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Cryptonym: AMCHEEP-1

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Unknown identity. AMCHEEP-1, along with AMBOGEY-1, reported on Alpha 66 for the CIA in 1962.
In May, 1962, AMCHEEP-1 submitted reports on two auditors who controlled Alpha 66 funds in Puerto Rico, Luis Ciappi and Manuel Garrotl. They were both also members of the Puerto Rican delegation of Private and Public Accountants of Cuba in Exile. Furthermore, AMBOGEY-1 reported on October 3, 1962, that Pedro Gaspar Muina Gutierrez was the Alpha 66 treasurer in the Miami area.


09/06/62: Cable from CIA to multiple addresses (Orig: R. Tansing, TFW/CI): "1. Reference is made to this Agency's teletype message, OUT No. 73652, dated 6 September 1962, subject as above. 2. A fairly reliable source reported that Luis Ciappi, member of the San Juan Alpha 66, recently returned to San Juan from Miami, Florida, where he conferred with Antonio Veciana Blanch on Alpha 66 plans. According to Ciappi, the first action is now scheduled prior to 10 September 1962 and the operation involves the use of two small boats which will leave from and return to the Miami area. One Rene, full name unknown, possibly owns or controls the boats to be used in the operation. If this first venture is successful Julio Lobo is reportedly ready to commit 250,000 dollars to assist future Alpha 66 operations...4. Julio Lobo has been the subject of previous correspondence between this Agency and the Bureau. Preliminary traces reveal no additional information on Luis Ciappi, Ramon Martin, and Carlos Artecona..."


10/06/62: Memo from CIA to multiple address: Subject: Current Plans of Alpha 66: "Puerto Rican exile circle more favorable to objectives of group. Source said it known that Veciana was collector for SFNDE and that he very close to members that group. Vale said Gutierrez furnished machine guns used in Cayo Frances raid on 11 September 1962; however, he denied any exile group as such included in Alpha 66. Source said he learned that three known SFNDE members (names unknown) were involved in search for arms for first Alpha 66 raid, and said it rumored in exile circles Miami Gutierrez Menoyo will soon announce he chief of action for Alpha 66. Source said action similar to first raid planned soon and boat will leave from Marathon. Said Carlos Zarraga is actively involved in this planned action. B. Source said Alpha 66 collection committee established Miami is composed of Pedro Muina and Roberto Valle, accountants; Manuel Gutierrez, architect; Rene Aguilera, insurance; Jorge Gonzalez Bibiloni, Associacion de Emphresarios; Dr. (FNU) Vassallo, dentist; and Jose M. Gutierrez, former president of Habana rotary club...D. Source said active Alpha 66 members in Puerto Rico are Reverend Miguel Hernandez of Catholic Association, Geronimo Vestevez of Lawyers Association, Roberto Castellon of Asociacion de Expresarios, Ricardo Gonzalez Porta of Accountants Association, Enrique Blanco Amigo of Lawyers Association, Jose Portela of Medical Association, Jose Mola of Executives Association, Amatias Varas of Engineers Association, Bernardo Perez Daple of Accountants, and Dr. Israel Gonzalez, Pedro Guillot and Juan Jose Marabotto."


11/16/62: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, Task Force W: Page 3: ..."Q. Luis Ciappi (also Siappi) (auditor). Traces were found under the name Luis Niapi. An AMCHEEP-1 report of 24 May 1962 stated that Subject is a member of the Puerto Rican delegation of Private and Public Accountants of Cuba in Exile. He is also one of the accountants controlling Alpha 66 funds there. R. Manuel Garrotl (auditor). An AMCHEEP-1 report of 24 May 1962 stated that Subject is a member of the Puerto Rican delegation of Private and Public Accountants of Cuba in Exile. He is also one of the accountants controlling Alpha 66 funds there. S. Pedro Muina (delegate, Miami). Full name: Pedro Gaspar Muina Gutierrez. 201-290887. Subject was a KUTUBE (Foreign Intelligence - FI - division of CIA) singleton (MASH-2401, 21 December 1960); his operation was aborted due to his name being on the G-2 watch list (UFGA-1911, 11 September 1961). The ODIBEX (U.S. Army) DUJ 542 62, 18 February 1962 listed Subject as an accountant and the Miami contact of Alpha 66. AMBOGEY-1 reported on 3 October 1962 that Subject was named Alpha 66 treasurer in the Miami area. An AMOT report of 19 September 1962 stated that Subject appeared anonymously on Miami TV Channel 10 re the Alpha 66 raid at Cayo Frances, 10/11 September 1962. It also stated that he was formerly a member of the 30th of November group. WAVE-9521, 5 October 1962, listed Subject as a member of Alpha 66's collection committee..."

