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Cryptonym: AMASPEN

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Resupply and infiltration operations.
A cable from JMWAVE on June 23, 1961, with the slug AMASPEN, stated that "in past Toppino has discounted purchases to his cost on cash basis. Because of delay payment for two magnolia boats and rush circumstances under which they procured, he was forced negotiate two loans at high interest rate to meet current obligations and therefore unable discount cost in this instance."

Warren Commission Document 953 was based on a Miami FBI report in May of 1964 on a rumor from an employee of a boat fueling yard in Stock Island, Key West, Florida, on November 25, 1963. This rumor alleged that Oswald had docked a boat with Cubans at the yard after Castro came to power, and had phoned Jack Ruby in Dallas, Texas. In April, 1964, Phillip Toppino, the owner of the boat fueling dock, denied that this rumor had any foundation. However, this rumor was very similar to others which emerged, particularly in Miami, in the immediate aftermath of JFK's assassination on November 22, 1963. These types of rumors sought to link the accused assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, with Castro, his supporters, and also to the killer of Oswald himself, Jack Ruby. Other rumors of this type were spread by among others, Frank Sturgis and John Martino. Peter Dale Scott, in particular, has written about these false stories.

It is unclear whether the Toppino mentioned in the cable in 1961 was the same person as Phillip Toppino. A George Toppino was mentioned in a December, 1961, AMBUD (Cuban Revolutionary Council) memo, in regard to putting a boat up for sale: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=55631#relPageId=173

HSCA staffer Gaeton Fonzi stated in a document in 1977 that there was a possible family connection to organized crime figures in regard to Phillip Toppino.


07/27/60: Cable from Havana to Director: Slugline *AMASPEN RYBAT: "1. Station considering AMBANG (Manuel Ray Rivero) Subj of refs as next exfiltree on AMPAN-4 (probably Eladio Bas Trespalacios) boat tentatively scheduled for about 3 Aug. Station in contact with AMBANG through AMWAIL-9 (Orlando Ray Rivero). According AMWAIL-9 Subj will not seek asylum but desires to leave black. 2. AMPAN-4 boat can make at most two more trips before drydocking required. Therefore, essential next exfiltree be carefully considered. 3. Advise HQs concurrence para 1. Full bio data in ref. Filed 221930Z. C/S Comment: **Dissemination applicable to RYBAT JMNET cables. S/C Comment: *Address line thru slug line is being serviced."


09/16/60, Cable from JMMASH to Director: Slugline JMNET AMASPEN: "1. At meeting 14 Sept Windecker informed AMBIDDY-1 (Manuel Artime Buesa) para 7 Ref A. Also discussed need facility transport arms ammo to AMYUM-1 (Lino Bernabe Fernandez Martinez) at which time AMBIDDY-1 offered use his controlled boat named Gleinmore, 93 foot, steel hull, two diesel engines, ten knot speed. Owned by Jerry Conney of syndicate of transport, Miami. Liberian flag. Complete Cuban crew avail captained by Renato Diaz who former Cuban Navy capt. Boat now anchored north Miami River. 2. AMBIDDY-1 claims boat satisfactory for immediate use and will be avail indef period. Said he willing travel Cuba aboard so presume good condition but plan look at it prior final planning op HAVA 6114. Will report details coordination..."

104-10192-10022: REQUEST HQS APPROVAL

10/28/60: Cable from MASH to Director: Slugline JMNET/AMASPEN: "Request HQs approval: A. JUDY. B. Raul Chibas/MRP. C. Arms delivery. C. El Pessadero (28 foot sports fisher, HAVA registry, owner Francisco Saralequi)...I. 'Cuco' Oliva (Capt); 'Pireripi' Oliva (Engr); Cuban...L. Commercial R/T aboard El Pessadero. No KUCLUB (CIA Office of Communications) commo. Prearrange exchange vocal recognition signals at rendezvous. M. Two unidentified Matanzas fishing craft/MRP. N. 12-14 hours. CS Comment: *Re format for cable traffic on maritime ops."

104-10193-10097: OP APPROVED

12/8/60 memo, W. Kuzmuk to WAVE, et al., OP APPROVED. Identify members of three man team"


06/23/61, Cable from JMWAVE to Director: Slugline JMZIP AMASPEN: "1. In past Toppino has discounted purchases to his cost on cash basis. Because of delay payment for two magnolia boats and rush circumstances under which they procured, he was forced negotiate two loans at high interest rate to meet current obligations and therefore unable discount cost in this instance. 2. Boats stored BARR (CIA maritime covert operations group located at Key West, Florida) because: (A) They built for special and obvious purpose and when stored in open attract attention and comment. (B) Boats and engines subject to deterioration from weather exposure in open storage. (C) Toppino has provided material assistance to BARR which was not available elsewhere and which normal supply elements could not provide. Hence BARR desired assist him preserve his investment pending resolution payment question. (D) Toppino provided BARR with certificate of release from liability. 3. BARR/WAVE will comply para 2A of Ref A. 4. Re 2B of Ref A, COS BARR states this has been SOP in all his dealings and that in no case has BARR incurred obligations to Mr. Toppino without specific authority. 5. Four separate cases involving financial obligations after the fact (i.e. radar for Tejana, magnolia boat for Tejana, two above boats and one catamaran) re the direct result of alleged commitments by case officers or commitments made by KUBARB (CIA) sponsored Cuban elements over which BARR had been unable to exercise control as in case of Tejana...7. Result of Jobes (probably Gordon Campbell) investigation this matter being pouched..."


07/12/61, Cable from JMWAVE to Director: Slugline JMZIP AMASPEN: "1. AMDENIM-1 (Alberto Fernandez Hechevarria) called Jobes (probably Gordon Campbell) 11 June and asked status payment money due him. Told approval not yet received. A-1 replied he going WASH again this week. Wants all financial matters settled before embarking on new association under terms of agreement..."

Commission Document 953 - FBI O'Connor Report of 05 May 1964 re: Oswald - Russia/Cuba

05/05/64: Miami FBI report by James J. O'Connor: Titled: Lee Harvey Oswald: Internal Security - R - Cuba: "Synopsis: Resident of Marathon Shores, Fla., in 12/63 reported rumor that Lee Harvey Oswald docked a boat at Marathon Shores a year or two ago at the dock of a man named Topeno (Ph.). Oswald then reportedly made long distance call from Topeno's house to Jack Ruby in Dallas, Texas. One William Huffman, employed at boat fueling dock on Stock Island, Key West, Fla., on 11/25/63, claimed he had fueled Oswald's boat sometime after Fidel Castro came to power, and Oswald called 'Ruben' in Key West to come to dock and pay for fuel. Bookkeeper for fuelling dock stated no records now exist covering period of alleged fueling by Oswald. Bookkeeper described William Huffman as a person with abnormal imagination. Phillip Toppino, owner of a fueling dock during pertinent period, as well as owner of property in Marathon Shores, Fla., on 4/27/64 stated the rumor that Oswald docked at his property is completely without foundation." - - - Pages 3-4: Phillip Toppino was president of Charley Toppino Construction Company in Key West and stated his father, Charley, had been deceased for several years.

180-10108-10086: MIAMI WITNESS.

05/10/77: HSCA document by Gaeton Fonzi: Page 19: ..."Phillip Toppino: Possible family connection to organized crime figures. Reported in CD 953 as being owner of marina at Stock Island where Oswald and Ruby were reportedly observed. (Key West)..."

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