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Cryptonym: AMBOGY-1

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Vicente Munero Rojas, an economist by profession, who was arrested in 1964 in Cuba.
Munero Rojas is quoted as saying, in Fabian Escalante's book "The Cuba Project", that he entered Cuba early in 1962 to report on the state of anti-Castro groups there (he later had other missions/tasks). AMBOGY-1 stresses his connections and contacts with a variety of anti-Castro Cuban groups and exiles, such as the DRE's General Fatjo.

AMBOGY-1's self assessment in late June 1962 was sent from Ted Shackley, Chief of Station, JMWAVE, to William K. Harvey, Chief, Task Force W. AMBOGY-1's 201 number was 201-302007.

A dispatch in June of 1963, on intelligence production for the previous month, mentioned that AMBOGY-1 was a source with "Mrs. Martha Frank" in brackets. Presumably Frank was a source of AMBOGY-1's.

As an aside, the CIA memo in August 1961 on Munero Rojas mentioned that he came in contact with a FNU Morales, at the US Embassy in Havana, this was probably David Morales, a prominent CIA officer in Miami in the early to mid-1960's.


08/11/61: Memo from Justin F. Gleichauf, Chief, Miami Field Office to Chief, Contact Division. Subject: Memorandum of visit to: Vicente Armando Celestino MUNERO y Rojas c/o Immigration and Naturalization Service, Miami, Opa Locka, Florida. "1. On 5 Aug 61 Q Maurice Hunsacker interviewed Vicente Armando Celestino Munero y Rojas, A 12 444, 413 at Opa Locka detention facility. 2. Subject who resides at Rodriguez Fuentes No. 789, Lawton, Havana, Cuba, is an economist and is married to Fredesinda Torres Campo de Munero. He was born on 5 April 1925 at Placetas, Las Villas, Cuba. He entered the US via Pan American flight 422 on 4 Aug 61 at Miami, Florida on a B-2 visa and Cuban passport number 11569 for an unlimited stay. 3. Munero stated that he is the Chief of the Organizacion Patriotica Cubana (OPC) which has its strongest concentrations in Havana and Las Villas. He said that he has been operating this organization under the direction of William Murray, who he presumed was an FBI agent, and who he had met in the US Embassy in Havana. He has lost contact with Murray and came to the US to reestablish contact and wishes to return to Cuba within 15 days in order to continue his anti-Castro activities. Subject will contact Murray by telephoning NEwton 5-8003 and asking for Senora Nieves. This fact will be communicated to Anita Calderon, 1931 N.W. 30th Street, Miami, who will call subject back at the telephone he is using. Subject will then receive from Anita Calderon the telephone number of Murray in order that contact can be established. Subject understands that Murray is now in Santa Domingo, but that Mrs. Murray can give him instructions. 4. Subject can be reached, after release from Opa Locka, through Felix Ayon, ex-Cuban Senator during the Batista government, as FRanklin 4-1212. Subject can be identified through Celestino Prieto, who was a liaison-messenger between subject and Evelio Duque. (CONTINUED BELOW)


08/11/61: Memo from Justin F. Gleichauf, Chief, Miami Field Office to Chief, Contact Division: "5. Subject also mentioned the names of a FNU Morales, who was formerly in the US Embassy in Havana, a Federico Goudy (phonetic) a Cuban active in counter-revolutionary activities in Miami, and a Cesar Tapia, of Summerline Street, Key West, who introduced subject to Goudy. 6. Subject previously entered the US on 11 Jan 60 at Miami and returned to Cuba on 20 Jan 60. At one point subject said he had met Murray on this trip, and later contradicted himself and said he had only met Goudy, and that Murray was out of town. 7. According to subject, Murray is between 40 and 45 years of age, 6 feet, 200 pounds, wears glasses, and is blond, Munero first met Murray in the last part of 1960 in Cuba just before the US Embassy there was closed. 8. Subject desires that he is released from Opa Locka, put into contact with Murray, or some other responsible representative of the US Government, who can provide advice and assistance in order for subject to return to Cuba as quickly as possible to continue his anti-Castro activities. Subject was informed that this information would be passed on to the proper US Government authorities."


