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Cryptonym: AMBUD-3

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Dr. Antonio Maceo. Several CIA accounting bills for late 1964 make it clear that Dr. Vicente Lago Pereda was the scriptwriter for AMBUD-3. Receipts mentioned Dr. Antonio Maceo giving Lago $45 for his services.
Evalena S. Vidal was one of the two CIA officers who signed the accounting bills, the other was COS, JMWAVE, Theodore (Ted) Shackley. Vidal probably used the pseudonym Alice Caponong, and CIA documents show that Caponong was in touch with Antonio Maceo in 1963.

Maceo was a leading member of the FRD and the Cuban Revolutionary Council (CRC), and was president of the latter from around May to late June of 1963. He succeeded Dr. Jose Miro Cardona (AMBUD-1) after Miro's resignation in April, 1963, and was in turn succeeded by Tony Varona: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=1212&relPageId=62&search=

Dr. Antonio Maceo presented a medical radio program from 1963.

Official History of the Bay of Pigs Operation, Volume II: Participation in the Conduct of Foreign Policy Current Section: H. The Changing Political Climate

CIA document: Page 79: ..."The training facilities in Guatemala also had other visitors during the early part of 1961 - the leaders of the FRD, Tony Varona, Antonio Maceo, and Manuel Artime. The FRD visit was precipitated in large part because of charges that were filtering back to Miami that the Batistiano factions were trying to penetrate - or perhaps had even captured - the leadership in the training camps at JMTRAV (an infantry training base for the Bay of Pigs invasion. On a plot of land ten miles away from Finca Helvetia, a Guatemalan coffee plantation near Retalhuleu) and JMADD (Retalhuleu Air Base, used for air training at the time of the Bay of Pigs). In mid-February 1961, the FRD leaders were moved to Guatemala by black flight; and they were met by Roberto Alejos, who played host for a session at which Ydigoras was in attendance..."

1994.06.22.16:46:49:000005: Reel 64, Folder B - CRC - PUBLICITY/PROPAGANDA (AMBUD), JUNE 62 - AUGUST 62.

06/11/62: Memorandum for the record No. 349: Subject: Weekly Summary of Cuban Revolutionary Council and Related Activities, Week of 3 - 9 June 1962: Pages 4-5: ..."14. On Thursday afternoon, 7 June, prior to leaving Miami, Dr. Miro gave an announcement to the press and radio which was broadcast that evening and the following day over several Miami stations, and appeared in Diario las Americas, that the Cuban Revolutionary Council was arranging with Mercy Hospital, Miami, for the continuance of complete and competent surgical and medical treatment of those prisoners of Giron beach who needed further treatment: and that he had designated Dr. Antonio Maceo, one of the members of the Council, to complete the arrangements, while he, Dr. Miro, was away from Miami on a trip thru Central America visiting the delegations of the Council. Before his departure Dr. Miro called in Dr. Maceo and explained the arrangements to be made, and also telephoned to Dr. Lamar, medical officer, who is also one of the 60 prisoners liberated by Castro in April. Lamar indicated to Dr. Miro that the prisoners were dissatisfied with Mercy Hospital and its surgical service...Miro told him to discuss the matter with Dr. Maceo. This was done the following day, and Maceo later talked to Lamar, along with Montero, leader of the group of sixty prisoners, and asked the latter to prepare a written memorandum covering their objections..."


04/18/63: Cable from JMWAVE to Director (Releasing IWO: Charles M. Bounds): Slugline INTEL TYPIC: "SUPDATA: AMCONCERT-1 (Francisco Wilfredo Varona Alonso) on 16 Apr from Maceo. Maceo said Miro planning trip Costa Rica and Spain...Source: Member (C) of an anti-Castro organization in exile from Antonio Maceo."


04/29/63: Cable (Orig: PW/Caponong): "1. Dr. Antonio Maceo informed Caponong (probably Evalena S. Vidal) AM 29 April of events subsequent to ref. Residual CRC held meeting noon 28 April at which Maceo informed members financial aid be completely terminated after May payment except for medical program, heroes and martyrs fund and family assistance to officers in advanced training. Maceo stated that Crimmins office had informed him of this reality and had also said that Maceo, Varona and AMTIKI-1 (Juan A. Paula Baez, The Official History of the Bay of Pigs Operation states that his true name was Manuel F. Goudie) would be contacted for the purposes of insuring 'courteous' and smooth termination. Maceo stated to Caponong in confidence that most CRC members wanted adopt position of anger at USG for terminating support, but Maceo opposed this attitude and would not permit it...2. Maceo still holding position acting president residual CRC and has been requested continue by members..."


