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Cryptonym: AMBARB-87

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Enrique Baloyra Herp was AMBARB-87. Baloyra was part of the DRE delegation that attended the Helsinki Youth Festival in late July, early August, 1962. Baloyra and John Koch (AMHINT-26) were arrested in Finland.
A cable from Caracas on October 29, 1964 (CITE CARA 9433), stated that "CITUTOR-1 (Rafael Tremols Fresneda) reports IDEN recently arrived CARA for purpose work with local AMSPELL (DRE) group." Another cable from Caracas (REF: CARA 9433 (IN 12521), on the same day stated that the identity was Enrique Baloyra Herp."

A cable from JMWAVE on October 30, 1964 (Inghurst Acting - probably Robert Moore), REF CARA 9433 (IN 12521) stated "AMSPELL chief AMHINT-2 (Juan Manuel Salvat Roque) said SUBJ ref AMBARB-87 went Caracas on own to continue studies, AMHINT-2 asked him help CITUTOR-1...AMHINT-2 decided AMBARB-87 could hold fort until CITUTOR-1 return Caracas."

180-10118-10048: [No Title]

HSCA document: ..."Letter Ahrens, District Director to Regional Commissioner 7/26/62: Re: 8th World Youth Festival: 9 from Miami attended: CIA expressing operational interest in names: 1) Enrique Antonio Felix Baloyra-Herp. #A12492201. 2) Francisco Chao-Hermida. #A 12171978. 3) Ann Gloria Dia-Silveira. #A 12492452. 4) Oscar Alberto Echevarria-Salvat. #A 12826368. 5) Carlos Hernandez. 6) Jose Ignacio Rodriguez-Lombillo. #A 11754008. 7) Juan Salvat-Roque. #A 12 421548. 8) Enrique Torres-Larrauri. #A 12482461. Juan Koch - John Koch DOB Havana 5/29/40 (no record)..."


09/14/62: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, Task Force W: ..."JULY 29, SUNDAY...At approximately 6:30 that late afternoon, Carlos Hernandez, Juan Manuel Salvat (AMHINT-2), John Koch (AMHINT-26), and Enrique Baloyra, driving a VW open car, tried to break the line of spectators and place the car in front of the Cuban delegation which was at that moment crossing the bridge to march before the parliament. But the people did not go back, so they parked the car there. Koch and Baloyra climbed to the top of the car and began vigorously crying out while unfolding the cloth. The other two - Hernandez and Salvat - stayed standing in the street and later rushed ahead against the Communist Cuban delegates. The police captured the two members of the delegation that carried the cloth...AUGUST 1, WEDNESDAY...At 6pm Koch and Baloyra were intercepted by an armored jeep of the Finish police. They were conduced to the police station. After a three hour staying there they put them in jail. Meanwhile Salvat, Hernandez and Diaz had another meeting with the press, and they informed public opinion about the evening deeds...The day finished with the Finish police finding out two automatic pistols in the luggage at the station wagon where Koch and Baloyra were arrested. The pistols were a 38 star and a 34 caliber automatic pistols. AUGUST 2, THURSDAY...At 9:50 p.m. Koch and Baloyra took the plane to Stockholm. At the next day the rest of the delegation left Helsinki finishing 'operation Helsinki.'"


10/29/64: Cable from Caracas to JMWAVE (Info: Director): CITE CARA 9433: AMSPELL CITUTOR: "1. CITUTOR-1 (Rafael Tremols Fresneda) reports IDEN recently arrived CARA for purpose work with local AMSPELL (DRE) group. CITUTOR-1 also said has received orders to report WAVE area early November in order spend month working on AMSPELL propaganda program. IDEN to fill in for CITUTOR-1 during his absence. 2. Request WAVE advice and background these moves."

104-10170-10031: CABLE RE: AMSPELL IDEN

10/29/64: Cable from Caracas to JMWAVE: AMSPELL CITUTOR: REF: CARA 9433 (IN 12521): "IDEN: Enrique Baloyra Herp."

104-10170-10026: CABLE RE: AMSPELL CHIEF

10/30/64: Cable from JMWAVE to Caracas (Info: Director) (Inghurst Acting - probably Robert Moore): DYVOUR PBRUMEN AMSPELL CITUTOR: REF CARA 9433 (IN 12521): "1. AMSPELL (DRE) chief AMHINT-2 (Juan Manuel Salvat Roque) said SUBJ ref AMBARB-87 went Caracas on own to continue studies, AMHINT-2 asked him help CITUTOR-1 (Rafael Tremols Fresneda). FYI, AMBARB-57 dropped from WAVE-financed AMSPELL payroll April 64. According AMHINT-2, CITUTOR-1 wishes spend few months WAVE area because elderly mother here. AMHINT-2 decided AMBARB-87 could hold fort until CITUTOR-1 return Caracas. 2. FYI, AMSPELL in crisis because failure get paramilitary program moving, which main interest AMSPELL members, and AMHINT-2 preoccupied this and related problems. AMSPELL also under pressure from WAVE improve propaganda effort. AMHINT-2 possibly recalling CITUTOR-1 assist overall AMSPELL organizational problems or propaganda effort. Inclined believe CITUTOR-1 expressed wish visit WAVE area and AMHINT-2 jumped at chance get experienced hand help reorganize propaganda effort. 3. Para one moves not RPT not coordinated with WAVE. See no special profit CITUTOR-1 visit but no objections if CARA concurs."

Gavin McDonald

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