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Unknown identity. A dispatch in June of 1964 stated that Daniel Rodriguez Santos, the owner of the M/V ADA, recruited Armando Blanco Lorenzo, Romelio Lopez Sosa, and AMBIG-4 for an infiltration mission to Cuba which left Key West in May, 1964.
AMBIG-4 was to bring out his father, mother, sister, younger brother, and his own and Lopez's fiancées on the mission. AMLEO-3 (Capt. Jose Ricardo Rabel Nunez) was not informed by his case officer that AMBIG-4 was a CIA asset. AMBIG-4 may have been a radio operator owing to a comment in the dispatch about the vessel not being equipped with a radio set.

In addition, AMBIG-4's family were located in Quivican, formerly La Habana Province and now Mayabeque Province. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quivic%C3%A1n

AMBIG-4 and Armando Blanco Lorenzo did not appear at the exfiltration point after a fairly protracted series of events. The dispatch noted that "as of 23 May, 1964, no other information has been reported to CIA on the fate of Blanco, AMBIG-4, or the passengers who were at the exfiltration point."

The CIA apparently did not think that either AMBIG-4 or Blanco were dead, as the dispatch stated that they were either under arrest or in hiding. Moreover, the dispatch mentioned that AMLEO-3's principal organizer of the expedition was Mario Remis (according to the dispatch - page 2) he was probably identical to Mario Remis-Camejo, originally the guide and group leader of the mission. Remis left Cuba in August of 1962 and had lived near AMLEO-3 at one point in time.


FBI document: Page 56: ..."On 22 March 1964, Armando Alanis Angulo and Ernesto Alanis Angulo stated that former Cuban rebel army Major Jesus Gomez Calzadilla, head of 'Los Juramentados' (those who have sworn), an organization of former members of the rebel army, had left on 21 March to have a private secret interview with Manolo Ray Rivero in Puerto Rico. The purpose of the interview was to make a pact with JURE. In Miami, Gomez gave us the reason for his trip that he wished to learn the results of and monitor the labor congress organized by JURE in Puerto Rico. The two men stated that the Gomez trip was considered secret because Gomez did not wish United States Government agencies to learn of it. Gomez' organization 'Los Juramentados' has agreed to unite with JURE but never through the mediation of Rogelio Cisneros Diaz, who is considered by them to be 'Persona Non Grata'"....


06/02/64: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Deputy Chief, WH/SA: Page 3: ..."C. Armando Blanco Lorenzo, Romelio Lopez Sosa, and AMBIG-4 were recruited by Rodriguez for the mission, and supposedly AMLEO-3 (Capt. Jose Ricardo Rabel Nunez) did not have contact with them prior to the mission, nor were they witting that he was one of the sponsors of the mission. AMBIG-4 was to bring out his father, mother, sister, younger brother, and his own and Lopez's fiancées; Blanco his wife and daughter; Rodriguez, his fiancée, and the wives and children of AMLEO-3 and Jesus Gomez Calzadilla. AMLEO-3 has never been informed by his C/O that AMBIG-4 was a KUBARK (CIA) asset, and AMLEO-3 has never indicated in any way that he knew AMBIG-4 was a KUBARK asset. Since the boat in question, the M/V ADA, was not equipped with a radio set, AMBIG-4 was obviously not desired for use as a radio operator by the group...9 May 1964: 6. On 9 May 1964, at approximately 1800 hours, the M/V ADA departed from Sunset Harbor Marina, Stock Island, Key West, Fla for Cuba. The crew was made up of Daniel Rodriguez Santos, Rogelio Lopez Sosa, Armando Blanco Lorenzo, and AMBIG-4. The M/V ADA was enroute to Cuba during the remainder of 9 May 1964, and nothing unusual reportedly occurred during the voyage..."


