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Cryptonym: AMBRONC-5

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Juan Manuel Guillot Castellanos aka Renato M. Lopez Zamoka. Alias "Monty". Described as an "Agency asset" in failed effort to lead uprising in Cuba in 1961-62, which resulted in his execution.
His matronym has been mangled in the past: "Castelloro" "Castellano", and more. Fabian Escalante gets it right.

His bio number may be 201-281268. See 104-10074-10390 - based on the process of elimination, as the other bio numbers are known subjects - see the cryptonym PEPE.


In this CIA memo, AMBRONC-5 is identified as Juan Manuel Guillot Castelloro.


November 1960-June 1961: AMBRONC-5 is the agent that sent the messages outlining a proposed sabotage effort against the Havana electric company and an attempt to assassinate Castro in the days prior to the Bay of Pigs. A debriefing of him in November 1960 reveals that he knew about plans to kill Castro back then. He was in Cuba between December 1960-Feb. 1961 and again from March-June 1961, with the sole mission to organize resistance groups. Guillot was told to contact the following men for his general plan of April 1961: AMPUG-1/Alfredo Izaguirre, AMCOAX-1/Jose Pujals Mederos and AMPANIC-7/Emilio Adolfo Rivero. In 2018, it was revealed that "there was no record that any of them had a mission from the CIA to kill Castro. The person who proposed the act in 1961 - AMBRONC-5 - never acknowledged that he was a CIA agent, and is not listed among those Castro reportedly believes had the mission of the assassination." A more redacted copy of this document can be found at 104-10103-10360.

Fabian Escalante, The Secret W/ar, (Ocean Press, 1995)

Following the Bay of Pigs "grew the theory that a select group of men...would be capable of causing a popular revolt and spreading the uprising through the country...one of the CIA's priorities was the reorganization of the internal front. The counterrevolutionary groups and bands were structures that already existed and should be used...William Harvey met with several of these agents during the early days of 1962, to personally instruct them in the tasks they were to carry out. These included Manuel Guillot Castellanos (AMBRONC-5), Julio Hernandez Rojo (AMOT-99), Esteban Marquez Novo (AMBANTY-1), Felix Rodriguez, Eugenio Martinez (AMSNAP-3, the Watergate burglar), Clemente Inclan Werner, Luis Hernandez Rocha (AMHINT-53), Miguel and Ramon Orozco, Alberto del Busto, Pedro Cameron and Manuel del Valle...the greatest hope was placed in Guillot Castellanos...in the MRR he worked alongside Manuel Artime...(with) the reputation as an excellent organizer. He came from a Catholic background (and) had been a militant member of the University Association...his friendship with Juan Falcon Zammar, alias Esteban (AMFOX-1), the coordinator of the MRR on the island, guaranteed him a position of influence in that structure, which was the CIA's favorite instrument for the Mongoose projects. The strategy that he pursued was to unite the principal counterrevolutionary groups...from January to August 1962, a total of 5,780 counterrevolutionary actions were recorded, of which 718 were acts of economically important targets. The offensive included the destruction of millions of arrobas of sugarcane and warehouses of other merchandise through arson, the murder of revolutionaries, attacks on merchant vessels, bombings of coastal hotels - in short, an all-out war." Guillot left Cuba March 1962, met with William Harvey in Miami, they chose five groups for the Unity Front: MRP, MDC, November 30, DRE, & MRR. Guillot was captured 5/29/62, executed in August.

104-10169-10257: PASS FOLLOWING MSG TO NOTLOX Document View

5/18/61 cable from WH/4/PM Carl Jenkins to Bell Signal Center: "We are pleased that MONTY and QUINTERO (AMJAVA-4) are safe. Continue reporting what has happened to our friends but caution all patriots to maintain maximum security. Tell us what your messenger reports on the Escambray situation and the Osvaldo Ramirez group. We cannot yet tell you about air drops but we can run boat operations if you can give us good reception plans. Continue to give us information and will give you plans as soon as we are able. We are not in contact with Armando Duran at this time but we will pass on the appreciation of the patriots to him when we next see him."

104-10193-10133: PARA QUINTERO Y MONTY

5/24/61 memo from WH/4/PM/OPS Tony Sileo to Bell Signal Center: "For Quintero and Monty. Plans for the immediate future not yet formalized. Unless we advise you to the contrary suggest you leave Cuba when safe conducts granted. We can then discuss in person possible future plans with you. Tell us the persons who expect to depart and who will remain in Cuba to continue reporting to us." See 104-10226-10050, possible related 5/24/61 memo from WH/4/PM Carl Hicks to Bell Signal Center: "Andres. Luis Ravelo has talked to high level people, no decisions as yet. The longer he stays away the more dangerous it will be for him to return. Confirm soonest if he can come home safely now."


