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Cryptonym: AMCALL-2

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Known as "Pepe Alegria", and possibly the man known to Antonio Veciana as "Melton". HIs actual identity may have been CIA officer James O'Mailia, described as a cutout to AMCALL-1/Reynoldo Gonzalez. O'Mailia was also known as "Pepe".
But was James O'Mailia actually Pepe Alegria? And was Pepe Alegria actually AMCALL-2?

1994.04.26.09:46:28:100005: Reel 52, Folder J: Reinol Gonzales

1959-1961: Debriefing of Gonzalez Conducted by Carl Jenkins: In 1959, Rev. Enrique Osler (AMOURETTE-9, 201-137858) introduced Reinol Gonzalez/AMCALL-1 to Professor James O'Mailia ("Pepe") of Villanueva University, an Agency representative. (201-254140). Pepe provided economic aid and arms to the anti-Castro labor movement...In September 1960, (Reinol Gonzalez/AMCALL-1) decided to go to Miami to confer with Manuel Artime Buesa/AMBIDDY-1, the external representative of the MRR. He told Pepe, who arranged for a visa for AMCALL-1 within four hours. In Miami, AMCALL-1 met in the Pan American Hotel with 'Mr. Jim Smith' (probably Fravel Brown, a Miami case officer) in a private meeting (and told him they needed supplies)...Back in Cuba, AMCALL-1 arranged three supply drops through Pepe in Dec 1960/Jan 1961. Two fell into Security hands, and one went to an MRP group in the Escambray. Pepe lived in Miramar and stayed in Cuba until about Dec 1961. AMCALL-1 was in touch with him until AMCALL-1's arrest in Oct 1961."

Matthew Scheufele, "Mr. Veciana Did You Mean Merton?", To Seek a New World blog: https://toseekanewrworld.wordpress.com/

1960-61: "Veciana informed the committee that once he agreed to work for Bishop (in 1960) he was put into a two-three week training program conducted in the evenings by a Mr. Melton. At various times during the period 1959-1961, Melton is alleged to have conducted the instruction mentioned above in an office in the El Vedado section of Havana. The building was named “Edificio LaRampa”, which also housed offices for the Moa Bay Mining Company, and, in addition, a Berlitz language school...(T)he routing sheet (has) very specific instructions in the quest for Melton. “Please check Melton and variations of name. If he was instructing in 1959 he must have DOB of 1941 or earlier,” and “Any institutional memory of such a person?” These second part of the request was directed to the Latin Affairs Division of the CIA." Researcher Jerry Shinley provided the two posts above suggesting that "Pepe" may be Melton.


07/13/60: Cable from Director to JMASH, Havana (Orig: P. Toomey, WH/4): JMNET REF: HAVA 4842 (IN 48562)* "Was action taken ref? *WH Comment: Station requested letter of AMWAIL (Agrapucion Montecristi) to AMCALL-1 (Reinol Gonzalez Gonzalez) and -2 asking for periodic reports on their labor activities." Releasing Officer: J. D. Esterline, C/WH/4. Coordinating Officer: WH/4/PA (Initials).


9/7/60 cable from Havana to Director: "AMCALL-1 does not expect contact in MASH, but told me he may be contacted by person identifying himself as 'friend of James'. AMCALL-1 not witting of (CIA) or (USA) interest, however he knows station cutout James O'Mailia as local rep of Christian Fellowship Fund who well-connected local (US State Department)...(At Manuel Ray/AMBANG-1's insistence, ADR changing its name to MRP.)

NARA Record Number: 104-10271-10252: CABLE: MADE CONTACT PER REF A ON 8 SEP

9/10/60: "In brief discussion on MRP AMCALL-2 made it sound very much like AMYUM only less "clerical" (Catholic centered). Same general organizational set-up, interested in organizing in same fields. Claimed greatest success among students with much harder going in labor...HQ stated contact with AMCALL-1 should be made on the basis of merit AMCALL-1 organ and not on the basis of AMCALL-1 being intermediary of Ray."


9/27/60 memo from Havana to Director: "AMCALL-2 went (to) DIER HQ when advised of raid and told DIER had info AMOURETTE-9 hiding arms in AMCALL HQS."

NARA Record Number: 104-10193-10319: AMCALL OPERATIONS

12/14/60 memo: "As Headquarters is aware, Biniaris has had a great deal of difficulty in dealing with AMCALL-2 and AMOURETTE-11. Both have been reluctant to provide detailed reporting and it may be that they feel close inspection by JMCLIPPER (the National Catholic Welfare Conference) of the extent their respective organizations are using funds for clandestine activity might result in some security breach or reduction in funding. While we are not sure, there is a good chance that the "Pepe Alegria" referred to in AMCALL-1's letter to AMOURETTE-9 is actually AMCALL-2." End of 1961: See 104-10217-10336, p. 3 of 22 - Pepe lived in Miramar and stayed in Cuba until December 1961. At pages 2 & 9, Pepe is identified as O'Mailia.

Larry Daley, "James O'Mailia CIA Contact in Havana Circa 1961", posted 10/7/06: http://www.genealogy.com/forum/surnames/topics/omelia/464/

Ros, Enrique 2006 El clandestinaje y la lucha armada contra castro/ The clandestinity and the arm(ed) fight against Castro (Cuba Y Sus Jueces) Ediciones Universal, Miami ISBN 1593880790 on page p. 227 mentions James O’Mailia, a professor in the University of Villanueva in Havana being a contact between the anti-Castro resistance and the CIA. Although I remember him as Mr. O'Malley who taught at St. George's School in Havana, these are apparently the same person. Of course O'Malley,O'Melia, O Malia are the same (I do not speak Gaelic) After the British Embassy enabled my release from Cuba jail and I reached Miami in 1962, I tried to reach him he was very upset and asked me not to call him again....... Still he is a fond memory of those times and I hold his memory in kind regard.As I write about those times at: http://narrations-of-war-in-cuba.blogspot.com/2006/09/index-narrations-of-war-in-cuba.htmlhttp://narrations-of-war-in-cuba.blogspot.com/2006/09/index-narrations-of-war-in-cuba.html

104-10217-10189: Cable re: Wife of Amcall-1 Arriving Madrid Morning Twenty June as per Ref

1970 memo: As AMCALL-1's wife was negotiating to get her husband freed from Cuban prison, this CIA memo makes it clear that "a friend of Pepe Alvarez" may contact her. May be a reference to "Pepe", also known as James O'Mailia. The previous year, AMCALL-1's wife contacted CIA and asked for James O' Mailia to contact her.

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