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Cryptonym: AMCANOE-2

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Unknown identity. AMCANOE-2 had the 201 number of 201-726572, and was an associate of AMCANOE-1 (Eduardo Garcia Molina), and AMCANOE-3 (Antonio Jose Ramirez Mendez), among others.


11/22/63: Cable from Director to JMWAVE (Orig: Carl E. Trettin, SAS/EDE): 201-727185: TYPIC AMCANOE: REF MEXI 6936 (IN 65039): "1. Tony of para six ref undoubtedly AMCANOE-3 (Antonio Jose Ramirez Mendez). Would appreciate being advised when Juan Herrera Valladeres located as desire have AMCANOE-1 (Eduardo Garcia Molina) or 2 debrief him regarding AMCANOE-3. C/S Comment: *Ref RYBAT (a high level of secrecy required to protect the message)." Releasing Officer: (Unintelligible) for Desmond FitzGerald, C/SAS. Coordinating Officers: C/SAS/EDE. C/SAS/MOB. SAS/MOB/PM. Authenticating Officer: E. A. Marelius, C/SAS/EOB.


11/23/63: Cable from Director to JMWAVE (Orig: SAS/EOB): RYBAT TYPIC AMCANOE: REF WAVE 8062 (IN 66834): "1. Have instructed AMCANOE-2 tell other AMCANOES no calls to be made to any inside ops contacts without prior approval HQs C.O. 2. AMCANOE-2 advised that he received call at home from AMCANOE-3 (Antonio Jose Ramirez Mendez) in Havana at 2210 hours 22 Nov 63. A-3 said 'John can call Maria at same telephone number.' Said further that Kike (Enrique Fernandez) not feeling well and stays at home. A-3 said would call A-2 at approx same time Monday, 25 Nov 63. 3. Interpret A-3 statements as meaning he able receive OWVL and that Kike in hiding. AMCANOE-7 (Benjamin Acosta Valdes) was issued four cipher pads picture published 15 Sept edition El Mundo shows what described and appear as four cipher pads which purportedly captured with A-7. 4. If all cipher material was captured and if A-3 statements correctly interpreted as meaning he able receive OWVL (One way, coded radio telegraphy link) message in system originally issued AMCANOE-7 must assume A-3 obtained pads from PBRUMEN (Cuba) authorities who controlling his actions. 5. Plan have AMCANOE-3 use previously established freedom challenge in conversation with A-3 on 25 Nov. Challenge reads 'has Klave (AMCANOE-7) dyed his hair.' A-3 to reply 'Klave has two left feet' if not under control. Any reasonable answer to question indicates under control. If A-3 should give correct no control answer intend have AMCANOE-2 attempt determine whether A-3 actually able receive OWVL or whether other media intended..." Releasing Officer: S. Halpern for Desmond FitzGerald, C/SAS. Coordinating Officer: SAS/MOB. Authenticating Officer: Edward A. Marelius, C/SAS/EOB.


11/23/63: Cable from JMWAVE to Director: ACTION: Mr. Marelius, SAS notified and copy slotted at, 1800 23 Nov 63: RYBAT TYPIC AMCANOE: "Request HQs not repeat not attempt have AMCANOE-2 place call as outlined para 3 Ref A, pending receipt report which expecting form AMGLEN-9 (probably Emilio Cardenas Pinera) per Ref B. Also while agree occasional open code messages acceptable if the appear be normal conversation, question re dyed hair and answer that Klave has two left feet will certainly call monitor's attention to conversation as suspicious. C/S Comment: *WAVE expected message, concerning maritime exfil of HQs asset."


11/25/63: Cable from Director to JMWAVE (Orig: Sherwood, C/SAS/EOB/DE): RYBAT TYPIC AMCANOE: "1. Confirming statement by Lapsley in telecon to Mangenello (Stephen P. Mangello) night 23 Nov 63, person originating call 25 Nov 63 inside PBRUMEN (Cuba) is AMCANOE-3 (Antonio Jose Ramirez Mendez), not AMCANOE-2. Therefore HQs unable prevent placement call. 2. Since must assume AMCANOE-2 identity and telephone number acquired by PBRUMEN G-2 from AMCANOE-7 (Benjamin Acosta Valdes), placement of call is probably greater hazard than content resulting conversation. 3. Believe AMCANOE-2 can easily work challenge into normal sounding conversation and AMCANOE-3 can answer with equal facility. Since call being placed anyway believe advisable take advantage this opportunity to attempt clarify AMCANOE-3 security status which for reasons stated Ref B appears suspect. 4. Have instructed AMCANOE-2 record conversation with AMCANOE-3 contents expected AMGLEN-9 (probably Emilio Cardenas Pinera) message available and pertinent, suggest WAVE contact AMCANOE-2 and brief him appropriately prior AMCANOE-3's call." Releasing Officer: Desmond FitzGerald, C/SAS. Coordinating Officers: C/SAS/EOB/EDE. C/SAS/MOB. Authenticating Officer: Edward A. Marelius, C/SAS/EOB.


