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Cryptonym: AMARGO-1

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Unknown identity. Was asked by JMWAVE to find out what happened to one of the exiled Cubans (Luis Mario Cantin de Nacimiento), who went missing in the failed Operation Tilt/Bayo Pawley raid, in early June 1963.
Part of a CIA infiltration team in Cuba at the time of the Bay of Pigs, in April 1961. Santiago Sanchez de la Torre was part of the CIA infiltration team in 1961, along with AMARGO-1, Segundo Borges and a redacted identity.


10/04/63: DEBRIEFING REPORT: Santiago Sanchez de la Torre - aka "Jose Antonio", DATE & PLACE: Safehouse #182, 29-30 August (0900 - 1300 hrs), CASE OFFICER: Clarence E. Smeryage: "1. Subject began to work against the Castro regime with the MRP in 1960. At that time he was employed in the Santa Clara power plant as a technician. His job was controlling the amount of electric current that was distributed. (Attachment 'A' contains a list of Subject's friends currently employed in power plants in Cuba). On 17 April 1961 Subject made contact with a CIA infiltration team and began to assist the team. Team consisted of Segundo Borges, (REDACTION) and *AMARGO/1. Case Officer Comment: AMARGO/1 has confirmed the fact that Subject worked with his team in Cuba. Subject permitted the team to install their RS-1 set in his house located at #219 Carretera de Camajuani in the City of Santa Clara. He also safehoused the team on occasion and permitted them to hold meetings at his house. After the failure of Playa Giron the team reorganized the MRR in Las Villas Province, selecting Subject to be the Civil Coordinator of the movement in that province. (REDACTION) was selected as the Military Coordinator. On 21 July 1961, while (REDACTION) and Subject were in Havana for discussions with MRR leaders (*AMHOOK/1 and (REDACTION) the CIA infiltration team and many other members of the MRR in Las Villas, including Subject's wife, were arrested. (Discussions were about actions to take place 26 July 1961)..." - - - June 27, 2023 release: https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/2023/104-10193-10016.pdf


02/26/64: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, Special Affairs Staff: ..."2..a). 24 August 1963: As outlined in Reference D., Luis CANTIN was one of the individuals who infiltrated into Cuba on Operation TILT. Reference D. indicated that as of 5 June 1963, JMWAVE did not have any traces on Luis CANTIN. This lack of trace material is attributed to the fact that we did not have sufficient identifying information on CANTIN with which to make a meaningful trace. This situation was rectified on 20 June 1963 when AMARGO-1 reported to JMWAVE that one Luis Mario CANTIN de Nacimiento was a port pilot who was knowledgeable of the south coast of Oriente Province and could be recruited as an area guide. AMARGO-1 was advised to obtain further information on this CANTIN, and on 21 July 1963 AMARGO-1 learned from CANTIN's three sons that CANTIN had gone to Cuba in June 1963 on an operational assignment. It was at this point that JMWAVE was able to determine that the Luis *CANTIN of Operation TILT was identical with Luis Mario CANTIN de Nacimiento. On 24 August AMARGO-1 was asked to check with CANTIN's sons to see if they had received any recent word on their father's whereabouts. This action resulted in AMARGO-1 contacting CANTIN's sons at 520 S.W. 1st Street, Miami, Florida. CANTIN's sons advised AMARGO-1 that they had not heard from their father since June 1963; therefore, they presumed that he was dead. This negative reporting did not give JMWAVE any insight into the status of Operation TILT, but it did reveal that at least one member of the infiltration group had not returned to Miami or communicated with his family as of 24 August 1963..."


06/08/64: Cable from JMWAVE to Director: Slugline RYBAT TYPIC ROTIE AMBANG: Page 3: ..."L. AMARGO-1 repeat AMARGO-1: Ray's stock low..."

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