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Cryptonym: AMCALL-1

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Reinol Gonzalez Gonzalez, head of the Catholic-based MRP in Cuba until arrested at the Cesar Odio farm in October 1961. Also referred to as "Reynoldo". His war name was "Antonio". Also used alias "Joaquin Gomez".
The Papal Nuncio got AMCALL-1/Reynoldo Gonzalez freed back in 1958.

During the Batista regime, Gonzalez organized the bank employees in a strike against Batista. Gordon Biniaris was his case officer until Binaris' arrest during April 1961. See Reel 52, Folder J - REINOL GONZALES, p. 205: A memo in Spanish refers to his pseudonym as "Joaquin" in marginalia. See 104-10192-10238: Referred to in this 9/760 memo as "Joaquin Gomez".

In July 1961, he was described by AMPAN-2 as the national coordinator and President of the JOC (Juventad Obrera Catolica). https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=55256&relPageId=35&search="juventud_obrera%20catolica"%20AND%20PRESIDENT (A copy that lifts some of these redactions can be found at the AMPAN-2 crypt) 104-10217-10397, p. 3: He was paid $200/month to work for JMCLIPPER:

After Gonzalez's 1961 capture, he was a prisoner until 1970...to understand the tragedies that shaped Neighborhood Committees in the Defense of the Revolution, see this 12/7/61 statement by Gonzalez: http://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=48189&search=%22Dalia_Jorge%22#relPageId=2&tab=page His security office number was 215661 and his C number was C-82920. See https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=103874#relPageId=20&search=215661 and 104-10117-10264, p. 2 of 3.


This memo provides a wealth of data on Reynoldo Gonzalez Gonzalez. "In March 1958, back in Cuba, Gonzalez was arrested by Batista's police. After the Papal Nuncio promised that Gonzalez would leave Cuba, he was freed, and went to Costa Rica, then Nicaragua." He handled the radios in Venezuela for the July 26th movement. AMCALL-1 was the secretary general of the JOC (Joventud Obrera Catolica, aka Catholic Youth Workers) and the United Christian Workers, the UTC. The last page notes that "A POA for Gonzalez, as AMCALL-1, was granted 12 May 1960."

124-90139-10123: No Title

1958: Father Enrique Osler was the spiritual advisor of the Catholic Youth Workers, also known as the Joventud Obrera Catolica or the JOC. Osler may have been AMOURETTE-9. "The Church was very much against Batista. Certainly the Catholic Action groups such as the JOC were in the forefront of the battle against the dictatorship. The clergy was 85-90% against the regime...Reino Gonzalez was arrested by Buro de Investigaciones, and Padre Osler asked Buro if there was any specific charges against him, and was told no...So he got in touch with the (Papal) Nuncio and the Archbishop and put pressure on them, and they finally agreed to let him leave the country...Gonzalez went to Venezuela, where he operated the rebel radio."


On 8/19/60, AMCALL-1 revealed makeup of new group Accion Democratica Revolucionaria (ADR): "A. National Directorate: Humberto Perez, Sammy Diaz, Amalio Fiallo, Hector Ravelo, Antonio Fernandez Nueva and AMCALL-1. B. National Coordinator: AMCALL-1 and others hope to persuade Manolo Ray assume this position. Action arms: Roberto Jiminez, FEU pres at Univ of Las Villas who claims to have 1000 men ready to take the hills and fight at proper time. Sammy Diaz and Sergio Gutierrez at Univ of Havana. Mary Habach at Univ of Villanueva. D. Sabotage team: Palomares FNU, former assistance to Odon de la Campa when latter was with Civic Resistance Movement. Carlos Matos who has twenty men in Agrupacion Catolico Universitar who now spotting targets. 2. AMCALL-1 provided Biniaris with letter to AMWAIL in which he argues with FRD concept of sending able bodied men out of Cuba for invasion preparations without first having established a solid internal resistance organization here...The ADR was going to meet with David Salvador...(but they) rejected Salvador..(ODACID/State Dept) crazy and shortsighted (if working with him)...Station of opinion AMCALL-1 and ADR should be given serious consideration in total JMARC program. Have requested he provide radio operator candidate to be trained by AMPHODARCH-11...(Chief of Station) comment: HAVA reported AMCALL-1 developing clandestine action arm of AMCALL." Also see 104-10271-10144, ADR file, 9/16/60, handwritten memo describing above and a little more - Amalio Fiallo - AMWAIL...Elena Mederos (mother of AMCOAX-1), Jorge Beruff, (Octavio?) Barroso and Chibas described as "Ray men"...Jose Duarte linked to AMPAN; Diaz Masvidal linked to AMULAR... 104-10192-10238: 9/7/60, AMCALL-1, trying to have ADR admitted into AMCIGAR/FRD, stating that ADR will change its name to MRP, changed at insistence of Manolo Ray: "Substance this message hand carried MASH (Havana CIA station) by station courier Nelson L. Raynock (Henry Hecksher)."


