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Cryptonym: AMBUNNY-1

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Unknown identity. AMBUNNY-1 was to be sent to Paris, to be a French-English-Spanish speaking secretary, at the suggestion of Sidney P. Di Ubaldo, in 1965. The aim was to penetrate UNSNAFU-19's (Antonio Maria Carrillo Carreras) office.
AMBUNNY-1 met with Carlos Tepedino (AMWHIP-1) and Norris W. Damicone. In addition, AMBUNNY-1 had the 201 number of 201-775391. Also, Sidney P. Di Ubaldo used the alias of Breitheim, and Damicone used the alias of Al Marin in the memoranda below.


05/21/65, Memo for the record from Sidney P. Di Ubaldo (used alias of Breitheim): "1. On 20 May I phoned Subject and requested that he travel to Washington to discuss the background of his discussions with UNSNAFU-19 from which stemmed the suggestion that A-1 supply a French-English-Spanish speaking secretary to U-19's mission in Paris. The meeting was quite short for as it turned out, the discussion between Subject and U-19 on the topic of secretaries, which had taken place in March 1965, had been little more than a casual sort of thing devoid of any specifics whatever and, in particular, devoid of any commitment by either party to proffer or to accept a profferred body. Nevertheless, Subject felt quite certain that slots would still be open in U-19's mission and that a recommendation from him would suffice to effect favorable action by U-19. 2. I sketched AMBUNNY's qualifications stressing the fact that she had gone to school in the U.S., had worked here, and had done a hitch as a social secretary for the (REDACTION). Subject drew the obvious conclusions that it might be difficult to dummy up AMBUNNY's labenslauf adequately to prevent her from being 'discovered' by the Cubans. At any rate, since she was our only candidate, Subject agreed to meet with her in New York so that together they could thresh out the pragmatics of the problem. The meeting was set for 22 May. Al Marin (alias) would participate in this meeting. 3. For the record, I should like to note that in the two and a half years since I had last seen Subject he had aged over 15 years. When I last saw him he was a round-faced, dark-haired, boyish person and has now been transformed into a very grey, very puffy, 50 year old man though I understand his chronological age is something short of 40. These observations have nothing to do with anything except they might indicate that Subject is living under a great strain..."


06/02/65, Memo for the record from Norris W. Damicone (used alias of Al Marin): "1. I had introduced AMBUNNY-1 (201-775391) and AMWHIP-1 to each other 24 May but the office was crowded, so there was very little opportunity to discuss operational matters. We met again on the above date, after business hours, and we were able to meet in private. Although AMWHIP told me that he was delighted with AMBUNNY-1 herself, as he said the 'Cubans like that kind of girl - not too fancy', he thought that her background - particularly her previously working for the (REDACTION) would make the operation very risky. He said that if it were discovered that AMBUNNY-1 was a penetration of the UNSNAFU-19 office (by the Cubans), his connection with U.S. would then be revealed, with the result that all his 'connections' with UNSNAFU-19, and 'Habana' would be lost. AMWHIP-1 opined that he thought it likely that the Cubans would check her out in Bolivia. 2. AMWHIP suggested the possibility of using a cutout to introduce AMBUNNY-1 to the UNSNAFU-19 installation. He said he would explain in detail at a later time, what he meant, obviously not wanting to reveal any more than necessary to AMBUNNY-1. 3. Also, AMWHIP-1 stated that he was unable to travel to Paris before mid-June, as he had some relatives coming to visit him from Italy. After checking with Di Ubaldo, I subsequently informed AMWHIP-1 and AMBUNNY-1 that the Paris operation was off. Both expressed relief. I told AMBUNNY-1 that she could most likely still be utilized in Rabat, and that we would discuss the possibilities at a later date."

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