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Cryptonym: AMAGREE-1

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Identified as "Mario Ramirez", possibly an alias. AMAGREE-1's ties with the CIA began in April 1963 as a radio operator trainee. Identified as a 33 year old Cuban exile during January 1964.
AMAGREE-1 had two college degrees, in education and in journalism. AMAGREE-1 left Cuba in August 1961. Before his departure from Cuba he was a municipal official in Matanzas Province, and was active in the propaganda section of the 30th of November Movement. AMAGREE-1 asked to be relieved as AMTRUNK team leader in late May 1965, and AMAKA-1/Antonio Garcia replaced him.

Two candidates who may have been AMAGREE-1 are Mario Albert or Alber, and Rigoberto Delgado Perez. According to a July, 1964, CIA Information Report, the former was a radio operator. AMAGREE-1 was a radio operator, and was identified as "Mario Ramirez" (see above). However, Albert/Alber was involved with the DRE/Montecristi, and AMTRUNK personnel don't appear to have been drawn from their ranks.

In terms of Rigoberto Delgado Perez, a FBI report from Miami mentioned that on July 21, 1967, Austin Horn, CIA Covert, Miami, stated that the CIA had terminated their interest in Delgado in June, 1965, and possessed no derogatory information on him. As mentioned above, AMAGREE-1 asked to be relieved from his position as AMTRUNK team leader in late May of 1965. A CIA document in 1977 stated that Rigoberto Delgado was among those on board the "Smile" Men, in a failed Alpha 66 infiltration attempt on Cuba in July of 1970.

In a FBI report from Miami in February, 1972, Rigoberto Delgado's name was among a list of Cubans in the Miami area who were believed to have been connected with the CIA. The list also contained the names of Luis Posada (AMCLEVE-15/CIFENCE-4); Pedro Diaz (QDBIAS); Dionisio Pastrana (AMSEED-3); and Nino Diaz (AMNORM-1).


12/27/63: Cable from JMWAVE to Director: Slugline RYBAT TYPIC YOBITE AMTRUNK AMLASH MHAPRON: Page 2: ..."5. Results obtained during AMICE-14 (Miguel A. Diaz Isalgue) Jan 64 infil will determine nature of WAVE future plans re AMAGREE-1. During Jan infil AMICE-14 will assess ability various internal assets including AMTRUNK-10 (Ramon Tomas Guin Diaz) to safehouse and protect radop. Armed with this ops intel WAVE will formulate final plans re AMAGREE-1. Tentatively plan infil AMAGREE-1 Feb 64..."


01/22/64: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, Special Affairs Staff: Page 4: ..."7. AMTRUNK Personnel..C. AMAGREE-1, Radio Operator: AMAGREE-1 is a 33-year old Cuban citizen who has two college degrees, in education and in journalism. He is native to the province in which the infil/exfil area is located. Until his departure from Cuba in August 1961, AMAGREE-1 was a municipal official in Matanzas Province and was active in the propaganda section of the 30th of November Movement. AMAGREE-1 began his association with CIA in April 1963 as a radio operator trainee. As in the case of AMTRUNK-13, this is his first operational mission." - - - Page 7: "C. AMAGREE-1: AMAGREE-1 has received the same training as AMTRUNK-13 above plus basic radio operator training which included the use of medium speed communication gear. AMAGREE-1, prior to dispatch time, will have received training in a special signal plan with continuous guard channel..." - - - Pages 9-10 (Damage Report): ..."D. Agent Personnel Exposed to AMTRUNK-13:...AMAGREE-1 as 'Mario Ramirez'...E. Safehouses and Training Areas Exposed to AMAGREE-1: Safehouse #174, Safehouse #216, Maritime training site, Survival training site, Firing range...F. CIA Personnel Exposed to AMAGREE-1: Irving N. Peggins as 'Joe Webster'; Reuben A. Hannula as 'Fred'; Rudolph W. Sospine as 'Jack'; Andrew S. Palmers as 'Angel Martin'...Daniel V. Gussow (probably Tony Sforza) as 'Bill', training instructor..." G. has a list of Agent Personnel Exposed to AMAGREE-1.


05/18/64: Cable from JMWAVE to Director: "1. AMAGREE/1, radop AMTRUNK team, final briefed 13 March and issued commo materials as FOLL: RS-201 container, RTC/11 nr 179, RRE/11 nr 771, HG-3 nr 645, RR-48A nr 989, 2EA BSB/3 nr 184 173, Sigplan GEPGAD/XTALS, encipher pad K10551 ZJOPZ, decipher pad K10552 KZZOE, misc spare parts and accessories. 2. FOLL control signals assigned AMAGREE/1: Crypto FREEDOM CHECK: Fifth GRP free (not enciphered against) counting MSG indicator but not counting pad indicator when used. Fifth GRP will be sent in clear. Duress check: Normal use of fifth GRP in encipherment process or will not encipher against other than GRP. Textual check: Fifth word not counting repeated words or MSG number will be 'tigre' separated by x's. Duress: Absence of word 'tigre' or 'tigre' in a position other than fifth word of plain text MSG. 3. AMAGREE/1 was instructed to activate his Sigplan GEPGAD as soon as he could safely do so after infiltration..."