06/02/64: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Deputy Chief, WH/SA: Page 4: ..."8. Lopez began to count cars to while away the time. During the period 1630-1900 hours Lopez counted 38 6X6 type trucks with approximately 50 militia each, all travelling in the direction of Matanzas. One other truck, containing about 15 negroes and 6 whites, who Lopez states were not Cubans, was observed going in the same easterly direction. Lopez states that the traffic was unusually heavy in both directions. Rodriguez returned about 1900 and he and Lopez went back to the boat. Rodriguez told Lopez that he had been able to get transportation for both AMBIG-4 and Blanco; AMBIG-4 to Quivican and Blanco to Artemisa where their respective families are located. Rodriguez and Lopez took the boat out about a mile, shut off the engine and went to sleep. (The above information in para 8 is the version AMLABEL-1 obtained from Lopez)..." - - - Page 5: "11. The boat then travelled east for approximately two to three miles down the coast from Guanabo, and they attempted to land on the beach again. Due to large rocks and heavy surf they decided not to attempt a landing and instead anchored the boat beyond the surf line (about 30 yards out) and both Rodriguez and Lopez swam into the beach. Rodriguez went inland and caught a bus to Guanabo, and they went back to the safehouse of (REDACTION). At the safehouse he found the pickup team of Blanco and AMBIG-4, and some 28 people whom they had acquired as passengers. These passengers were all relatives of Blanco and AMBIG-4, and Blanco and AMBIG-4 told Rodriguez they had been unable to locate the homes of Jesus Gomez Calzadilla and AMLEO-3 and therefore had not been able to contact these families. They then returned the bona fides photos and messages to Rodriguez to take back to AMLEO-3 and Gomez." (CONTINUED BELOW)


06/02/64: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Deputy Chief, WH/SA: "(AMLEO-3 commented bitterly on this point stating that AMBIG-4 and Blanco probably went to their own homes first, and after seeing the number of their relatives who wanted to come, never again even tried to find his home or that of Gomez). Rodriguez, AMBIG-4, and Blanco agreed upon another exfiltration point to the east of Guanabo, and arranged recognition signals. Rodriguez then returned to the boat leaving AMBIG-4 and Blanco to convoy the passengers in three cars to the exfiltration point..." - - - Page 6: ..."After Action Reports...A. On 13 May 1964, AMSWIRL-1 (Customs agent Cesar Diosdado) visited Tomas Rodriguez Fuentes, of 1021 Margaret Street, Key West, former Captain with the National Police in Havana who had received a telegram from his daughter Elsa Olivera, at 0920 hours 13 May 1964. (She was supposed to have come out with Blanco and AMBIG-4 in the exfiltration)...C. On 14 May 1964, AMLEO-3 called the C/O and informed him that the 14 year old son of Mario Remis (see para 3 A above) had called his father in Miami at 1130 hours that same date, and told him he had been arrested along with his mother and some other people while trying to leave Cuba, and that the police had let the children free, but continued to hold the adults under arrest. Reportedly only one car had been picked up near the exfiltration point, and the people in the other two cars had supposedly escaped arrest for the time being. As of 23 May 1964, no other information has been reported to KUBARK on the fate of Blanco, AMBIG-4, or the passengers who were at the exfiltration point." (CONTINUED BELOW)


06/02/64: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Deputy Chief, WH/SA: "General Comments on Trip of the M/V ADA: 17. As noted in paragraph 8 of reference J, various operational inconsistencies still exist in the account submitted above re the exfiltration trip of the M/V ADA to Cuba. WAVE is of the opinion that some of these inconsistencies can be attributed to genuine confusion of facts by the principal source of information, Rogelio Lopez Sosa, (who did not see the infiltration team of Blanco and AMBIG-4 again after their infiltration inland), and the withholding of facts by AMLEO-3 who considers this activity was his own personal business and had nothing to do with KUBARK. Daniel Rodriguez Santos is probably more knowledgeable of exactly what occurred during the infiltration, but due to his illness AMSWIRL-1 was not able to interrogate him in Key West, and reportedly Rodriguez is still very ill and KUBARK does not consider it worthwhile to attempt an interrogation of him at this time. It is also believed that Rodriguez will withhold information he considers privileged, and it has been noted that AMLEO-3's principal organizer of the expedition, Mario Remis, has been visiting Rodriguez daily in Mount Sinai hospital in Miami, Fla. Since the two infiltrees, Blanco and AMBIG-4, are either under arrest or in hiding it is doubtful that their inside activities relative to AMLEO-3's family etc., will ever be completely clarified..."


