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Cryptonym: AMBARB-23

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AMBARB-23 was possibly Nestor Campaneria Angel. A dispatch in July of 1962 stated, in regards to the DRE Colombia delegation, that AMBARB-23 had been withdrawn and was "slated for Peru."
A undated memo from Mario Pita stated that the "main objectives to accomplish by the Section of International Relations during the month of July" included the departure of Nestor Campaneria to Peru. The July mentioned in this memo was possibly July of 1962.

A dispatch on October 9, 1962, stated that Nestor Campaneria Angel was on the DRE payroll in Peru. Other members of the delegation included Rolando Fernandez Corredera (AMBARB-22), Sixto Rubiales Ros, and Ricardo Rubiales Ros.

A DRE document (date unknown) stated that Nestor Campaneria Angel was a delegate to Colombia, and was a high school student.

A memo on October 18, 1962, stated that AMBARB-23 was one of the AMBARBs awaiting assignment. AMBARB-23 had a 201 number of 201-310269, and a C-number of C-96036.


07/20/62: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, Task Force W: Pages 4-5: ..."AMBARB (propaganda project to place DRE members in universities throughout Latin America) reports on delegation activities in Latin American countries are furnished as follows: d. Colombia: see Attachment F: AMBARBs-78, 23 and 8, withdrawn. AMBARB-83 approved as in place candidate...g. Colombia (6): With the withdrawal of AMBARB-8 (slated for Uruguay), and AMBARB-23 (slated for Peru), the delegation was reduced to three members (AMBARBs-75, 26, and 66). However, AMBARB-83 has been approved as an in-place candidate, and AMBARB-78 is scheduled to go to Colombia, leaving only one vacancy...n. Peru (4): AMBARB-23 is scheduled to join AMBARB-22 (Rolando Fernandez Corredera), and two other candidates are scheduled to go to Peru, now that AMBARB-19 has been withdrawn..."

1994.04.12.15:47:00:380005: Reel 26, Folder D - DRE.

Undated memo from Mario Pita, Second Secretary, International Relations to Secretary General (handwritten "A" at top right hand side of page): Subject: Report of the work accomplished by the Section of International Relations during the month of June: Page 2: ..."Main objectives to accomplish by the Section of International Relations during the month of July: Departure of the following delegates for the following countries...Nestor Campaneria - Peru..."


10/09/62: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, Task Force W: "INTERNATIONAL SECTION PAYROLL MONTH FOR SEPT 62:...PERU...46) Rolando Fernandez Corredera (AMBARB-22) - October 1961 - $300.00. 47) Nestor Campaneria Angel - October 1961 - $250.00. 48) Sixto Rubiales Ros - Waiting for visa - $200.00. 49) Ricardo Rubiales Ros - Waiting for visa - $200.00..."

104-10073-10241: 104-10073-10241.

10/18/62: Memo from Chief, Task Force W to Chief, CI/OA: Subject: AMBARB: "Station JMWAVE has advised Headquarters that the following AMBARB's are awaiting assignment and requests that their files remain open...AMBARB-23. 201-310269. C-96036..."

1994.04.12.15:47:41:690005: Reel 26, Folder E - DRE.

Unknown date: Page 8 of Attachment E: Nestor Campaneria Angel, delegate in Colombia signed document, along with Rolando Castalo, Secretary of Finance.

1994.04.12.15:46:22:600005: Reel 26, Folder C - DRE.

Document on the DRE (Spanish to English translation): "NAME...7) Nestor Campaneria Angel. FUNCTION: Delegate Colombia. PROFESSION: High school student. ADDRESS: Air Box 20119. Bogota 2..."

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