6/20/61 cable from BELL to JMWAVE, ref WAVE 6779: "HQs has (Navy) info dated 19 June that Manuel Guillot is in Naval Base GITMO. Manuel Salvat Roque (AMHINT-2) is reported in Santiago de Cuba by (the Navy)...Operation GORDO postponed per ref."


Dominick Pantleone (Rocky Farnsworth) and Clarence Smeryage (probably Tom Clines) met three times between 8/8/61-8/10/61 with AMBRONC-5 and AMJAVA-4. AMBRONC-5 is described in this memo as the deputy of AMCOAX-1/Juan Pujals Mederos. "AMBRONC-5 stated he would accept the Case Officer's pitch to work independently of the groups when the job he came to do was done. The job is the establishment of a viable MRR external executive committee."

104-10193-10175: Dispatch of AMOT-6 Report Dated 13 Sept 1961

10/17/61 contact report by Alton Pirnack re Debriefing of Lazaro: Carlos Bandin aka Lazaro is national coordinator of MRR. Two factions in JMWAVE area: Bebe Acosta and AMJAVA-4/Rafael Quintero. Both factions see AMBRONC-5 as their leader. Lazaro, AMCOAX-1 and former UR chief Cesar were all arrested because of SABORIT of the AMPUG net. AMPUG-1 introduced Lazaro to Saborit.

1994.05.13.15:52:24:750005: Reel 28, Folder H - MRR.

10/24/61 cable from JMWAVE to Director: See marginalia throughout this translation in parentheses. Omar (Quintero illegible, probably AMJAVA-4), Monty (Guillot Castellanos, Juan Manuel), German (Cesar Baro illegible, AMYUM-19) and Lazaro (Carlos Bandin) sat down for several hours discussing various doubts and interpretations. Francisco's (Gonzales illegible, Rogelio) post as national coordinator was filled after the latter's capture by direct nomination by Artime which divided the responsibilities between Pedro Pablo as national civil coordinator and Omar as national military coordinator. After the invasion Pedro Pablo entered the embassy. Omar went to jail and afterwards he also went to an embassy. The need to reorganize the movement called for both men to leave the embassy. (Omar took the role of Pedro and reorganized the MRR's executive board.) When Omar had finished this job he left Cuba with Monty in order to resolve the future general situation with allies and then return to Cuba...Monty will return to Cuba on the next trip and will explain the full details to the national executive. Monty will assume the position of military coordinator over there if he is accepted."


As part of Operation PEPE during December 1961, Guillot (also known as Renato M. Lopez Zamoka) was infiltrated into Cuba along with John Koch Gene.


April 1961-August 1962: Clarence Smeryage (note: probably Tom Clines) debriefing memo of Santiago Sanchez: Subject worked at a Santa Clara power plant as a technician controlling the electrical current. Many of his friends in the business. On 17 April 1961 Subject made contact with a (CIA) infiltration team...after the failure at Playa Giron the team reorganized the MRR in Las Villas Province...On 21 July 1961, while REDACTED and Subject were in Havana...the (CIA) infiltration team and many other members of the MRR in Las Villas...were arrested. (Discussions were about actions to take place 26 July 1961.)" There was much tension in AMYUM/MRR during the Dec 1961 period between AMHOOK-1 and AMBRONC-5. "In February 1962, a meeting of the leaders of the MRR took place and AMBRONC-5 reorganized the movement. Subject met AMBRONC-5 only twice - once in Feb. 1962 at the house of REDACTED and another time in March 1962 when the assassination of Juan Marinello failed. The assassination failed as the automobile to be used in the assassination attempt was stolen on the day of the proposed operation. The driver of the car was to be Orlando Cruz, brother of Ester Cruz. The MRR suspected Orlando Cruz after this incident as he is a person who 'likes money' and the theft was 'quite a coincidence'...(During May 1962, subject) heard that the G-2 had taken over a house in Guanabo, located three blocks from where he was hiding. Subject heard that the G-2 had taken a 'blond thin man there' (Possibly AMBRONC-5)...Subject believes (Angel Bencomo) was responsible for the MRR roll-up." Also see 104-10213-10079: He returned 5/2/62, was arrested 5/29/62, and was executed 8/30/62. He is reported never admitting he was a CIA agent. His name is not in Castro's Black Book.


7/18/62 cable from JMWAVE to Director, slugline RYBAT GYROSE AMBRONC-5 COMPLEX: "Actual interview was of general 'expose' prop type calling attention (CIA) support MRR with boats, commo...false drivers' licenses and lie detector tests...Falcon exposed alleged (CIA) plans to assassinate Cuban leaders...(including) attempted kill Carlos Rafael Rodriguez last September..." See 104-10308-10156 for a summary of this memo, it describes AMBRONC-5 as an "Agency asset". Also see 104-10308-10156 for more details on the attempt to kill Rafael Rodriguez.

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