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Cryptonym: AMBLESS-2

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Fermin Fleitas Arozamena. A dispatch in June of 1962 stated that AMBLESS-2's 201 number was 201-302892. A Field Information Report in May, 1963, mentioned that Fermin Fleitas Arozamena's 201 number was 201-302892, matching AMBLESS-2.
The Field Information Report mentioned above stated that Fleitas was Sub-delegate and Director of Military Affairs of the MDC under Jose Fernandez Badue.

1994.05.10.10:10:34:970007: Reel 27, Folder F - MDC, JANUARY 1961 - JUNE 1962.

05/22/61: Dispatch from Chief of Base, JMWAVE to Chief, Western Hemisphere Division: Subject: Debriefing of Bonifacio Herrera Fernandez aka 'Bony' and 'El Guajiro': ..."3. About 4 November 1958 Subject came to the U.S. but was refused admittance, allegedly because he refused to ask for asylum because he interpreted asking for asylum at that time as being in favor of Fidel Castro. On 9 February 1959 he began revolutionary activity with a small group affiliated with the Movimiento Democratico Cristiano. One 'Cucho' Fleites was his first chief. Another person in this group was one Jose Fadul who now lives at 435 Winthrop Street, Westbury, New York..."

1994.05.10.10:10:34:970007: Reel 27, Folder F - MDC, JANUARY 1961 - JUNE 1962.

07/05/61: Dispatch from Chief of Base, JMWAVE to Chief, WHD: Subject: Members of the Executive Committee of the Movimiento Democrata Cristiano: ..."2. Members of the Executive Committee of the MDC: President: Melchor Gaston. Vice President: Fermin Fleites..."

1994.05.10.10:10:34:970007: Reel 27, Folder F - MDC, JANUARY 1961 - JUNE 1962.

11/16/61: Memorandum for Record, No. 36: Subject: Meeting with Dr. Miro and Jose Fernandez Badue ('Lucas'), representatives in CRC of the MDC in exile: Page 3: ..."b. He said that his coordinator of military matters is Fermin Fleites; that he is a person who says very little (in contrast to Lucas); that he knows Oriente very well and the (unintelligible) well; and he speaks English quite well and understands it well. Fleitas was a 'colons', a landowner. Fleitas' phone is PL 1-4172..."


06/19/62: Dispatch from Chief, Task Force W to COS, JMWAVE: "The operational clearance for the below-listed individuals has expired. If JMWAVE continues to have a current operational interest in these individuals it is requested that PRQ Part II be forwarded as soon as possible. If no interest exists then Headquarters should be notified accordingly so that the necessary action can be taken to retire their official dossier. NAME: ...AMBLESS-2. 201-NUMBER: 302892..."


09/22/62: Memo from Maria (Spanish to English translation): 1) In relation to Unidad Revolucionaria, I have the pleasure to report the following: a) Yesterday, after many, all unsuccessful, with the group headed by Mr. Torriente, following Juanito's suggestions, we decided to postpone the admission from Unidad Revolucionaria (Rodriguez Espada's group) until my return from Washington. b) Before yesterday's session, Fermin Fleitas (Cucho) of the Christian Democrats, I was interested, on behalf of Alberto Fernandez, who would not decide on the entrance of any group of Unidad Revolucionaria until he decided. c) I replied to Mr. Fleitas that Mr. Alberto Fernandez had taken eleven months without deciding on a name and that the Torriente group had practically done the same and that instead, as an adhesion to the Council, Rodriguez Espada's group had decided join and that I, in use of the vote of confidence that I had since the month of October, would give income to that group even though it was preferable to wait a few days to achieve the unification of all..."

1994.05.10.10:35:49:350007: Reel 27, Folder G - MDC, AUGUST 1962 - DECEMBER 1963.

05/28/63: Field Information Report: Country: Cuba. Subject: Membership of the Two Factions of the Movimiento Democrata Cristiano (MDC): "1. As of 14 May 1963 the following persons were members of the faction of the Movimiento Democrata Cristiano (MDC, Christian Democrat Movement) which belongs to the Consejo Revolucionario Cubano (CRC, Cuban Revolutionary Council). Since 14 May the new offices have been at 1714 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, Florida. Executive Board: Jose Fernandez Badue, aka 'Lucas', Delegate. Fermin Fleitas Arozamena (Handwritten: 201-302892), Sub-delegate and Director of Military Affairs..."


08/19/63: Memorandum from SAC, Miami to Director: Subject: Anti-Fidel Castro Activities, IS-Cuba: ..."MM T-1 is Fermin Fleites, an officer in the Movimiento Democrata Cristiano. MM T-2 is Leslie Nobregas, Chief of Operations, Agrupacion Montecristi. MM T-3 is Mario de Canal, an officer in Cuban Revolutionary Council..."


10/16/63: FBI report from Miami Office: Titled: Movimiento Democrata Cristiano (MDC), Internal Security - Cuba: Page 7: ..."On July 31, 1963, Fermin Fleites, officer and member of the executive committee of the MDC, advised that on the previous day Miguel 'Coco' Leon, former CRC delegate to Nicaragua, returned to Miami with a Nicaraguan military officer, name unknown, who visited MDC headquarters in Miami on July 29, 1963..."


01/09/64: FBI Report from Miami Office by Robert James Dwyer: Subject: Anti-Fidel Castro Activities: Page 11: "On November 11, 1963, Fermin Fleites, Vice President of the Lucas faction, advised that the Executive Committee originally had twenty-seven members. Five or six members subsequently left Miami, and ten to fifteen members at that time were ready to resign from the Executive Committee. Fleites said the Lucas faction lacks leadership, and it is public knowledge that Fernandez used the organization's funds for his own personal needs. Fernandez no longer calls meetings, does not consult with the Executive Committee, and runs the organization the way he wants without consulting any of the members. Fleites stated the Lucas faction has no military training program, arms, or training camps, and the military section is completely inactive..."

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