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Cryptonym: AMAROMA-2

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Unknown identity. A cable to ISOLATION (CIA's Camp Peary, also known as "The Farm") in March of 1965 stated that AMAROMA-2 was known as "Raul."
AMLUNT-2's (Duney Perez Alamo) Damage Report on January 12, 1966, mentioned that AMAROMA-2 was exposed to the former as an indigenous agent personnel by his/her real name. In addition, a dispatch on January 27, 1966, named AMAROMA-2, a radio operator, as being part of the AMTRUNK network.

AMSTALK-1's (Miguel A. Diaz Isalgue) Damage Report on March 8, 1968, stated that AMAROMA-2 and AMAROMA-3 were exposed by their true names as indigenous agent personnel to A-1. Given the name AMAROMA and the team attached to it, which included AMAROMA-2, is is possible that they were connected to a restaurant or a shop.

104-10225-10009: CIA FILE ON ( )SHELL-5.

03/15/65: Cable to ISOL: Slugline KAPOK TYPIC (Unintelligible) AMAROMA: (Handwritten at top of cable: "Pudy/perhaps Rudy (?)": "1. FOLL info provided AMAROMA team scheduled training 15 March thru 9 Apr 65. A. Trainees: (1) AMAROMA-1 known as Victor. (2) AMAROMA-2 as Raul. (3) AMAROMA-3 as Francisco. (4) AMAROMA-4 as Alberto. B. Interpreter: AMICE-14 (Miguel A. Diaz Isalgue) known as David. SUBJ experienced P/A and team leader. No previous training ISOL. C. Case Officer: IDEN known as Fred will accompany trainees on flight. C/O will be assigned for last three days and accompany team back WAVE area. D. Security: All AMAROMAs have POA, AMICE-14 OA. All LCFLUTTERed and will be properly briefed (unintelligible) at this site. E. Training received. AMAROMAs received one week FI/tradecraft and three weeks PM including map and compass, weapons and night movement plus one month basic radio operation training. AMICE-14 received full cycle WAVE training. F. Training received. Twenty two days PM program of instruction except delete 4 hrs BAR and add 4 hrs 30 cal LMG. Photo training not required. G. Medical. Trainees will not require shots. H. Op area and mission unknown at this time. AMAROMAs are radop trainees who on completion commo and ops training will be individually assigned PM infil teams. No team leader selected but AMICE-14 will supervise and alternate leadership assignments. 2. ISOL please provide training weapons, winter clothing and equipment. 3. C/O will provide additional background and bio data on each trainee."

104-10177-10147: CIA FILE ON PEREZ ALAMO, DUNEY.

01/12/66: AMLUNT-2 (Duney Perez Alamo) Damage Report: ..."Indigenous Agent Personnel Exposed: AMAKA-1 - True Name. AMSTALK-1 (Miguel A. Diaz Isalgue) - True Name. AMTRUNK-21 - True Name. AMTRUNK-24 - True Name. AMAROMA-2 - True Name. AMTRUNK-7 (Pedro Diaz Torres) - Alias. AMRIB-1 - Alias. AMSKIRT-1 - Alias. AMHINT-56 (Juan Francisco Blanco Fernandez) - Alias. AMLILAC-29 - Alias..."


01/27/66: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, WH: 1. OPERATIONAL ACTIVITY:..."As now constituted, the AMTRUNK complex is composed of the following: AMICE-14 (Miguel A. Diaz Isalgue), P/A; AMAKA-1, Team Leader; AMAROMA-2, Radop; AMTRUNK-7 (Pedro Diaz Torres), Guide; and AMLUNT-2 (Duney Perez Alamo) and AMTRUNK-24 and -21, MHAPRON (worldwide program for the penetration of the power centers and armed forces of the Cuban regime) recruiters..." Page 2: ..."2. OPERATIONAL EXPENSES: Salaries...AMAROMA-2 $500.00...Mileage - ...Dec: ...AMAROMA-2: $30.00..."

104-10177-10141: PRQ PART 11 AMLUNT/2

02/07/66: Personal Record Questionnaire - Part II - Operational Information: Page 2: ..."SECTION IV: INTELLIGENCE CONNECTIONS AND TRAINING...2. List other individuals (agents, relatives, friends) who know of subject's present intelligence activities: AMAROMA-4...AMAROMA-2...(Note that only REDACTION and AMAROMA-4 know Subject by true name)..."

104-10225-10009: CIA FILE ON ( )SHELL-5.

03/08/68: AMSTALK-1 (Miguel A. Diaz Isalgue) Damage Report: ..."Indigenous Agent Personnel Exposed...AMAROMA-2 by true name. AMAROMA-3 by true name..."

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