124-90135-10053: No Title

11/16/62: Memo from Director, FBI to Attorney General: Titled: Operation Alpha 66: Internal Security - Cuba: Neutrality Matters: "An informant who has furnished reliable information in the past recently advised that factionalism has developed in Alpha 66 because of the efforts of Antonio Veciana Blanch, head of Alpha 66, to enter into an agreement with Eloy Gutierrez Menoyo, head of the Second National Front of Escambray (SNFE)...Alberto Gonzalez de la Solana, an employee of 'Bohemia Libre', a Spanish-language magazine, who is collecting funds for Alpha 66 in the New York area, advised on October 31, 1962, that Alpha 66 held a special meeting the previous evening in Puerto Rico because of the report that Veciana had signed a private pact with Gutierrez Menoyo and the SNFE. Veciana reportedly submitted his resignation at this meeting and it was accepted...In connection with the foregoing information, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) on November 12, 1962, advised that two untested informants who are members of Alpha 66 reported that a schism had recently developed within that organization because of the deceptive tactics of Veciana who, since the creation of Alpha 66, had been secretly associated with the 'Segundo Frente del Escambray' (SFDE) and had not revealed this relationship to Alpha 66 members. According to these informants, the truth concerning Veciana's relationship was not revealed until late October, 1962, when Veciana and Armando Fleites Diaz, SFDE Secretary General, offered their services and respective organizations to Jose Miro Cardona, head of the Cuban Revolutionary Council...The above-mentioned CIA informants advised that all Alpha 66 operations have been carried out from Miami, Florida, and that Cayo Anguila has bene used as a base of operations. The informants indicated, however, that this would soon be changed to Andros Island (in the Bahamas)..."


02/25/63: FBI report from San Juan, Puerto Rico: Titled: Comandos L 66, Incorporated: Internal Security - Cuba: Page 8: ..."Pedro Muina: SJ T-1 on January 22, 1963 advised that one Pedro Muina, a public accountant and ex-president of the Association of Auto Financing and ex-owner of a finance company in Cuba, was a delegate in Miami, Florida of the dissident element of Alpha 66. Alberto Gutierrez de las Salma, mentioned above, on October 30, 1962 advised that one Pedro Muina, an accountant, was active with Alpha 66 in the Miami area..."


04/10/63: FBI interview of Luis Ciappi Marsal at Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico by SA Robert W. Scherrer and SA Steve D. Evans: "Luis Ciappi Marsal, 51 Robles Street, Apartment #7, Rio Piedras, was interviewed...Ciappi stated that he is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and previously supported Alpha 66 until the split of Alpha 66 resulting from Antonio Veciana's public announcement concerning his support of Eloy Gutierrez Menoyo. Ciappi stated that since this division of Alpha 66 he considers himself to be a sympathizer with both Alpha 66 and the more newly-formed Comandos L 66. Ciappi stated that he could furnish no information concerning the location of arms or other military equipment in Puerto Rico but that he is of the opinion that none of these items would be located in Puerto Rico due to the distance involved between Puerto Rico and Cuba. He stated it was his understanding that the main function of Alpha 66 and Comandos L 66 in Puerto Rico was the collecting of funds for the action groups of these organizations in Miami and other areas."

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