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AMBUD-8 was Maximo Sorondo Quintana, a Cuban Revolutionary Council (CRC) delegate in Colombia, Dominican Republic, and Brazil in the 1960's.
Two cables on February 12, 1963, confirmed that AMBUD-8 was Maximo Sorondo Quintana.

A cable on March 21, 1962, stated that Maximo Sorondo was a special delegate to CRC in Colombia. He was born on May 25, 1923, in Havana.

A memo on November 6, 1962, stated that "Dr. Miro informed me that they are planning to send Maximo Sorondo to be the new delegate in Brazil. Previously, Sorondo had been a delegate in Columbia and also for a short time the delegate in the Dominican Republic and then came back here when the situation became difficult in the Dominican Republic."

A dispatch from JMWAVE on December 21, 1962, stated that Maximo Sorondo replaced Angel Aparacio Laurencio (AMTOAD-1) as head CRC delegate in Brazil.

A cable on March 4, 1963, stated that "Roche told AMBUD-8 he one of original members Castro G-2 into which he recruited Miguel Brugueras, whose pseudo was Gerardo."

An FBI airtel on July 7, 1965, stated that "SJ T-1 is Maximo Sorondo Quintana, who requested that his identity be concealed."

1994.06.24.14:30:04:280005: Reel 70, Folder J - AMBUD DELEGATES

01/02/62: Memorandum for Office: Subject: Copy of letter report from Maximo Sorondo, delegate in Brazil, to Dr. Miro: "1. Attached is a copy of the letter received by Dr. Miro from Maximo Sorondo, newly assigned CRC delegate to Brazil. The letter is dated 24 December. It covers on page 1 some of the interviews with the Brazilian press and the attitude toward the Cuban situation observed by the writer. On page 2 there are comments about the visit of Mr. Robert Kennedy, the forthcoming plebiscite, communists in the cabinet, meeting with the Cuban colony, and finally the activities of Sorondo, including a conversation with the representative 'amigo.' Other contacts made are narrated on page 3, and the location of the CRC Delegation office and telephone are reported in paragraph 8 of the letter report. 2. This is the kind of periodic letter report that the Council should require of all of its delegates and I am so indicating to Dr. Miro."


03/21/62: Cable from Bogota to JMWAVE: "1. Maximo Sorondo Quintana, special delegate to CRC in Colombia, making formal application for U.S. visa 22 March. State Department visa clearance by cable 14 March. Has copy of letter from Dr. Jose Miro Cardona to Mr. Robert F. Hale, Director, Visa Office, State Department, dated 6 March. Letter requested non-quota immigrant visa and said Sorondo will leave Miami on mission involving organization of CRC in BOGO. 2. Subject has 201-288269. Born 25 May 1923, Havana, Cuba. Cuban passport 24453 expires 18 June 63. 3. BOGO has access to subject thru GIAFFORD-1 who says subject leaving for Miami soonest."

1994.06.24.14:07:29:530005: Reel 69, Folder N - [DELETION] MEMOS FOR OFFICE

11/06/62: Memorandum for office: Subject: Dr. Miro to meet with Jose Manuel Gutierrez and Nunez: Page 2: ..."Change of delegates of the C.R.C...Dr. Miro informed me that they are planning to send Maximo Sorondo to be the new delegate in Brazil. Previously, Sorondo had been a delegate in Columbia and also for a short time the delegate in the Dominican Republic and then came back here when the situation became difficult in the Dominican Republic..."


12/21/62: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, Task Force W: "The following is a brief resume of the activities of the CRC during the month of November 1962. A. ACTIVITIES: ...3. The head CRC delegate in Rio de Janeiro (IDEN A) was expelled from Brazil for his strong anti-Castro stand and his public remarks chiding the Brazilian Government for its 'non-intervention' policy. He has been replaced by IDEN B. IDEN A is now the CRC Delegate to Chile. Miro was very appreciative of the steps undertaken by Stations Rio and Buenos Aires to assure a warm welcome for IDEN A in Buenos Aires where he spent a few days upon departure from Brazil and for the propaganda exploitation of IDEN A's expulsion." - - - Page 6: "IDENTITY SHEET: IDEN A - Angel Aparacio Laurencio. IDEN B - Maximo Sorondo Quintana."

104-10236-10385: CABLE; POA GRANTED (SORONDO) 9 JAN 1963

02/05/63: Cable from JMWAVE to Director: GYROSE: "Ref UFGA 6674. POA granted (Sorondo) 9 Jan 63. 201-288269. Handwritten note: Maximo Sorondo Quintana, AMBUD (Cuban Revolutionary Council - CRC) delegate Brazil."