8/25/60 cable from Twicker (Howard Hunt): "In memo dated 23 Aug 60 AMWAIL/Justo Carrillo stated AMRASP (FRD Exec Comm) should keep eye on new anti-Castro group now forming. Raul Chibas (201-248160) ostensibly head but behind him are Manuel Ray, Marcelo Fernandez, Julio Duarte and Jose Pepin Bosch/AMRUM-1. Chibas told AMWAIL that Jose Miro Cardona/AMBUD-1 would follow Chibas line which would be neither join nor fight AMRASP but help if necessary. Bosch financing Chibas and Miro with initial credit line..." Chief of Station comment: "Asked for permission to meet with Jose Pepe Duarte Oropesa/AMBANG-3, Manuel Ray, AMPAN-2 and David Salvador to discuss anti-Castro program, plans of action and possible (US) support." See 104-10117-10402, 9/21/60: ELV for Joseph Piccolo, WH/4/Ops wrote CI/OA, attn: Drew Kohler asking for OA for "Reinol Gonzalez Modera" who visited Fort Meyers, FL in Feb. 60 allegedly born 2/12/32, Subject born 4/24/32, "please grant OA". For additional comments, see 104-10217-10382. See 104-10217-10378: 9/27/60: "AMCALL headquarters raided by DIER night of Sept. 25. AMCALL-2 went to DIER when advised of raid and told DIER had info AMOURETTE-9 hiding arms in AMCALL HQS. Search revealed no arms and DIER told AMCALL-2 return for further questioning night of 27 Sept. While AMOURETTE-9 out of country, AMCALL-2 fronting for AMCALL organization. AMCALL-1 feels self and AMCALL-2 may have to go underground near future. A-1 introducing Biniaris alternate contact provide means commo meet this contingency."


"AMCALL-1 developing clandestine action arm of AMCALL. AMOURETTE-9 opposed to this development, but Station feels AMCALL-1 should receive encouragement and assistance this undertaking through Gordon M. Biniaris in name of AMWAIL." See 104-10274-10037: By Sept 1960, the word was that "bulk of AMCALL organization was working with MRP". See 104-10167-10446: Gordon Biniaris was AMCALL-1's case officer until Biniaris was arrested during April 1961. See Reel 52, Folder J - REINOL GONZALES, p. 127: When asked about his CIA contacts in Cuba and Florida, Gonzalez said, "(When the US embassy was still in Havana)...Dewit or Dewill or something similar...(after the embassy left)...Cawy Comellas, Jorge Comellas, Pascasio Lineras, Mario Massip, ("Omar" and "Felipe") and many others with false names...Guantamamo Naval Base...(directed) the entry and the exit of personnel."


"When Manolo Ray left Cuba in 1960, he appointed one Reynoldo Gonzalez as head of the MRP. Gonzalez and 20 or 30 other MRPers were arrested in September 1961. In October 1961 Gonzalez identified Zabala's brother (identical twin) Domingo as a member of the MRP." See 124-10214-10381: "Reinaldo Gonzalez (was arrested), a high-placed Cuban counter-revolutionist...also rounded up (were) scores of agents who were in a network formerly directed by Manuel Ray, a leading Cuban renegade. The arrests were made in connection with a planned invasion in Cuba to oust Castro. When arrested Gonzalez stated that Ray fell out with the CIA authorities when they appointed somebody they regarded as more reliable than Ray to head the inner works of sabotage and invasion in Cuba."