06/22/63: Cable from JMWAVE to Director: Slugline INTEL TYPIC: "SUPDATA: Alice B. Caponong (P) from Antonio Maceo y Mackle...Source: Competent American observer (B) from Antonio (Maceo y Markle, president of the CRC..."

1994.04.15.11:23:12:750005: Reel 71, Folder C - MEDICAL RADIO PROGRAM

09/16/63: Transcript of medical program broadcast by Dr. Antonio Maceo:

104-10245-10000: MEDICAL RADIO PROGRAM

11/20/64: CIA document: "Accounting for Funds: Period: 9 Nov 64 - 20 Nov 64. 2. Funds Received During Period: 9 Nov 64: Source: JMWAVE: $45.00...Date: 20 November 1964: Signature of Individual Rendering Account: Evalena S. Vidal. Approved: Date: 20 November 64. Signature of Approving Officer: Theodore G. Shackley. Cost Acct. No: YODARK/4. Remarks: AMBUD-3. Spot payment to Vicente Lago Pereda for radio script writing during October 64." - - - Page 3: "Recibi, del Dr. A. Maceo la cantidad de $45.00, - Miami, Florida, Noviembre 1, 1964. Dr. Vicente Lago Pereda."

104-10245-10000: MEDICAL RADIO PROGRAM

12/29/64: CIA document: "Accounting for Funds: Period: 18 Dec 64 - 29 Dec 64. 2. Funds Received During Period: 18 Dec 64: Source: JMWAVE: $2,295.00...Date: 29 December 1964: Signature of Individual Rendering Account: Evalena S. Vidal. Approved: Date: 29 December 64. Signature of Approving Officer: Theodore G. Shackley...Cost Acct. No: YODARK/1..." - - - Page 2: "AMSHADY-1 ("Havana Rose", also known as Pepita Riera) Dec salary - $425.00. AMBASAL-1 personnel (7) - 1703.00. AMBUD-3 script writer - 45.00. AMBASAL-1 difference in salary - 125.00. Rainforth Foundation: Total: 2295.00. - - - Page 3: "Recibi, del Dr. A. Maceo la cantidad de $45.00, - Miami, Florida, Diciembre 1, 1964. Dr. Vicente Lago Pereda."

104-10245-10007: MEDICAL RADIO PROGRAM,19-124-25/5-4;(VOL.II)

10/11/65: Memo from Chief, PW to Chief, Cover: Subject: Request to Advice Sponsor of Discontinuation of Radio Program: "This is to formalize a verbal request made earlier this month to Chief, Cover Branch. It would be appreciated if the Dade County Medical Association could be apprised of the fact that the radio program it overtly sponsored entitled 'El Medico y Usted' has been terminated as of 30 September 1965. The program was carried on by Dr. Antonio Maceo y Mackle and was heard three times a week over WRUL and Radio Americas. The program was terminated because it was considered of marginal value in the propaganda field."


07/05/67: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, Western Hemisphere Division: "1. The AMBUD (Cuban Revolutionary Council - CRC) medical support facility was formally closed on 30 June 1967. The decision to close the facility was based on the fact that only one of the remaining three AMBUD and one GARCIA LINES active medical cases utilized the facility as a means of contact with AMBUD-3. Contact with AMBUD-3 by medical institutions and doctors utilized in the medical program is maintained directly with AMBUD-3 at his home or place of employment...2. In accordance with the closing of the support facility, the monthly amount paid AMBUD-3 will be reduced from approximately $850.00 to $50.00 effective 1 August 1967. 3. AMBUD-3, upon instructions from the Station, handled the arrangements for closing out the facility. All office furniture was returned to the firm from which it was rented and the premises vacated by 28 June 1967. The medical files formerly held at the facility are currently being incorporated into Station files. 4. The two persons formerly employed by AMBUD-3 to handle routine matters at the facility were notified of the impending close-out of the facility, that their services would not be required after the close out but that their salaries would continue through 31 July 1967. 5. At his request, AMBUD-3 was authorized to continue utilizing one of the facility's former employees on a non-salaried basis for contact with the principal of the only remaining medical case with whom he does not already have direct contact."

Gavin McDonald

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