104-10236-10382: CABLE: REF DIR 16992

02/12/63: Cable: Director to Rio de Janeiro: "A. Pedro Aponte Mendez. B. Maximo Sorondo Quintana. Handwritten note: AMBUD-7 & AMBUD-8" - - - 02/12/63: Cable: Director to Rio de Janeiro: IDENS assigned AMBUD-7 and 8, 201-289927 and 288269 respectively. Handwritten note: 7 - Pedro Aponte Mendez; 8 - Maximo Sorondo Quintana." https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=13441&search=#relPageId=2&tab=page


03/04/63: Cable to Director and JMWAVE: "1. Roche told AMBUD-8 he one of original members Castro G-2 into which he recruited Miguel Brugueras, whose pseudo was Gerardo. (RIOD-prepared press expose late Jan identified Brugueras as Gerardo who authored documents found in Lima crash). Roche mentioned Brugueras dept to Castroism and face he close to Che Guevara and Ramiro Valdez; but feels he smart enough not summarily dismiss recruitment proposition. Roche wants phone Brugueras and identify self by G-2 pseudo 'El Cojo' for pitch. 2. Roche knows of three penetrations of CRC. One is Nino Diaz deputy (handwritten: Pardino Iriate), who former owner OFW Clube los 700 in Santiago, Cuba. Roche forgot his name but G-2 pseudo is 'El Guajiro.' Has scar on stomach. Other two are man and wife whose escape to Florida in small boat earlier this year covered in press. 3. Roche also identified Wilkin as G-2 chief whose pseudo is Santiago. Said that Guadencio Interian who travels as DIP courier is actually important officer transmitting directions from Ramon Cesar Cuenca of Cuban Embassy MEXI..."


03/05/63: Memorandum for office from T.F.P/PASSAVOY: "1. Attached are two reports from Sorondo (Brazil), dated 23 and 24 February. 2. The first (23 Feb.) related to Cubans reaching Brazil from asylum in Brazil Embassy in Havana and their disposition in Brazil; also information on the suicide of Padilla and assassination of Pedro Fernandez. 3. The second report (24 Feb.) refers to activities in Brazil - government and local items, and activities of the CRC Delegation with reference also to Aponte's arrival, aid from Amigos, etc."


04/16/63: Information Report: "1. Jose Miro Cardona said that he definitely plans to resign from the Consejo Revolucionario Cubana (CRC, Cuban Revolutionary Council) at the 18 April meeting of the council...3. Miro is receiving numerous letters and telegrams of support." - - - Page 2: ..."CRC delegates Maximo Sorondo and Hector Garmedia of Brazil, and Eddy Leal of Colombia. Messages have also been received from various army trainees..."


06/02/65: Airtel from SAC, Miami to the Director: "Re San Juan with 1hm dated 4/27/64 with lead for Miami to interview Maximo Sorondo. Miami has been in contact with Sorondo's wife since that time and she has advised her husband resides in the Dominican Republic, but she would him contact the Miami Office if and when he returns to the U.S. During May, 1965, efforts have been negative in attempting to contact Sorondo or his wife. On June 1, 1965, INS, Miami, advised that on May 26, 1965, Sorondo's INS file A12 447 455 was transferred to San Juan and it appears he now resides in Puerto Rico. San Juan will interview Sorondo concerning information set forth in referenced San Juan 1hm."


07/07/65: Airtel from SAC, San Juan to the Director: ..."SJ T-1 is Maximo Sorondo Quintana, who requested that his identity be concealed..." - - - Page 2: "On July 1, 1965, SJ T-1, a Cuban exile leader in Puerto Rico with contacts in the Dominican Republic, but with whom insufficient contact has been had to determine his reliability, furnished the following information concerning Cuban exile activities in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic: Source advised that Maximo Sorondo Quintana, former representative of the Cuban Revolutionary Council in Brazil in 1962, and Colombia in 1963, had been in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, since about September, 1963, when Sorondo and a friend, Frank Varona Gandarilla, became coordinates for Cuban exile groups in Santo Domingo. Varona is sales manager for the Leon Tobacco Company in Santo Domingo, presently living in Miami, Florida, but who plans to return to Santo Domingo in the very near future. Source advised Dom Rep. that Sorondo was the Cuban exile contact with Colonel Juan Folch and General Miguel Atila Luna Perez of the Dominican Government. Sorondo was responsible for bases of operation being established for the Segundo Frente Nacional Del Escambray (Second National Front of the Escambray) (SNFE) and worked closely with Cecilio Vasquez Gomez of the SNFE in Santo Domingo. Source advised that Sorondo was responsible for the coordination between the Dominican Government and establishment of bases for the Directorio Revolucionario Estudiantil (Student Revolutionary Directorate) (DRE), Movimiento Democratico Cristiano (Democratic Christian Movement) (MDC), led by Laureano Batista Falla." CONTINUED BELOW


"Source stated that Sorondo was aware of the operations of the Movimiento Recuperacion Revolucionario (Revolutionary Recuperacion Movement) (MRR) of Manuel Artime and the Junta Revolucionario Cubana (Cuban Revolutionary Junta) (JURE) of Manuel Ray Rivero, in Santo Domingo, but was not officially in contact with these groups. The MRR was located on Beata Island on the south coast and the JURE maintained a vessel at the Dominican Naval Station near Santo Domingo. The JURE contact man in the Dominican Republic was Hector Inchaustegui Cabral, cousin of the ex-Dominican President, Donald Reid Cabral. The military chief of the DRE was Isidro Borgas, also known as 'Chilo'/AMHINT-5 and at one time the DRE had 25 men in a camp on Catalinita Island off the south coast of the Dominican Republic. Source advised that he knew of Enrique Casado Cuervo, who has a fishing boat called the 'Shark V' which operates between Santo Domingo and Puerto Rico. Casado overtly is a fisherman, does not belong to any one Cuban group, but appears to be more than a simple fisherman..."

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