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Cryptonym: AMAPACHE-2

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AMAPACHE-2 was Isaias Alejandro Iglesias Pons, JMWAVE FI asset, arrived at Key West on 6/16/61 on the boat PANMAJA. Iglesias worked with Norberto Martinez Garcia in Pinar del Rio Province.
His brother, Antonio Iglesias Pons, took part in the Bay of Pigs invasion and was captured and imprisoned. In addition, Henry J. Sloman (probably Tony Sforza) wrote a memo on AMAPACHE-2 on March 6, 1963. Also, Alice B. Caponong (probably Evalena S. Vidal) mentioned talking with "Tony S", which was probably a reference to Tony Sforza, about how Rescate publicly stated that Iglesias Pons was their member, when he was captured and shot.

According to Fabian Escalante, Norberto Martinez was present at the Bay of Pigs invasion in April of 1961. His CIA case officer was allegedly "Robert", possibly Robert Wall. His case officer apparently assigned Martinez the mission in January, 1962, to reorganize the Rescate organization in Cuba. Escalante also believed that Norberto Martinez helped to activate the poison capsules plot against Fidel Castro in 1962.


Undated CIA document: ..."Iglesias Pons, Isaias Alejandro: Apache agent see FI files. AMAPACHE-2 shot by G-2 (Unintelligible) Jan 62. Iglesias Pons, Isaias Alejandro: AMOT-11 memo, 21 June 61. DPOB: 6 Jul 24 in San Juan in Martinez, Pinar del Rio Province. Arrived Key West on boat PANMAJA 16 June 61. Active in underground work in Cuba. Worked with Mr. Norberto Martinez Garcia in Pinar del Rio Province. Brother, Antonio Iglesias Pons, one of Playa Giron invaders, now imprisoned. 201-307876. POA requested 6 Oct 61....POA granted."

124-10284-10178: No Title

11/22/57: Memo from Attaché to Ambassador: Subject: Plan to Assassinate United States Ambassador: "1. On 19 November 1957 two officers of the American Embassy in Ciudad Trujillo interviewed Norberto Martinez, who was introduced to the officers by Generalismo Trujillo as a Cuban medical doctor living exile in Miami and identified by Trujillo as the source of the information concerning the alleged plan to assassinate Ambassador Earl T. Smith by agents of Fidel Castro. Trujillo voluntarily arranged the meeting between the Embassy officers and Martinez and was present during the interview held in Ciudad Trujillo. 2. Martinez identified himself as one of the organizers of the attack on the Presidential Palace in Habana on 13 March 1957 and of the uprising in Cienfuegos on 5 September 1957. He said that Castro's program of terrorism, which included the assassination of Ambassador Smith and the destruction of the sugar cane fields, tobacco stores, and United States capital assets in Cuba, had as its ultimate objective the ousting of President Fulgencio Batista. Martinez elaborated on his previous information concerning the plot to kill the Ambassador by saying that the plan was being prepared in Mexico by Castro agents who traveled between Mexico and Miami via El Paso, Texas, crossing the border using tourist cards. He further said that the assassins planned to contact Castro's 26 of July group and hire a Cuban chauffeur (presumably in Habana) who could guide them to the Ambassador...Martinez also said he planned to go to Miami on 20 November and then proceed to Mexico on or about 23 November to contact Pedro Miret, 26 of July Movement leader, to obtain all possible information concerning the assassination plot...4. Martinez, if not an impersonator, is probably identical with Dr. Norberto Martinez Garcia, who was the Director of the Mazorra Insane Asylum on the outskirts of Habana during the government of Carlos Prio Socarras...He took asylum in the Honduran Embassy..."

Fabian Escalante: 634 Ways to Kill Fidel (2022)

