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Cryptonym: AMCANOE-7

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Benjamin Acosta Valdes. Acosta was executed by a firing squad on September 15, 1963.

104-10308-10029: MEMO FOR: AMCANOE

Undated CIA document: Memorandum from Jane Zerance, Researcher: "1. Description: This project concerns U.S. contacts for a resistance group in Cuba. Support of the Unidad de Liberacion Nacional (ULN) and their plans and efforts to overthrow Castro. Principle players are: AMCANOE-1 (201-283570) - Eduardo Garcia Molina. AMCANOE-2 (201-726572) - (REDACTION). AMCANOE-3 (201-727185) - Antonio Jose Ramirez Mendez, captured and executed in Jan 64; AMCANOE-4 (201-729621) - (REDACTION). AMCANOE-5 (201-727186) - (REDACTION). AMCANOE-6 (201-729610). AMCANOE-7 (201-729080) - Benjamin Acosta Valdes, captured, tried, and killed by firing squad 15 Sept 1963. AMCANOE-9 (201-SPACE) - Juan Amestoy Dominquez, killed 29 Sept 63 in a gun battle..."

Fabian Escalante, JFK: The Cuba Files, pg 242

"Benjamin Acosta Valdes, a Pentagon military intelligence agent who headed an espionage network transmitting information on military defense and resources, was sentenced in a Cuban court. After leaving Cuba in May, Acosta Valdes was recruited and trained in espionage and transmission and reception methods. On July 21, he was infiltrated via the Matanzas coast. Subsequently he began to operate from a house n Havana, where he was arrested by members of the DSE while transmitting to a Miami espionage station. Specialized communications equipment was seized from the house, as well as a Geiger counter to detect radioactivity, a miniature compass, two cipher pads, a work plan, a magnifying glass, microfilm, a Browning pistol with two chambers, and 100 bullets."


12/05/63, Cable from JMWAVE to Director: Slugline RYBAT TYPIC AMCANOE: "1. Late developments AMCANOE op. A. 4 Dec. Oscar Fernandez and Freddy Garcia called Manganello to clarify addition, unclear, portions 3 Dec call between AMCANOE-3 and Freddy Garcia. In A-3/Garcia conversation, A-3 stated 'make certain you tell my wife that Emelina me Abrazo repeat Emelina me Abrazo.' A-3 wife in Miami advised this private code phrase between husband and wife meaning A-3 in imminent danger, that he arrested or about to be.' According to Garcia, it obvious that A-3 could no longer use case officer challenge i.e. hair dying, two left feet, since AMCANOE-7 also given same challenge and it prob known now to DSE..."


03/03/64: Memorandum for the record from Carl E. Trettin, SAS/EDE: DATE: 2 March 1964: ..."2. Knowledgeable refugees arrive Miami: AMCANOE-1 reported that two refugees had arrived in Miami area and had brought with them a considerable amount of information about the Junta (Junta Revolucionario Civica Militar). These men were presently staying with AMCANOE-5 and were being debriefed by AMCANOES-5, 4 and 2 and Oscar Fernandez. According to AMCANOE-1 the men brought with them a lengthy report and a considerable amount of information about the activities of AMCANOE-3 and AMCANOE-7. I asked AMCANOE-1 to be sure that an orderly and thorough debriefing take place and to prepare a complete report to be sent to me as soon as possible. AMCANOE-2 is in charge of the debriefing and AMCANOE-1 promised that he would make sure a thorough job was done. (The arrival of these refugees was reported by WAVE in WAVE 2806 (IN 29117), 29 February 1964)..."

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