07/10/64: Cable from JMBARR to Director: "The below listed subjects arrived Key West approximately 2100 hours local 9 July 1964 with the M/V True, FL-2798-F. The vessel is at safe harbor marina, the subjects registered in at Key Wester Motel. A. William Ricardo Chus, 1636 N.W. 7th Court, Miami. B. Julio Fallas Sanguile, 2001 N.W. Flagler Terrace, Miami. C. Mario Remis Camejo, 520 S.W. 14th Ave, Miami. 2. AMSWIRL-1 (Customs agent Cesar Diosdado) said he was called by Carlos Zarraga and told that Orlando (Acosta) Suarez, aka Bebo Acosta was due arrive Key West around four a.m. 10 July and Manolo Ray was to arrive at approximately 1200 hours. They plan depart for Cuba aboard the M/V True at 1400 hours local 10 July 1964 from safe harbor marina. C/S Comment: *No record in cable secretariat as of 1230, 10 Jul 64." See 104-10179-10209: Note that William Chus is identified as the chief of AMBANG/JURE intelligence. Marginalia shows his actual name is William Schuss. 104-10226-10157: William Schuss is Bay of Pigs trainee 2516.


07/12/64: Cable from JMWAVE to Director: Slugline RYBAT TYPIC YOBITE AMBANG: "1. AMSWIRL/1 (Customs agent Cesar Diosdado) reported that on 11 July 64 at 1230 hours local time, AMBANG/1 (Manuel Ray Rivero) departed Key West with crew members, Jose Garcia Valdez, Enrique Medina Cabrera, and Mario Remis Camejo. To conserve fuel, M/V True being towed for approximately 30 miles by M/V Billy Rose. Equipment on board included two Belgian FAL rifles, one pistol, some propaganda material, and 5,000 Cuban pesos. Only AMBANG/1 was to be infiltrated. 2. On afternoon 11 July QKMAGNET (probably the US Coast Guard) intercepted both vessels. Upon approach three parcels were jettisoned, one of which was retrieved contained among other things quantity blasting caps. QKMAGNET unit queried its HQs by radio re status blasting caps and was informed they not contraband. After thorough search boats were released and permitted continue. However QKMAGNET warned that unclassified radio traffic had taken place and if boats continued toward PBRUMEN (Cuba), they might be met with hostile reception party. Both boats when released, reversed their direction and returned toward Key West. 3. AMSWIRL/1 reported 12 July both boats were in Key West."


01/27/65: Cable from JMWAVE to IW: Slugline INTEL TYPIC: Field Information Report: "1. On 25 January 1965 the M/V FL-8016-SA in Marathon, Florida, formerly owned by David Boyle, was purchased by Jesus Gomez Calzadilla, 1058 SW 1st St., Miami, Secretary General of Los Juramentados, P.O. Box 3575, Miami, telephone 373-9431. The boat is a 25-footer with a white hull and is equipped with a 250-horsepower V-8 Chevrolet crusader engine capable of doing 40 miles per hour. 2. Other persons with the group were Raul Diaz Torres and Jose Rabel Nunez. (Field Comment: Rabel, who has been with the Junta Revolucionaria Cubana (JURE, Cuban Revolutionary Junta), was reported to have been in the Dominican Republic on 21 January where he and Manuel Varela Castro were plotting to take command of JURE's M/V Venus for operations against Cuba)..."


FBI document: Page 9: "The Ejercito Rebelde En Exilio (ERE) (105-125545), headed by Raul Diaz Torres and Jesus Gomez Calzadilla, called for a unity demonstration at Miami on 10/10/66, among several Cuban exile military organizations, including the ERE. Luis Conte Aguero, who heads the exile organization 'Sentinels of Liberty', at Miami, was cooperating with the ERE in bringing Latin American figures to Miami to speak on the above occasion. Aguero reportedly had contact (date and place not given) with (FNU) Califono (ph), who was an assistant to Defense Secretary Robert McNamara. (MM 1119-S)..."


05/14/76: Memorandum from Raymond A. Warren, Acting Chief, Latin America Division to The Review Staff (Attention: Seymour Bolten) via SA/DDO: Page 8: "Orlando Vega Herrera: POA April 1964. Used as a maritime engineer April 1964 in Miami, Florida. Terminated 16 June 1964 because he left his post aboard the vessel to which he had been assigned. Claimed he left post to join Gutierrez Menoyo group (ALPHA 66) on an invasion trip to Cuba."

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