Pages 125-28: ..."Miami-Havana, January 1962: Norberto Martinez had been a lifelong supporter of former president, Ramon Grau San Martin, and loyal to his successors in the Authentic Party, Carlos Prio and Tony Varona. He went into exile with them when they realized Fidel Castro would not include them as part of his government and that the Moncada program was a Cuban form of communism. Martinez enrolled in the Brigade 2506 in Miami, but his political mentors advised him to enlist in one of the groups that the CIA was training for commando operations. The Bay of Pigs defeat traumatized him. He had dreamed of an important position in the government that Prio and Varona would head, but everything collapsed in an instant when the brigade was annihilated. Nevertheless, he continued training with the CIA commandos and was not surprised when, one afternoon in January 1962, Robert, his CIA case officer, called him for an important mission. Martinez was to infiltrate the island to reorganize the Rescate group, whose members he knew very well. The point selected for his infiltration was Santa Lucia in the north of Pinar del Rio province. It was a safe place where he could rely on Pedro, a coal miner who had a small boat that would pick him up at sea and bring him in to land. A few days later Martinez was in Havana where Alberto Cruz Caso, the head of Rescate, met him and hid him in the house of Maria Leopoldina Grau Alsina (Polita). Once established and equipped with a sound story so that the suspicion of the CDRs would not be aroused, he met with the group's principal leaders. At the meeting were: Maria Leopoldina (Polita) Grau and her brother Ramon (Mongo), two founding members of the organization and the niece and nephew of former President Ramon Grau San Martin; ex-colonel Francisco Alvarez Margolles, a nationalized Spaniard who had made a career in the army during the Prio presidency; Rodolfo Leon Curbelo, the CIA courier;" (CONTINUED BELOW)

Fabian Escalante: 634 Ways to Kill Fidel (2022)

"Manuel Campanioni Souza, a former dealer in the gambling room of the Sans Souci cabaret owned by Trafficante; Dr. Carlos Guerrero Costales, who was Prio's physician; and other individuals trusted by the group. 'I have instructions from Tony and the CIA to reorganize the group,' Martinez began. 'The American government is preparing a final offensive against Castro and we need to create the conditions to ignite the country when that time arrives. Colonel Margolles (a former officer in Batista's army) is to tour the island to organize the interior fo the country, creating a group in each province and providing the leaders with means of independent communication. Thus, each one can coordinate their own supplies with a minimum of risk...After detailing each person's tasks, Martinez asked Alberto Cruz and Polita Grau to stay behind to discuss another matter. 'Do we still have the Hotel Havana Libre people?' The spy asked. 'Yes, three trusted members of the organization are working there,' Alberto replied. 'Good, the Agency wants to activate the poison capsules plan to get Fidel out of the way...So, Norberto Martinez's second and most important mission was arranged. A few days later the spy communicated with his headquarters and a CIA vessel picked him up in the same area in Pinar del Rio and took him back to the lair..."

1994.06.24.14:32:37:630005: Reel 70, Folder I - AMBUD MISCELLANEOUS ACTIVITIES

02/27/63: Memorandum (basic translation from Spanish to English): "A: Juanita. February 27, 1963. Mrs. Lilliam Canales y Gomez wants to know who has been collecting the pension corresponding to her husband, Mr. Isaias Iglesias Pons, 36 years old, Cuban, who worked with the CIA - (Sangeniz) and who was infiltrated into Cuba in December 1961 and shot in January 1962. He was married, firstly, to Mrs. Emilia - Perdices Tintera, with whom he had three children: Alicia Emilia (about 15 years old). Eduvigis (about 13 years old). Alejandro (about 10 years). This lady, after she got divorced, married in Cuba, and has her papers in order. With Mrs. Lilliam Canales he has a 3-year-old daughter, Alicia Maria. They were estranged without divorce. Directed by Lilliam Canales."

104-10236-10327: MEMO FOR: AMAPACHE-2

03/06/63: Memorandum from Henry J. Sloman (probably Tony Sforza) to Chief, PW Branch: "1. Writer has been informed that your Branch has been questioned by AMBUD-1 (Jose Miro Cardona) concerning subject and certain monies due to subject's wives and children. 2. Subject left instructions with AMOT-2 (Jose Joaquin Sanjenis Perdomo) when he departed for Cuba, to deliver his salary, which was $200.00 monthly, to his sister-in-law in Miami. The sister-in-law is the wife of subject's brother who was a prisoner of the Playa Giron Invasion..." Mention of AMAPACHE-1. Page 2: ..."8. AMOT-2 has been instructed to furnish the writer with a complete report of this whole case and to deliver copies of receipts and money orders of all funds which he has delivered to relatives of subject."


03/12/63: CIA document: "I told PASSAVOY following (after checking with Tony S) re the matter: That our files reflect that when Iglesias Pons was captured and shot, Rescate org, publicly stated he was their man, and Rescate advertized him as their hero. It was therefore suggested, that Iglesias' wife check with Rescate to see where any monies due her husband have gone, or might be going. Caponong (probably Evalena S. Vidal)."

John Newman

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