06/28/62: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, Task Force W: "1. In reply to a request for him to list the operational activities which he could develop, AMBOGY-1 has submitted the following: (a) 'General information (i.e., ascertaining the general aspects and concrete facts which may be assigned me) in regard to the different anti-Castro groups in exile, such as the Rescate, Democrata Martiano, Democrata Cristiano, Montecristi, Triple A, Directorio Estudiantil, Frente Obrero Revolucionario Democratico, etc. This information I can obtain through direct contact with the leaders of these groups, since I already have direct contact with them, or by establishing that contact through persons who have my confidence. (b) 'Develop a system of house-to-house sales of household goods to Cuban families. The principal aims of this activity are: (1) To obtain information from Cubans recently arrived. (2) To develop direct and frequent contact with Cubans in exile with whom I have little or no contact at present. These could also become fountain of information. (3) To establish direct, almost daily contact with the different leaders of the anti-Castro groups through this sales system, and through the personal recommendation of one leader to another. Through this method I would be able to obtain information directly from the leaders of several groups instead of getting the opinion of just one leader. (c) 'Frequent visits to the Airport at the times of arrival of planes from Habana in order to obtain first hand information from these persons who are friends or known to me. (d) 'Personal attendance at professional congresses (related to my professions) that are held in Central and South America, with the purpose of developing the adequate anti-Castro propaganda which you may indicate. At the same time I could be a source of information on the happenings at the events.' (CONTINUED BELOW).


06/28/62: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, Task Force W: "2. AMBOGY-1 gave no preference for any particular operational activity but expressed his willingness to carry out any operational assignment within his capabilities since my principal objective is to contribute, according to my capacity, to the overthrow of the Communist regime reigning in Cuba. 3. Given below is a list of contacts which AMBOGY-1 has, or can develop, in the different anti-Castro organizations in the Miami area. Note: (x) Denotes these persons with whom AMBOGY-1 has personal contact. Other names on the list are these whom AMBOGY-1 does not know personally now but whom he could reach through persons of his confidence. Rescate: (X) Raul Mendez Pirez (Delegate). (x) Francisco (Unintelligible) (Delegate of the Revolutionary General in Venezuela). (x) (Unintelligible) (Public Relations). Luis Ruysanchez (Immigration). Movimiento Democrata Martiano: (x) Ramon Gonzalez (Delegate). Movimiento Democrata Cristiano: Fermin Espino (Programming), Jorge Castellanos (Voting member), (x) Dr. Jorge del Alano (Voting member). Directorio Estudiantil Revolucionario: (X) General Fatjo (Member). Manuel Salvat (Member). 30 of November: Orlando Rodriguez (Coordinator and Member of the Revolutionary Council) (Member). PRC (Autentico): (x) Cesar Lancis (Labor Section)."


06/04/63: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, Special Affairs Staff: Page 3: "PRODUCTION FOR MAY 1963: ...Source: AMBOGY-1 (Mrs. Martha Frank). UFG: 2843 (cable). Subject: Evacuation of Strategic Areas in Habana; Quarters Pro (unintelligible) 3,000 Algerians near Wajay..."

(2004) Fabian Escalante, The Secret War (p. 136)

..."Another highly placed CIA agent, Vicente Munero Rojas, arrested in Havana in 1964, told of his subversive movements in the service of the Agency in 1962:...'at the end of 1961 I traveled legally to the United States on the pretext of visiting friends. At the Miami airport I was interrogated by immigration authorities, and I informed them of my desire to aid the cause of liberating Cuba...Later I was taken to the camp at Opa-Locka where I was visited by two CIA officials who were interested in my motivation and my level of commitment...They sent me to the Tamiami Hotel where I was visited by another case officer named John, who later moved me to a safe house in Coral Gables where I was trained in organizing groups, intelligence, sabotage, communications, etc... In early 1962 when I returned to Cuba, one of the first missions I completed was to report on the state of the counterrevolutionary organizations and the possibilities of an armed uprising against the government...I formed my own group, the Cuban Patriotic Organization (OPC), recruiting various persons whose political positions I was familiar with. Later, they were very useful to me when the Miami center sent me sabotage materials to destroy urban transportation in the capital and torch the paper factory known as the Papeleria Nacional de Puntas Grandes, as part of an operation that the Americans informed me would topple the government in late 1962...'

Gavin McDonald

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