124-10281-10089: No Title

07/08/64: CIA Information Report: COUNTRY: Cuba. PLACE & DATE ACQ.: United States, Miami (17 June 1964). SUBJECT: Personnel of the M/V SUSAN ANN Run by the Directorio Revolucionario Estudiantil (DRE): "SOURCE: A Cuban well known in the Miami exile community who has international shipping interests in the Caribbean. "Juan Manuel Salvat Roque is first in command of the M/V SUSAN ANN, which is being run by the Directorio Revolucionario Estudiantil (DRE, Students' Revolutionary Directorate). Salvat is assisted by Miguel Laza, who is second in command and is aboard the vessel. Julio Jo is also aboard the vessel. Mario Albert or Alber is the radio operator. Jorge 'Coco' Nobregas Heria, who arrived in Miami from the Dominican Republic on 12 June 1964, intends to return there during the week of 14 June. Field Comment: According to TDCSDB-3/661,766, dated 13 June 1964, the same source reported that the M/V SUSAN ANN had left Miami on 1 June, heading for Santo Domingo. Aboard the vessel were: Jorge Nobregas and his brother Leslie, Miguel 'El Gago', and one radio operator known as Mario. Mario is probably Mario Albert or Alber..."


07/14/64: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Deputy Chief, WH/SA: ..."It was decided in this meeting that AMAGREE-1 had the most leadership potential of the rest of the AMTRUNKs and that he would be named team leader pro tem for any support type infiltration operations in the near future while AMICE-14 (Miguel A. Diaz Isalgue) would confine himself to his Principal Agent's duties..."


10/26/64: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Deputy Chief, WH/SA: Many references to AMAGREE-1, AMAKA-1/Antonio Garcia, AMTRUNK-16/Juan Gonzalez, IDEN A (Frank Fundora Froga, Administrator and Past Owner of Salt Works on northern Cinco Lagoon (sp) Key, NE Matanzas Province, IDEN E (Mario Alvarez Cabrero, Fisherman, Canal de Genovez, Cinco Lagoon Key).

124-90158-10017: No Title

08/02/67: FBI memo from SAC, Miami to Director: Subject: CHANGED: RIGOBERTO DELGADO PEREZ, aka Rigoberto Rufino Delgado Perez, Leonardo Contreras: IS - CUBA: (OO: NEW YORK): ..."The INS file of subject contained a memo dated August 11, 1964, from Ray Dubois, CIA Covert, Miami, advising INS that subject was then outside the United States and, therefore, would not appear for a Special Inquiry hearing by INS on August 18, 1964. On July 13, 1967, (REDACTION) confidentially advised that he was being terminated in his employ by (REDACTION), Miami. He said he had known the subject as the latter had also been of operational interest to CIA. (REDACTION) advised that when subject last entered the United States from Cuba in June, 1967, he had in his possession a letter from the Czech Embassy, Washington, D. C. Cesar Diosdado/AMSWIRL-1, Customs Agent, Key West, who handles CIA matters, found this letter in subject's possession. (REDACTION) said it was his understanding that subject may have been interested in returning to Cuba and thus wrote to Czech Embassy, or he possibly obtained the letter for his protection in case he was caught on a trip into Cuba...On July 21, 1967, Austin Horn, CIA Covert, Miami, stated CIA had terminated interest in subject in June, 1965, and possessed no derogatory information on him. Subject was reported to have vanished and rumors placed him in New York or possibly in Cuba looking for new refugees. Mr. Horn described subject as extremely fat and owning a white convertible..." - - - Below this the memo stated subject's brother was Rogelio Leonardo Delgado Perez, and subject's ex-wife was Caridad Z. Gonzalez Guergo.

124-90158-10040: No Title

02/10/72: FBI report from Miami: Titled: Cuban Intelligence Activities in the United States: Internal Security - Cuba: Pages 24-25: ..."Names of several Cubans known to have resided in the Miami area and believed to have been operated by CIA were mentioned to source with negative results. These names are as follows..."Rigoberto Delgado..." - - - Note: This list contained the names of Luis Posada (AMCLEVE-15/CIFENCE-4); Pedro Diaz (QDBIAS); Dionisio Pastrana (AMSEED-3); and Nino Diaz (AMNORM-1).

1993.07.20.10:57:13:150630: ALPHA - 66

04/08/77: CIA document: Titled: ALPHA 66: Page 2: ..."20 July (note: 1970) infiltration attempt thwarted again. Men aboard the 'Smile" Men...Rigoberto Delgado..."


04/77: CIA document: Page 5: ..."STEAMER III/IV was launched in late May 65. They encountered trouble inside and exfiled the following evening. AMAGREE-1 asked to be relieved as team leader and AMAKA-1 replaced him..."

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