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Cryptonym: ALSARD

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ALSARD was the cryptonym for Conselho das Clases Produtoras (CONCLAP). Organization which was "made up of top persons and orgs in commerce industry."


01/27/60: Cable from Rio de Janeiro to Director: "1. Cuban efforts being intensified in Brazil. These efforts being aided by Communists and Brazilian nationalists in order drive large wedge between United States and Brazil. 2. Visit of Artime to Brazil at this time would be valuable in giving Braz Govt and public first hand info on Castro regime and methods. Up to now only Castro and pro-Castro persons have visited Brazil. Current visit of Cuban emissaries to propagandize under development conference has received favorable publicity by and larger emissaries have stated that conf will be good sounding board for OPA. This undoubtedly will strike harmonious note with many high govt officials. 3. In planning for visit Artime and method of inviting him ot Brazil request MEXI inform RIOD: A. Is Artime witting. B. Mechanism thru which he being exploited in MEXI. C. Can same mechanism sponsor him in Brazil. D. If not is it possible for RIOD org such as ALSARD (IDEN) to invite him to Brazil. E. Method by which RIOD sponsoring org could legitimately learn of Artime story. F. Availability of Artime now. G. Would Artime accept invitation by org such as ALSARD. C/S Comment: *Stated MEXI gave Artime 3,000 pesos to hire public relations man. Holding reception for press 20 Jan." - - - For the unredacted version see: https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/2021/docid-32402098.pdf


01/27/60: Cable from Rio de Janeiro to Director: RE: RIOD 3798 (IN 34195) "IDEN - Conselho das Clases Produtoras (CONCLAP) - org which is made up of top persons and orgs in commerce industry." - - - For the unredacted version see: https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/2021/docid-32402097.pdf


FGV website entry for Superior Council of the Producing Classes (translated from Portuguese to English): "SUPERIOR COUNCIL OF THE PRODUCING CLASSES (Conclap): Civil association created on July 16, 1959 on the initiative of a group of representatives of the producing classes who wanted to coordinate surveillance and defense of their economic and political interests. Having frontally opposed the João Goulart government, it lost its political expression after the military movement of March 1964. The Conclap was basically articulated by a group of industrialists, bankers, merchants and insurers led by Jorge Behring de Matos, who believed that State intervention in the economy, as it had been practiced, led to the abolition of rights and freedom of action of the entrepreneurs. Defending private enterprise, financial and monetary stability, and foreign capital, this group was equally vigorously opposed to price controls, the right to strike, and job stability..."

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