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Cryptonym: AMAGONIZE-1

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Vera Borodowksy Jackiewich. A dispatch in January of 1968 mentioned that Vera Borodowsky Jackiewich's 201 number was 201-298225. A HSCA document stated that AMAGONIZE-1's 201 number was 201-298225.
Vera Borodowksy Jackiewich was secretary to the Cuban Ambassador to Spain Orestes Guillermo Ruiz Perez in the late 1960's. A cable in April of 1969 stated that AMAGONIZE-1 was very unhappy about her apparently pending recall to Cuba. The cable also suggested that an attempt to defect AMAGONIZE-1 be made "under FJSTEAL (USSR) flag." The very recent defection of AMBEDEW-1 to the United States was the backdrop to this cable. In addition, a cable in May, 1969, noted that AMAGONIZE-1 had allegedly begun an affair with AMAUTO-1 (Orestes Guillermo Ruiz-Perez).


01/12/68: Dispatch from COS, Madrid to Chief, Western Hemisphere Division and COS, JMWAVE (Info: Chief, European Division: Subject: Operational/TYPIC/MHAPRON/Biographic Data and Photos of Ruiz and Borodowsky: "Forwarded herewith for the information of the addresses is the biographic data and photos on the new Cuban Ambassador to Spain Orestes Guillermo Ruiz Perez (201-735296) and his wife and on Ruiz's secretary Vera Borodowsky Jackiewich (201-298225). The material was secured through liaison. (Signed) Jane D. Astrahan."


04/30/69: Cable from Madrid to Director (Info: WH/Miami): (Ropard Acting): Slugline RYBAT TYPIC REDCOAT AMAGONIZE: "1. Since 24 April QUTIMID has reported more than seven hours of revealing conversations between AMAGONIZE-1 and wife AMAUTO-1 on sudden recall of former. Conversations totally indiscreet and expose extraordinary amount info on supposed reasons for recall and its apparent connection with AMBEDEW-1 affair. Cannot emphasize enough the bitterness voiced by AMAGONIZE-1 over urgent recall. (REDACTION) insisted she take first flight PBRUMEN (Cuba) which scheduled 5 May, although AMAUTO-1 had cabled (REDACTION) for extension departure day to 13 May. 2. Following are their suppositions revealed by QUTIMID for sudden recall: A. As frequently reported AMAGONIZE-1 has voiced displeasure with working conditions (REDACTION) and (REDACTION). According QUTIMID IG (?) ware friction between AMAUTO-1 and AMAGONIZE-1...In addition, AMAGONIZE-1 never had good relationship with AMADRIFT-1, who now in PBRUMEN, and he probably has told AMSTAFF and (REDACTION) about AMAGONIZE-1 behavior. B. Wife AMAUTO-1 suggested that recall probably stems from general precaution to prevent future AMBEDEW-1 type defections...C. AMAGONIZE-1 suspects (REDACTION) also considers her a recruitment target because of unexpected invitations by AMAGONIZE-2 and QUAXE-1 (and possibly contact with QUCHESS-1). She informed AMADIEU-1 of these contacts because it was his business to know...3. AMAUTO-1 afraid AMAGONIZE-1 might defect and made her swear she would not...4. In view serious situation described above, obviously precipitated by AMBEDEW-1 affair, request HQs consider approach to AMAGONIZE-1 under FJSTEAL (USSR) flag before her departure 5 May..."


05/10/69: Cable from Madrid to Director (Info: WH/Miami): Slugline RYBAT TYPIC AMMEDIA QUTIMID AMAGONIZE: "1. All QUTIMID info checked thru early morning hours 19 May late eve call to hotel by AMAGONIZE-1 reported AMMEDIA-1 not yet arrived (REDACTION). AMAGONIZE-1 indicated in conversation with AMAUTO-1 wife that had called AMMEDIA-1 (REDACTION) either 6th or 7th and they reported he had left (REDACTION) conversations between AMAGONIZE-1 and AMAUTO-1 wife show bewilderment and concern non arrival AMMEDIA-1. Conversation late eve 8 May AMAUTO-1 wife asked 'jokingly' if he might not have defected. 2. AMAUTO-1 has started affair with AMAGONIZE-1 last two nights. Night 8th supposedly working late but together. At 0100 hrs AMAUTO-1 went to apt AMAGONIZE-1 after official function. Being unusually nice to each other on phone last couple days. 3. AMAGONIZE-1 now worried AMMEDIA-1 might be secretly (REDACTION) watching her movements. Claims on previous occasion (REDACTION) observed her movements for four days before contacting her. 4. Unable make other confirmation arrival AMMEDIA-1 without direct question to QUSEQUINS which believe not advisable. Will keep you informed new developments. 3. File: 201-353964."

180-10142-10196: [No Title]

Undated HSCA document from CIA: Titled: Orestes Guillermo Ruiz Perez, 201-0735296, PCS/LOC 2 D 11, Volume I: Page 2: ..."X tract - MADR-08368 5/10/69: Subj (AMAUTO-1) started affair w/ AMAGONIZE-1 (201-298225) late last night..."

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