This cable discusses AMCALL-1's 1961 arrest and imprisonment in Cuba. "Former head of UTC and internal coordinator of MRP gave loyal service (to) AMCRACKLE and (Cuban) station (Project AMCALL)." AMCALL-1 was a paid agent of the CIA.


Mid-Sept 1961: The MRP, headed by Reinol Gonzalez, a Catholic, now completely separated from Ray's/(AMBANG-1) group..."All the Catholic groups...are now integrated into the MRP under Gonzalez."

Fabian Escalante, The Secret War (Ocean Press, 1995), pp. 97-99

9/29/61: Fidel may have been confused about the plots: "On September 29, Dalia Jorge Diaz was caught in the act of planting an incendiary device in the Sears store...this action formed part of the so-called Operation Liborio, which consisted of a series of synchronized acts of sabotage on the same day and time, in order to set Havana on fire...on October 11, on (note: Amador Odio's) farm in Wajay, an area just outside the city of Havana, Reynold Gonzalez, the MRP's top man, was captured along with a group of his collaborators. He spoke at a televised news conference to inform the public of the details of Operation Liborio...'When President Dorticos left for the socialist countries, the military section of our movement, commanded by (Antonio) Veciana, who had an apartment in front of the Presidential Palace, planned an attempt against Fidel and the other leaders. At that time, we had a bazooka and everything necessary in the apartment. When Dorticos' return was announced, the plans were concretized, including the burning of the main department stores in Havana, such as Sears, J. Valles, Fin de Siglo...this failed because the people's guard in the stores detained the persons who had this mission...the attempt was not carried out, and now the apartment and the equipment is in the hands of the State Security Department."

1994.04.26.09:46:28:100005: Reel 52, Folder J - REINOL GONZALES

Nov. 1961: After Reynoldo Gonzalez was captured by the government, he was interviewed on television. When asked about the Pentagon, CIA and State Dept., he emphasized that there were differences among the three. "(The MRP) received little aid, because our leader then and the whole movement maintained relations mainly with State Department and the group of Latin American political leaders headed by Romulo Betancourt, Munoz Marin, Jose Figueros, Raul Haya de la Torre, German Arciniegas, Norman Thomas of the Socialist Party - all those who gather around State Department...(the CIA) never said anything about the plans (for Cuba) and only were giving the material for sabotages and more sabotages." When asked about the sabotage, Gonzalez replied, "we burned El Encanto, the Ten Cents, tbe piers, one of the pier towers, the tobacco factory, the paper plant of Puentes Grandes. The tobacco plant here in Havana...we had a plan to attack Fidel and the Ministers Council. Then we had the equipment, the bazookas, etc necessary for this attack...then a plan was made of a chain of sabotage action in the stores of Havana, Sears, J Valles, Fin de Siglo, La Epoca and several more. In total we were planning to burn 15 stores. This plan failed because of the vigilance in the labor centers, where the people who went to place the pencils were arrested. Then, in spite of all this the act in the Palace was held but inexplicably the principal organizer of the attack took a boat and went to the US so the attack failed and today all the equipment is in the Department of State Security." (page 132 of 296) The above refers to "organizer" Antonio Veciana. Gonzalez ended by stating, "I simply believe that it is fruitless and suicide to maintain the internal struggle...I am pleading (to) all of my comrades still left of my organization that they cease all their activities and return to their homes..." (page 136 of 298)


1970: Gonzalez was held prisoner by the Castro government for about nine years. This memo discusses negotiations and payments for his release in 1970.

1994.04.26.09:46:28:100005: Reel 52, Folder J - REINOL GONZALES

(At p. 179): "(The CIA has) delivered large quantities of equipment for sabotage exclusively: Gelatin, (time fuses?) and such things. But...they would not deliver (weapons) if they were not absolutely certain that it was for men totally dependent on the CIA and the US government...at page 27: At prisoner exchange meeting during October 1978, attended by George Volsky (AMTRUNK-1) of the New York Times and Replica newspapers, Fidel Castro described Reynoldo Gonzalez as an old friend. "Fidel told Subject that he would have been released much sooner except that many people in the GOC opposed it because Subject had burned the El Encanto Department store on 16 April 1961. Fidel said subject had done it as a preliminary to the invasion that he knew was coming the next day. Subject replied that he had not done it, and had known nothing about the invasion any more than was known on the street at the time."

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