11/27/63: Cable from Director to JMWAVE: Slugline RYBAT YOBITE TYPIC AMCANOE: "1. HQs regrets WAVE disturbed by sequence events connected with AMCANOE-3 (Antonio Jose Ramirez Mendez) telephone call. It certain that HQs and WAVE share concern for all agent assets involved. All actions taken by HQs were, are and will be intended to enhance the security of these assets. 2. We have attempted keep WAVE apprised in most expeditious fashion any AMCANOE-3 developments coming to our attention. To this end AMCANOE-2 was instructed on 22 Nov 63 contact and advise WAVE of first AMCANOE-3 telephone call. AMCANOE-2 advised 23 Nov that he had done this. After receipt WAVE 8115 which reflected either misreading or garble of Ref C, Lapsley called Manganello (Stephen P. Mangello) to ensure that WAVE correctly informed in regard who originating call. Para four Ref B also opened door for WAVE discuss second AMCANOE-3 phone call with AMCANOE-2 before call was made..."


12/09/63: Cable from Director: TYPIC AMCANOE: RE: WAVE 8515 (IN 73759): "1. Re para 1 ref: A. 5 December AMCANOE-2 reported HQs that wording MSG from AMCANOE-3 (Antonio Jose Ramirez Mendez) regarding Kmalina was, as best he can remember...Significant word is 'Kmelina' which connotes danger. In above context danger signal sounds less ominous than in sentence 'Kmelina de abrazo.' B. AMCANOE-2 learned that wife AMCANOE-3 has been sending letters to Flora Sotolongo Mendez in care of Flora's mother Celia Mendez Sanchez, Libertad 363 Bajo, Santo Suarez, Havana...believe some clarification required as our understanding from AMCANOE-2 was that Jose 'Pepito' Marti is brother-in-law Gerardo Martinez who married Marti's sister. Gerardo Cowley not believe related Marti... AMCANOE-2 learned that call from 'Virginia' on 21 November 1963 (DIR 84284) was actually made by Emma Cowley nee Recjo. This good evidence contact between Emma and Gerardo with whom AMCANOE-3 was staying at that time, according AMGLEN-9 (probably Emilio Cardenas Pinera)..."


12/10/63: Cable from Director to JMWAVE (Orig: C. E. Trettin, SAS/EDE): RYBAT TYPIC AMCANOE: RE: WAVE 8767 (IN 76977)*: "1. AMCANOE-2 called HQs 10 Dec to advise he had received collect call from unidentified person Havana ca. 2300 hours 9 Dec 63. A-2 did not accept call, using excuse he not the telephone subscriber and not authorized accept collect calls. Told operator could place call again 10 Dec 63 at about 2200 hours. 2. A-2 believes caller probably AMCANOE-3 (Antonio Jose Ramirez Mendez). Suggest WAVE C.O. with A-2 work out brief (?) for A-3 10 Dec call in which A-2 attempts subtly determine where A-3 now staying and from which phone he calling. May be able query something along lines 'can I call you at Oscar's (referring to Oscar Carbelliera). May also ask whether A-2 should write 'Ana' (reference to Havana accommodation address of A-3 - handwritten note: who trained by A-2 to write SW messages). Suggest consider having wife AMCANOE-3 present as she may be better able recognize and interpret any ambiguities in AMCANOE-3's statements. C/S Comment: *Excerpt AMGLEN-9 (probably Emilio Cardenas Pinera) SW message." Releasing Officer: S. Halpern for Bruce B. Cheever, AC/SAS. Coordinating Officers: for C/SAS/CI. for C/SAS/EDE. for C/SAS/MOB: Paul Maggio. SAS/MOB/FI: Paul Maggio. Authenticating Officer: Edward A. Marelius, C/SAS/EOB.


03/03/64: Memorandum for the record from Carl E. Trettin, SAS/EDE: "1. AMCANOE-1 (Eduardo Garcia Molina) moving to New York for approximately 4-6 months. Daughter has illness that needs medical care. Will stay with AMCANOE-2 for a week and then go to New York. 2. Debriefing of two Cuban refugees by AMCANOE-2, 4, 5, and Oscar Fernandez. AMCANOE-2 in charge of debriefing. Brought considerable amount of information on Junta (Junta Revolucionario Civica Militar) and the activities of AMCANOE-3 (Antonio Jose Ramirez Mendez) and 7. Refugees presently staying with AMCANOE-5. 3. Prisoner exchange deal with members of Dominican Republic Government in stalemate because of internal political crises. Eliseo Gomez told AMCANOE-1 he was abandoning attempt at a agreement and returning to Miami. 4. Proposal to assassinate Fidel Castro: AMCANOE-1 reported on an embryonic plan for assassination of Castro developed in a meeting with an associate in Miami, a businessman and ship owner, who also involved in gambling and slot machine activities. Associate had contacts with underworld over the latter. Alleged $150,000 contract payable on Castro's assassination. AMCANOE-1 thought he was approached because of his family's wealth..."

104-10308-10029: MEMO FOR: AMCANOE

Undated CIA document: Memorandum from Jane Zerance, Researcher: "1. Description: This project concerns U.S. contacts for a resistance group in Cuba. Support of the Unidad de Liberacion Nacional (ULN) and their plans and efforts to overthrow Castro. Principle players are: AMCANOE-1 (201-283570) - Eduardo Garcia Molina. AMCANOE-2 (201-726572) - (REDACTION). AMCANOE-3 (201-727185) - Antonio Jose Ramirez Mendez, captured and executed in Jan 64; AMCANOE-4 (201-729621) - (REDACTION). AMCANOE-5 (201-727186) - (REDACTION). AMCANOE-6 (201-729610). AMCANOE-7 (201-729080) - Benjamin Acosta Valdes, captured, tried, and killed by firing squad 15 Sept 1963. AMCANOE-9 (201-SPACE) - Juan Amestoy Dominquez, killed 29 Sept 63 in a gun battle..."

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