIME BUESA, MANUEL, (VOL XIV).

09/20/65: Contact Report from AMBIDDY-1, 1 September 1965: Subject: Death of Gervasio Silvano Pozo Carrillo (201-739773): "1. A/1 reported that subject was shot dead the night of 30 August 1965 by a jealous husband in a cafe in Miami. He has been chief instructor in rural rehabilitation for the MRR, and was slated to go to Panama to teach in the Veraguas project about the first of next year. 2. The Panama slot will be filled by Eugenio Claude (201-747928), a negro Cuban of Haitian descent, who is also a former Comando Rurales. A/1 will inform Bishop McGrath of the change at their next meeting. Carl E. Jenkins. Distribution: 1 - A/1 Contact Reports. 1 - AMCIVIC."

104-10163-10176: ARTIME BUESA, MANUEL, (VOL XIV).

Pages 105-107: Accounting for AMCIVIC Subsidies for July, Aug & Sep 1965 by Ignacio (Manuel Artime Buesa)

104-10163-10176: ARTIME BUESA, MANUEL, (VOL XIV).

12/15/65: Memo from Andrew D. Rohlfing, WH/C/CA/EW to Deputy Chief, WHD for Cuba: Subject: Status of AMCIVIC - AMBIDDY-1: "1. The status of the AMCIVIC activity has reached the point where it must either be made into a useful ongoing activity or die for lack of purpose and justification. 2. As it now stands the activity's Principal Agent, AMBIDDY-1, is both literally and figuratively 'flaying about' in a series of half-projects and half-plans which are neither meaningful to the Agency, meaningful to A-1 nor meaningful to his political movement...Finacially he has committed some $75,000 of his Movement's money in a shipbuilding scheme supposedly to be established at Monkey Point, Nicaragua. The plan, as envisioned by A-1, would be, that upon completion of these shipyards, they would offer employment and educational opportunities for the ignorant and poverty stricken Indians of the area. Once in operation, A-1 expects that the profits from this operation will be plowed back into the other endeavors such as a fishing cooperative and a farming cooperative - also to ultimately benefit the area's indigenous population..." Page 2: ..."5...Secondly, he has purchased 22 acres of land in West Palm Beach where he is supposedly to start training Nicaraguan Indians in the complexities of cooperative farming...6. It is therefore requested that the undersigned be allowed to sit down with A-1 and point out the folly of his current activities and attempt to refocus them along the lines mentioned above...7. In summary A-1 should be told that unless he is prepared to refocus his activities more realistically the Agency's gravy train is about to pull into the Station." (REDACTION).

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